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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


track time


Wait you mean Notoria not Imposer right? I never showed the Imposer’s track time.


You didnt? Ohhh I meant the Notoria, i got slightly confused woops :confounded:


The veloci costs 60k at 0% markup. I think he went berserk on the quality sliders


Yeah I did, but for the engine.


The rumble of a cross-plane V8 echos through the crowd. Guards in red walk before a Maroon Red muscle car as it approaches one of the slots reserved for Redhawk Performance Group.

Oliver Redhawk, the head of RPG, walks up to the mic, his form slightly rigid. He is seen wearing a black button-up shirt with a long crimson red jacket, almost considered a trench coat, worn over the top. His distinctive, slightly messy red hair with black accents shines bright on camera.

##The 2018 Barracuda Retro
…A continuation of the Muscle Car that made American Eagle Automotive famous, now in the hands of what was once the performance division for AEA… The legendary Redhawk Performance Group!

As Redhawk Performance Group (RPG), we tried branching out last year with a TRUE classic updated to modern status. This year RPG is continuing on with the trail we blazed with the Barracuda Retro! Featuring the same 455ci Big Block the original had, now with over 500 Horsepower! And it’s easy to tame! Modern ABS, Traction Control, ESC, and even Launch Control are all standard features on every Barracuda Retro made! Though, if you do want to feel the wrath of an original Muscle Car, simply disable those features at your own risk with the convenient buttons we’ve relocated to the center console. Also in the center console is the custom RPG T-Handle shifter for automatics, or an authentic Hurst shifter package for the manual transmission! Light use of wood grain accents the center console as you move up to the stereo deck. The standard interior trim includes a standard-sized stereo deck that is not directly-connected into the rest of the infotainment, as we wanted to make customizing it easy.
Price as shown with 455ci engine: $40,000 AMU

Guards standing near the enterance the Barracuda came in from are seen talking into their head pieces…

And now, we at RPG want to premier the project we’ve been working on for quite some time now…
A project we’ve been hiding for far too long…

Ladies and Gentelmen, we are pleased to announce our…

##2018 Keel Knife Concept
The name comes from the definition:
“The keel of a boat is the beam that runs the length of the hull — the body of the boat — and can extend vertically into the water to provide stability.”
It’s an aluminum-bodied 2 seater sports car that comes in a variety of trims.
And launching after the show, You can pre-order your very own Keel Knife on our website for delivery in early March 2018!

Oh, what’s that? You couldn’t hear it roll up to the stage? Well, thats because the E-S -or Electric-Sport- is just that… a FULLY ELECTRIC trim! No engines, no Gas needed. Just 4 electric motors, each pushing 150hp! 4 wheels needed 4 motors, and the result is blistering fast 0-60 time in less than 3 seconds! On the inside we even have a fully functioning Heads Up Display (or HUD) that can be toggled on and off with our very owm, and customizable, operation system to run the show! We were not done yet, though! The Keel Knife also has a regenerative braking system to help charge those batteries while you drive, extending the Urban range to an estimated 220 Miles, with an estimated 300 Mile long-distance range when you use the “Road Trip” mode!

Unfortunately the E-S trim in particular will not be avaliable until late 2018, but fear not! Our Keel Knife is not just an electric show-piece!

An engine roars to life and a Keel Knife S model slowly makes its way onto the reserved space.

You can order one with a conventional engine and drivetrain, including the Big Block 455! And you can get these models with our regenerative braking system when equipped with a small block V8, or smaller engine. We even provide chassis kits, so you can put any favorite engine and drivetrain in yourself!

And don’t forget, we still strive to bring you an authentic aluminum-bodied Eagle roadster kit you can customize to your own liking!

Price starting for the standard S model equipped with 455ci engine: $38,000 AMU
Pricing for standard E-S model starting at: $69,500 AMU

That’s all I have to show you, if you have any questions please ask our amazing associates in the red coats…
Oh, and test drives of the Eagle and Barracuda Retro are available, you just need a valid driver’s license and to fill out the liability forms we provide.

Oliver Out!
Walks silently back into the RPG area

It is noted Oliver Redhawk still owns his J.S.C Portofino he bought last year, and is quite satisfied with it.


#Daily Round-Up - Day 4
Welcome back to Detroit…I mean Geneva, everybody! Ugh. Yesterday was not fun - working with a raging hangover is never going to end well. Took me three lots of paracetamol to kick my headache.

Still, it was worth it. Friday night was crazy, the Genevan Grand Get-Down is always a big event and it did NOT dissapoint. There was a massive Saminda v Maesima drinking competition, some very dodgy karaoke courtesy of the guys from OAM, among other things. I managed to get into the Erin after-party too, though I don’t remember much of that. I think things got…interesting…
If anyone has a clue what actually happened, I’d like to know. Or rather, my boss would like to know.

…anyhow! There’s been plenty more releases which we need to cover, time to delve into the first weekend of the show!

Today’s musical accompiniament is Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) by Elton John

Betta opened up Friday with the release of the new Cammello, sporting good looks and an ever-so-slightly-unsightly twin centre exhaust setup. Still, as far as its purpose of taking “a different and refreshed take on the design” of Betta’s cars, it does that very well, with the usual beldn of chrome and sharp lines being shaken up a bit with different light fixtures and neat side vent. We approve.

Veloci unveiled its Concept R on Friday, proving that the hyper-hyper car isn’t quite dead yet. This 404km/h force of nature actually has fair restrained looks such a car, save for the massive rear wing, but there seems to be a lot of clever aero-work at play here. Packing just shy of 1600hp under the bonnet and sending all of it to the rear wheels, this thing is beyond terrifying to drive. Stepping into it is easy enough, nothing unusual with the interior - it’s what you’d expect for a car like this. But setting off in the Concept R is a whole other story. And then, there’s driving it.

Imagine you’re hanging off the side of the a skyscraper, and the only thing you have to hold on to are butchers knives. That’s what driving this car is like. Even at the low legal speeds I drove this thing at, it was begging to spin its rear wheels and seemed ready to jump to lightspeed at a moments notice, even if it killed you. Terrifying isn’t a strong enough word. Still, it’s a remarkably fast car, and as a object to look at it, its quaint understatement really works. It’s a hypercar that doesn’t shout about what it can do until you test it.

The Chevalier II has been finalized at last and is ready for a full release. OAM have made a number of visual changes to the body, toning down the aggresivness and turning it from an American brute to an American breauty…if you get what I mean. It’s smarter and more pleasant overall. Specs wise, expect all the usual mid-market luxury features you’d expect from a premium performance car. A European variant is also being made, toned down to comply with EU regulations and now covered in plastic to meet pedestrian impact regulations. Still, it’s very nearly as fast, and that’s good enough for us if it means we can get one in the UK without import tariffs.

On the road, the Chevalier II is joyous. Hard without being harsh, powerful without being power-mad. It feels heavy, bold and big, seemingly moving the Earth with it whenever you build the revs up on the 5.9l V8. The engine responds well, far better than the original Chevalier, though handling is a bit iffy. Even with aluminium panels, it still weighs a hefty 1737 kg. But then again, handling isn’t really the point here. As far as muscle cars go, OAM are setting the standard - the Chevalier is a most excellent car for sure.

Another trim of the odd-looking Galt Riviera has been launched, and it looks to be much the same as the others aside from the 3.0l i6 under the bonnet. RWD and AWD will be available with an 8 speed auto as standard, though manual options are available in North American markets.

The EADC/MBS Rally Exhibition finally opened properly on Friday afternoon, quickly garnering the attention of excited children and a multitude of racing history experts who wandered round muttering about where “the works team finished in the 8th round of the European Rally Championship in 1971”. The sense of company pride was immense and palpable - tracking all the way from 1967 to the present, it was a story of innovation, of wins and losses and of many, many different types of car.

From GT coupes like the Capulet and Vixen to Group B veterans like the Vole Mk 3 to the hugely succesful Vixen WRC of the mid-noughties, it’s an understatement to say that MBS and EADC have proved that just about anything can be a rally car if you try hard enough. Only a handful of other companies can say they have a rally pedigree quite like this.

The madmen over at Nitrex unveiled two new cars on Saturday, the most interesting being a mid-range mid-engine coupe called the Imposer. Available in two trims and sporting tidy looks, this lightweight machine drives brilliantly, feeling planted on the road yet still loose enough to have fun. Even the base model S trim, with 334hp, is a lot of fun, and really allows you to appreciated the well designed chassis. Plus, its naturally aspirated, a pleasant surprise.

While the Imposer feels precise and well crafted, the NS17 is profoundly opposite to this. Another hyper-hyper car, this 2000+ hp monster is just as fast as the Veloci from earlier, yet looks more like a space ship with that stunning rear-light design. That said, it’s just as undrivable, also sending all that power to the rear wheels (WHYYY???).

Bringing some balance to the hyper-ness of the past few days, the italian masters Znopresk unveiled the brand new Zap!. The latest in one of the most succesful lines of cars in history, it enters into the currently volatile supermini market wearing its sensible clothes with pride. It’s great to see the pale beige paint once more, and we’re digging the new blocky and abstract design of the fixtures. The company put a lot of emphasis on the 1.1 Urbana trim, utilising a 1.1l 3 cylinder engine that is very economical indeed.

On the road, the Zap! is exactly what you’d expect - predictable. Boring to some, but for no frills motoring, this is excellent. Particularly interesting is the sequential gearbox, which will certainly impress and meet the appraisal of elderly customers. Handling is soft but not loose like older models, and we have no doubt that it’ll be as easy to live with everyday as keeping a goldfish. Perhaps the safest bet you can make in this market right now, and certainly a counter to the numerous rivals this car has in this market now.

Zenshi showed off the facelifted Furue (we need some guidance on how to pronounce that), keeping in line with the new design the company has been working with as of recent. A range of I6s, V8s and i4s are all available, and power figures look nominal for the large pickup market. Adjusted torque-splitting should also make this nicer offroad too. We can expect it to hit markets later on this year.

Redhawk closed the weekend with a big display of two new cars. The 2018 Barracuda Retro looks to be our new favorite retro-mod, a tasteful reworking of the 60s original and now with 500hp under the bonnet. There are a whole host of options to customise your Retro to your exact requirements, from interior design to the transmission. We look forward to getting our hands on one, and seeing how 500hp from that 455 engine feels.

This was shortly followed by the revealing of the Keel Knife Concept. The unusual name is as equally unusual as the shape, though this theme of long-nosed retro sports cars seems to be spreading. A full electric, all wheel drive two seating coupe, it will certainly be one the more sporty electric cars on the market when it goes on sale in a years time. A conventional ICE powered model will also be availible.

That’s that for Geneva this weekend. It’s been a made few days and I’m barely keeping awake as I write this. And we’ve still got so much more of the show to go! Bye bye for now.

- Gavin Anderson


Its a bit late, but oh well…here’s the car that youve all been waiting for, the EADC Corsair CRX.

Credits to @ramthecowy for the great photoshops!

The Corsair CRX is our new GT car based on the Corsair chassis, seen earlier this year at NAIAS. The CRX has a new redesigned body which maximises downforce on the car while maintaining a high speed. The new vents channel air around the car to make it slip through the air with minimal drag, while the new aerodynamics and the large wing, keep the car planted on all four wheels.

The engine, as was disclosed earlier, is a 7.1L V12, naturally aspirated producing 800hp. This provides the CRX a smooth and consistent power curve without the hassle and discomfort of turbo lag. Interior wise, the CRX doesnt leave you with an empty car with a simple bucket seat, since we at EADC feel that if you spend thousands of pounds on going fast, you might as well buy something comfortable.

So inside, EADC have fitted a luxurious spacious interior, with luxury heated leather seats, luxury infotainment, top of the range SONY surround sound and all the driving assists you would ever want. But dont worry, if you want a more fulfilling driving experience, you can just turn that stuff off! (The driving assists that is)

Coming soon to EADC showrooms in the Europe, America and probably Asia near you! Prices start at £100,800!

EDIT: Watch out for the Standard Corsair, were revealing it soon too!


Although OAM stands for Oval American Motors, we at OAM feel it would be fitting if we just said it stood for ‘Original American Muscle’ :yum:


Facebook, some time later when Erin’s wild alcohol orgy after party ended

[spoiler]@DeusExMackia wanted this here so[/spoiler]


Never take the OAM staff to karaoke…it never ends well


Furue is pronounced (Fur-Roo-Ay), just a heads up!


Only a small addition.

A fully operational Concept for a new long-distance cruiser, as per IMP tradition equipped with a 4.2L Diesel

and a luxury sedan built to be as economical as possible without sacrificing any of its luxuries. The resulting car manages 4.8L/100km (58mpg UK, 48mpg US) with a proper 3.4L, 240hp engine.


Hmm. Seems like it’s not dangerous enough, we need to replace those butcher knives with chainsaws. :imp:

@Dorifto_Dorito looks aggressive and fairly reliable and economical for 800 hp.


That my friend is the EADC way…power, reliability and economy…or something like that


Well it works man. My next release for Geneva will be coming soon.


Cornaldie Automotive Presents: The 2017 Solatia V12 Biturbo Eco Boost

Performance data:

MSRP: $93000

A luxury two door coupe that holds nothing back. Each engine is built by a team of 5, producing only 1 per day. The interior is hand stitched leather of the highest quality with a 12 inch, center dash infotainment system that supports android auto and apple car play. The system also features Cornaldie’s latest seat massaging system with automatic temperature adjustments. You also get an HUD, digital dials with many different options. Cornaldie’s easy drive system allows you to adjust all the car’s dynamic response and suspension settings from the steering wheel. As our CEO said, " It’s a luxury GT car. You get in it, you listen to the v12 if you want and you go…really quickly, really easily, very comfortably."

2017 New York International Auto Show

That’s a Beautiful power curve! Very nicely done. And the engine has over 1hp per liter with a 29% economy rating! Well done.


That is a well-optimized twin-turbo V12 with excellent power and economy! I would like to see more powerful versions of it in the future.


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