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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


From 1981 to 1994 IMP ran a Rallye Paris-Dakar works program campaigning the M130 and M140. The races before 1985 saw use of unmodified M130s, with a naturally aspirated 4.8L Diesel. While competitive in their class, the early runs were only marginally successful in highlighting the M130s durability and performance. Thus in 1986 the approach was changed. The 4.8L Diesel was replaced by a 7.6L GA-176 V12, which in competition trim produced 400hp and 710Nm. The V12 powered M130s immediately achieved a 1-2-3 finish in their class, with the two other M130s not finishing due to accidents. For 1987 the three finishing cars of 1986 were upgraded using Monolith S76 12.18-55 (this is IMPs most iconic heavy truck btw) Turbochargers. Equipped as such, the engines were producing 580hp. The M130 V12 Turbo only increased IMPs dominance, once again finishing 1-2-3 with a gigantic lead over their competition. For 1988, the performance was upped even more by increasing the stroke for a maximum displacement of 8.6L and a 6-speed gearbox was introduced, but by then a lack of actual competitors meant the Monoliths had to run out of competition in a class of their own. 1989 was the last year of the V12 Turbo, by then capable of far exceeding 800hp but again running out of competiton and therefore not classified (Monolith would have won overall in both 1988 and 1989). In 1990, the V12s were banned from competing, so Monolith went with standard M130s using the then-new 5.3L six-cylinder turbodiesel with 250hp. Monolith continued to compete in the 1991 M140, but the 1987-1989 cars have become truly legendary, their pace and insanity being on par with the Group B cars.

Since 1987 is now 30 years ago, Monolith has released a limited-production M161 to honour Monoliths most iconic car. It too has an 8.0L V12, but this new one is a Turbodiesel with 580hp and 1400Nm of torque. Like the old cars it is coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. The special appearance package is designed to resemble the 1987 #14 M130 Turbo that won overall, with a rust-red paintjob and additional rally lights.

The M161 Turbo 30 Dakar is ungodly fast just like its spiritual predecessor, but thanks to the modern Diesel engine it consumes nowhere near as much fuel, with an economy rating of 10.9L/100km (26mpg UK, 21.5mpg US) and a ten-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The M161 Turbo 30 Dakar will cost €250.000.


1400 Nm of torque? One crazy best :smiley:


Oh the 1989, unlimited boost cars had far more than that.


And THAT is a proper sports utility vechicle. So much want :heart_eyes:


#Evening Y’all!
Day 6 has just finished up, but it’s been a fairly quiet day, so I’ll be waiting until tomorrow to do a proper round-up. In the mean time, however, here’s what I’ve been up to to day. As part of their Rally Hisotry Exhibition, EADC took me out for a special set of test drives in some of their greatest cars.


#OAM Announcement

Although we are still mourning the death of our co-founder Audie Whittingmore, the show must go on. So after the announcement/reveal of the new OAM Chevalier II, we now present the OAM Traveller II!

OAM Traveller II Concept at NAIAS in January

##US/EU Standard Spec
So much like the Chevalier II, the new Traveller II is completely overhauled when compared to the concept car shown at NAIAS in January. One potential issue someone cough cough Gavin Anderson pointed out, the Traveller II appeared to have the same 600 hp beast that the Chevalier II concept had…meaning that the Traveller II was an absolute monster. Fortunately, the Concept only had that engine because it was the only one we had lying about at that time. We were originally going to place the V6 from the 2014 OAM Apache (not released yet technically), meaning the Traveller II would be somewhat controllable for everyone.

With a now more controllable 265hp 3.0L V6 TwinTurbo, the standard spec of the Traveller II still maintains the feel of power of the concept’s V8, but is now more nimble and agile with the lighter and smaller V6. The Traveller also has been restyled for a neater look while still looking imposing on the road.

Inside, the new Traveller has 5 premium leather heated seat. While the infotainment is standard, the Traveller II also comes with keyless entry, rear parking camera, traction control, ABS and electronic stability as standard. This makes the Traveller II rather comfortable.

However, unlike the Chevalier II, there is no difference between the EU Spec and US Spec, bar the plastic bumper trim on the EU spec, again to meet regulations.

###Stats | US/EU Spec

Coming soon to OAM dealerships in the US and General Industries Dealerships in Europe (sorry asia…not today) Prices start at $/£ 25,870.

##US V8 Muscle

Sadly for you all in Europe, the V8 Spec of the Traveller II is not coming to Europe. OAM are not willing to disclose as to the reason why yet. But for you lucky Americans, heres the OAM Traveller II

This new ‘Muscle’ Spec of the Traveller II is based on the Traveller II Concept shown at NAIAS. With the same 510hp engine as the Chevalier II, the Traveller II is fast. Very fast, reaching 215mph and going 0-60 in 4.7s. Along with the new engine, the Traveller II ‘Muscle’ also has new carbon ceramic brakes for more efficient braking.

Inside, the interior is basically the same as the standard model, same premium heated seats, same driver assists, but the infotainment has been upgraded to the same BOSE surround sound in the Chevalier II. The Traveller II Muscle also features launch control making it faster on a drag strip than most other cars.

As said earlier, there will be no EU spec of this car, however, you folks in Europe should not fear, as we are planning a track oriented version of the Traveller II to make up for the lack of American V8 Muscle.

###Stats | V8 Muscle Spec

Coming to OAM dealerships in the US soon! Prices start at $31,980


The engine was based off a road going variant found in the Vole III Homologation…wait thats the other way round…woops

Also Timo Mäkleläinen’s father drove for MBS in the 1980s


Thanks for clarifying that, was wondering how you got around the rules otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: You should get one of those homologation specials on the Ads thread…

And nice! Thought you’d used the name before.


There is a homologation spec in the AutomationTrader Thread. ‘Needs restoration’ and that jazz.

Znopresk Reparto Performance seen some hopes for the next WRC season and started to work to a lab car where test all the tehcnologies useful to create a real WRC competitor after years since the latest truly competitive rally car in the late 70's,

The platform that will host the new incarnation of the World Rally Car for Znopresk is the ZAP, and this car it is a step in that direction, but it will not be the final WRC car; it will be a special limited edition (250 pieces) created in order to test some technologies on the road.

The rear suspension changed from the basic ZAP! torsion beam to a indipendent configuration, allowing to install a AWD trasmission, a BMMA based V6 found its place under the bonnet tuned to hit 250 horsepower and the interior were truly sport oriented, with bucket seats, 4 point seatbelt and integrated rollcage.

The car is track ready, but still road legal, like a Porsche GT2 in a smaller and cheaper package.


Ive always wanted a rival for the new EADC Weasel Rally, looks like ive found one!


Cornaldie Automotive introduces new rally support vehicle???

Was the question one journalist from rally news network screamed. Whispers and mumurs from the crowd, with the question “what?” surfacing through the deadening of noise…Silence. The representative from Cornaldie Automotive steps center stage…

"We know that our presence to Geneva brought great interest to our brand. We are a relatively young company, and this is our first ever Geneva appearance. Since we do not have a motorsport team as of yet, we’d like everyone to know… by showing, that we at Cornaldie Automotive are vivid motorsport enthusiasts. You’ve seen our ability to create Hypercars like the Veloci Concept R, Luxury cars such as the Echelon LX and others, but we’ve never shown an offroad capable vehicle. This is why ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to take the time to introduce to you… The Cornaldie Automotive RU-1 Rally Support Vehicle.

“A total of 10 will be built… and packed with the latest support technology, these vehicles will be used as a sponsorship tool for cross country, or multi-stage rally/ raid events. With over 600 hp, and over 500 ft-lb of torque, this support truck could potentially be the stepping stone into a full fledged rally raid team in the future. I’d also issue an official invitation to @Dorifto_Dorito at EADC and @DeusExMackia for a test drive at this year’s EADC rally exhibition stages in hopes of a sponsorship and promotions agreement at this year’s cross country rally events. All other sponsorship requests will be handled by our marketing department at marketing@cornaldie.auto.co. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.”


@doncornaldie While this vehicle certainly looks impressive, we at EADC are not the correct authority to use this vehicle as a support truck, instead we would direct you to the FIA. However, we certainly see potential in the RU-1 as a competitor for the Paris-Dakar Rally, where we believe that it would certainly do quite well in.


For team support, not general. We’re already in dialogue with the FIA. While it would be an interesting proposal to compete, we do not believe we can fully commit resources to a racing team at this point. Maybe in the future.


We would be glad to see you enter some races in the future!
EDIT: That being said, we would be more than glad to see whether it would be worth replacing our old line of OAM Prowler support trucks.

EDIT #2: [quote=“doncornaldie, post:239, topic:20209”]
600 hp, and over 500 ft-lb of torque

yeah with that much power and torque, you’ll be giving some of our group B cars a tough time


It is our intention my friend, and we’re confident that we will. Our financial forecasts for our new product line does look inspiring.


I’m liking the enormous Nitrex badges on the side.


Loving the orange pin stripe


WARNING the following rant is rated MA15+ it contains strong language, and crude homour

Over at DSD
Broadmeadows Overseer takes to the stage with a nervous looking bunch of French DSD employees unveiling the cars. as the following music is played

> In a very very strong Australian Accent

[from side of stage PUISSANT YOU MORON PUISSANT For fucks sake!]

She’s a midnight rider, a devil of the night. She has bold curves and bolder torque curves. She may be tiny but what lies within is mighty. The 2017 DSD Pray sant


well sorry!

Anyway. The PRRRREEEEEEEESAAAAAAAAN will come in a variety of trims Including a convertible option. This…vehicle, is capable of astonishing fuel economy and brisk performance that will not cost $40000 or $30000 or even $20000 the …PRESAN will start at $9990!

We decided that to make life easy for us at DSD that the individual trims would have titles relating to famous cities of the car designed for that region.

The first trim that we have for you is the Osaka

Styled by coach builders Licorne the PRESONT is made from an AHS mono chassis with a single stamped Mixed Alloy body, with the exception of the front spoiler the body is completely one steel piece with complex lines and billet alloy highlight featured through-out the French inspired body work. All trims are Transverse mounted FWD with the Osaka featuring a 660cc 4 cylinder engine coupled with DSD’s electric drive enhancement which boosts power thanks to a 80Nm electric engine that is powered by reclaimed energy from the brakes. This is all controlled by an onboard ecu that feeds in torque when needed and bleeds it away at higher RPMS, with the 660cc petrol engine and electric motor running together at max capacity we see a total of 65hp at 8000rpms, which may not seem like much and compared to the rest of the DSD range is about 350hp less than what you normally would find in our vehicles, the Puissant
is well balanced and very very light. The Osaka is available with a 5sp manual gearbox with viscous LSD which combined with the low weight of the car means a top speed of 200km/h is possible. All trims of the Puissant are fitted with Federal medium compound tyres and alloy rims.
Two seats are fitted as standard along with cd/Bluetooth stereo and the highest grade safety equipment we could fit into that french body shell. And it comes in a convertible model!

The next trim is the Monaco.

The Monaco is fitted with a 1799CC DOHC 30V v6 and is to be marketed more towards obviously the European market but also the Australasian and America’s.
The v6 is beautifully balanced and very tune-able, featuring DFI and 95oct fuel this little motor produces 120hp/168Nm and revs to 8000Rpm and straight thru mufflers enhance the already throaty intake bellow. Behind the engine is a 6sp manual gearbox/viscous combo and will allow the Monaco to race to 100km/h in just 7.4seconds and a top speed of 240km/h. This trim features the exact same interior as the Osaka but traction control and launch control are now standard.the Monaco retails for just over $12000.

Finally we come to the Aubagne trim.

Only available in Western Europe and Dubai, the Aubagne is the ducks nuts!
Featuring a a larger displacement 2202cc 220hp naturally aspirated v6, with throttle per cylinder technology and long tube exhausts manifolds flowing into a dual stainless steel exhaust system.
The sound this car makes is unlike anything DSD has made before. Behind this power plant we find a 6sp manual gearbox with a viscous LSD that along with larger diameter tyre propels the car to 100km/h in just 5.6second and a top speed of just under 300km/h. A full underbody tray and air scoops for the brakes are fitted as standard equipment on this trim only. Inside we find two Deer leather seats from the Saratoga and the usual CD/Bluetooth radio system. This is also the only trim to feature adaptive dampers to keep the car flat and slightly oversteery. Expect a retail price of $17500

Test drives are available from here
darkshine5 - DSD PUISSANT GENEVA TEST DRIVES.zip (109.1 KB)

stay tuned because tomorrow Darkshines will be here with the R model Saratogas and all engine specs will be released, goodnight.


300 km/h in a car that weighs 983 kg, with low aero efficiency…yikes! You sure know how to scare people. :joy: