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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


Great things come in small packages.



#Daily Round-Up - Pre Show 3
With less than 24 hours until the Press Days begin, Geneva is buzzing with a myriad of automakers and auto enthusiasts. Splendid Auto Monthly are here to bring you the final pre-show update before the proper releases begin.


Raziel have been continuing there confusing marketing campaign-cum-teaser ‘thing’ with a series of posts relating to ‘Classe B’. We can only go on assumption that it is some sort of car as they claim you’ll be able to “Make your car the car you want”, whatever that means. We’ll have more on this when they actually release whatever the hell this thing is.

The facelifted Erin Berlose will be making its debut at the show, having been announced at the end of last year. Little is known about what to expect, but based on what the company did when they facelifted the Tauga last year, we can expect updated styling and general revisions to the range.

In response, Zavir hinted that a facelifted version of their Espada executive saloon can b expected at the show, which immediately prompted some good old fashion competition between the companies. We look forward to covering this!

AL Autos will “not come quietly” apparently, as they follow the trend of dark car on dark background to tease what appears to be a sharp looking car of some sorts. Given that it has quad exhausts, our guess is that it’s a performance vehicle. More to follow.

Zenshi will be debuting the production version of the sweet little SF. Originally shown as a concept in Detroit earlier this year, the company will now be entering the budget sports car market with this neat little convertible. Engine specs and body details have also been released.

An exciting tease from Cavallera came over the weekend, with the company showing a new sports coupe of some sorts kicking up some rooster tails, captioned with “Screaming down roads towards you very soon”. There are hints here that this may be some sort of off-road coupe, especially given their current rally focus with the Fiacci concept from earlier this year.

EADC’s Corsair will be getting a special edition at this year’s show. Called the CRX, it strongly hints that a proper racing verison of the car is in the works, though some have speculated that this might actually be it. Either way, it’s something to get hyped about, especially given that EADC will be joining other companies such as Zavir and Maesima that have released or hinted at producing racing coupes.
The company will also be hosting an exhibition of classic MBC and EADC rally cars.

Zenshi gave us another tease over the weekend of the rear of some kind of performance vehicle, possibly a sedan. A spoiler can be seen in the top left of the corner, suggesting that this could be quite the serious vehicle. More to follow.

DSD made their long expected announcement of their participation at this year’s show, showing off a new hybrid powered by an engine capable of 10k RPM. Bloody hell! And as if that wasn’t good enough, they’re finally offering test drives in the Saratoga. We’re hyped.
The company have also put an offer up for someone to assist them with marketing and photoshoots of their cars.

Airborne’s Alpha Clubman is seeing a relaunch this year, with both the original and the new one at the show. Details are limited currently, but it’s expected to put Airborne back into the mid-range sports coupe market. Test drive coming soon.

What appears to be a new hatchback from Evgenis was teased yesterday, though we can’t quite ascertain whether it’s a supermini or compact. More to follow.

Marcos are releasing an abstract set of tail lights at this years show. We did wonder whether to tell them that the event isn’t being held at the Geneva MACMO, but this was soon cleared up as one of our journalists revealed that it’s actually the tail lights of a new car called the Exalt. That said, we’re interested in what relation they have to the other Marcos

The facelifted Maesima Devina will be on display at this year’s show, with Maesima hoping to reassert some of their dominance in the supermini market with the car. More to follow.

Redhawk will be at the show, though what they will be displaying is unknown. The company released a statement yesterday. More to follow.

Brivio also gave a statement yesterday revealing that a number of cars from all their sub brands will be on display at this year’s show. More to follow.

More and more hype is building for the new IMP performance vehicle after another video was uploaded to the IMP YouTube channel, detailing more of their DTM history and focusing on the 1996 260R. Surely this means we’re seeing a new version of the DTM legend at this year’s show, and perhaps even a return to DTM for the German makers?

Grandea released a teaser shot of their GTR badge without any further detail. We’re guessing a GTR-badged car is on the way.

And finally, another teaser from Hodan; this time, it’s a shot of a little 3 cylinder engine with racing headers surrounded by pushrod suspension. As far as we can tell, this is the same car as the one released in a teaser last week, suggesting that the company has a 3 cylinder sports car to show us at the show.

Boom! There we are then, the building is almost over. From tomorrow, it’s the Press Days, meaning we’re expecting a number of big releases and I’m expecting to be running around all day. Best get an early night me thinks.

-Gavin Anderson

EDIT: Corrected Maesima Devina details (6/3/17)
EDIT 2: Corrected “having been announced at the end of next year” (6/3/17)


We wont just be hosting an exhibition, well let the press ride shotgun along side our tame rally driver, Timo Mäkleläinen in a car of their choice around the swiss alps so have fun with that!


More body styles have been revealed for the Albury Centurion MkVII:

The Wagon is for those who want their performance served with an extra dash of practicality.

The Coupe (shown here in 6.4 S guise) is aimed at buyers who want the style of a two-door car but don’t want to forsake the back seat.

Finally, the Convertible - a first for the Centurion range - is intended for sunseekers who have previously never considered the Centurion until now.


A New Concept In Engines


2017 Zenshi Grandea GT-R

Zenshi’s ZMD once again returns with something crazy: A next-gen high performance version of the Grandea, the Grandea GT-R.

Compared to the previous Grandeas, which relied on a 3.0L twin-turbocharged V6 motor, called the VS30DA2T, this generation marks the first time the GGT-R utilizes an Inline-6 motor since the 2nd generation in 1986. The Inline-6, which is a variant of the LZ4-ACE, known as the LZ4-ACE R, powers the track-focused premium sports coupe. Power figures aren’t final, but the engine has the potential to generate between 560 to 600 HP.

The SM-AWS system used on the AWD versions of the regular Grandea has been extensively modified for use in this vehicle. using a 40:60 F/R torque split ratio, the recent track test results of the GGT-R has reported a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 186 MPH (300 KM/H).

Upon looking at the bodywork of the Grandea GT-R, one can clearly see the hardcore aerodynamic elements it possesses. The impressive aerodynamics allow for the car to stay put on the ground while going through the track like crazy.

The Grandea GT-R was, as usual with Zenshi performance vehicles, places heavy emphasis on the driver, exterior wise, and interior wise as well. Standard features inside include leather sports bucket seats, 6-Speed Manual Transmission, active AWS control, 7-inch multifunction display, and dual zone climate control. Optional equipment includes a 6-Speed Avantec Transmission with paddle shifters, power tilt and telescopic steering, alacantara bucket seats, and an “AccuTec” system that enables a telemetry system in the multifunction display.

The Grandea GT-R is expected to be priced around $92,000 in base spec level. It will hit the showroom floor sometime around Q3-Q4 2017.

Official Colours show below:


First Pictures and powerplant stats of the DSD PUISSANT concept…A new Super Mini

The PUISSANT (Translated to english the powerful)

The Puissant is DSD’s entree into the small fun markets and will be entirely produced in a new facility in Aubagne France. We intend to produce three individual trims suited to the Asian kei markets, the European CIty markets and the American/Australasian budget sport markets.

Starting with a AHS steel chassis with a tradition rear torsion beam/macphearson strut suspension setup wrapped in a European inspired Partial alloy body. The body was created by Coach Makers Licorne and is a much more sedate approach than the stereotypical DSD vehicle.
The xenon headlights are encased in billet alloy casings with L.E.D daytime running lights mounted discreetly underneath the high and low beams with the front turn signals also mounted in billet “floating” casings. The grills are more aesthetic than function with billet highlights and following the natural curves of the body without becoming gaudy or “face” like. The front flares are designed to highlight the front headlight assembly with a small vent on either side dispersing hot engine bay air with a small L.E.D turn indicator to complement the mirror mounted L.E.D’s.
The Bonnet/Hood however is more function over form with a shallow reverse cowl bonnet scoop needed to extract the hot engine bay air with small intake vents mounted just to the sides of the exit of the cowl scoop to help create a vacuum effect. The cooling was needed to survive the Harsh Australian traffic conditions and 40*+ ambient air temperatures.
The body is one complete piece so there are no plastic bumbers(front lip excluded). The “sideskirts” are part of the main monocoque with intake vents for the rear brakes molded into the partial alloy.
The rear of the car features a “floating” number plate mount active rear spoiler and more billet alloy including the tail light housings, centre “grille”, quad exhaust outlets and a small piece of trim in the centre diffuser. Incidentally the left rear taillight flips down to reveal the fuel filler cap replicating American and Australian cars of the fifties.

Under the bonnet/Hood of this Concept Puissant we find a Hybrid E85 petrol electric engine.
A 2.2L 30V 60* V6 powers the batteries to the 270Nm electric engine mounted transversely and powering the front wheels. The electric engine is designed to power the vehicle at all time with the torque map designed to reduce torque at very low Rpms then feed torque in at mid-high Rpms with torque then bleeding away at very high Rpms to help with driveability. The petrol engine only turns the power generator for the batteries and as such fuel economy figures of 3L/100Km’s are expected in real world conditions, and the dyno figure shows the electric engine can produce 285Hp and a max power range of up to 10,000RPM.

The Concept model is also fitted with a 7sp Sequential gearbox and electric transaxle and under lab conditions is expected to top the car out at 302KM/H. Carbon fibre 18" wheels with prototype tyre technology surround 375mm 6 piston Carbon Ceramic brake discs and a tuned underbody tray combined with front and rear active wings keep the car planted and firm whilst driving.

Inside the Concept Puissant we find hand sculpted red deer leather seats with the dashboard and centre console made entirely from Bunya pine with Ironbark trim pieces. A intteractive 3d display that controls everything from the stereo and climate control to the acceleration ramp rate and suspension settings that can display in real time the suspension travel and bound as well as changing settings on the fly.

Whilst we know that this concept model can never be produced as you see it here by using the best technology we have available to create these concept cars allows us to use as much of the features that are well received as possible whilst deleting those which are less desirable.

Please Note that this is the concept model and final trims may vary

The Prototype Production models will also be shown towards the end of the convention.

In Response Darkshine tweets> The unfortunate actions of Detroit Will not happen again (grass before beer your in the clear beer before grass your on your arse)… I myself am looking forward to driving the Alps and will only be present on the final day of Geneva as i am visiting Members of my old Unit across France. However DSD does encourage responsible recreational parting and we encourage all to try our Dark Cognac and Dark Absinthe…be warned through that this is a traditional absinthe containing worm wood and a low alcohol content…You have been warned lol.


For about an hour, there was a splash page on the RPG website which simply read:

The name comes from the definition:
“The keel of a boat is the beam that runs the length of the hull — the body of the boat — and can extend vertically into the water to provide stability.”

That page has since disappeared. It is suspected it was put up in error, but what exactly was it for?


"Hello everyone and welcome to the Raziel booth.
This project, the “Classe B” has kept us busy for many years:
In may 2007 the former CEO Mario Scavini had an idea: a VERY modular platform to build an incredibly customizable car.
Now, after almost 9 years of drawing and testing we present the very first born for this project
What is classe B? It’s a midsize premium car.

Here shown is the Race trim 3 doors HatchBack, but it’s not the only way to have the classe B.
This car is modeled in 7 different bodies:
-3 and 5 doors hatchback
-2 and 4 doors sedan
-Soft and Hard Top Cabrio

The extreme flexibility of the platform has enabled us to build 6 engines for this car, one I3, three inline 4s, one V6 and a full electric version.

7 bodies, (33) 25 power levels, 15 trims and many optionals; we are sure you can find the sutable car for you.

But today it’s not time to speak of interiors or optional, for this matter I invite you all in the next days, here, at the full presentation of the car; today we speak about the tecnology involved.

All the engines have the same mount points, on the body and on the transmission, this enabled us to offer only two gearbox for the whole series of the car, one manual 6 speed and one new Dual Clutch robotized with 8 speeds, mounted on the gearbox is possible to have, on all the engines, an electric ERS (energy recovery system) to break down fuel costs, but, if it’s not enough for you, you can have a plug in hybrid system to charge your car at home.

I leave you this broshure with many info on the car (.pdf)

For more detailed info on the trims and combinations aviable stay tuned here at the Raziel booth in the next days.
See you soon"

“Psssss, we are working on the Classe HB, same platform but for bigger cars, like SUVs and Crossovers, maybe at New York this year”

EDIT: In the presentation we have claimed to have 33 power level, it was an error. There are 25 power level, of witch 8 aviable with AWD as an optional, 33 possible choices.


2018 Garou Ginmei

Hey there, Zenshi Grandea, don’t forget you’re aren’t the only one in this competition.

The Garou Ginmei is a luxury coupe first created in 1984 in response to Zenshi’s Grandea. The fourth generation one has arrived, and is being showcased on the floor with great splendor!

As is with Garou tradition, the Ginmei has standard AWD, and is powered by the same 306 HP 3.8L V6 engine the Sagrado 3.8 has, but has the option to go twin turbo with the 38RS trim, with power upping to 599 HP mated to a 7-Speed automatic transmission.

The Ginmei is expected to come to dealership floors soon, with a base price starting at $52,750.


# Presents: the Tauga SB

_Because the world doesn't have enough performance wagons_

Erin’s X Department have been wanting to make a performance estate/wagon for a long while, so when management requested such a version of the Tauga, they were understandably excited.

And then someone in the Department said…
“What if we made a shooting brake?”

The idea stuck immediatley.

Welcome to the Tauga SB - Shooting Brake.
Underneath, this is the Tauga X from last year. Only now, it’s been reshaped with a custom 3 door body that combines the practicality of the Touring version with the sleekness of the Coupe version.

To top that off, it’s got AllDrive AWD sending 417 hp to all four wheels.

Despite being 75kg heavier, the weight balance has actually been improved to a 51F/49R split. Combine that with the sharpness of the original, the brilliant 3.3l V6 under its bonnet and the AWD system, and what you have here is a new standard performance wagons.

The Tauga SB is the ultimate expression of style, performance and practicality. It handles with uttermost precision, accelerates like nothing else on earth and drives like a masterpiece. In every conceivable way, this is one of the most breathtaking and stunning cars in Erin’s history.

[hide=Trim Details/Price]
Sports interior, optional bucket seats with 3 point harness, 18" custom wheels, Bang & Oulfsen sound system, full cruise control, dual-zone climate control, RoadSmart pack, 5 USB charging ports plus wireless charging pad, tinted rear windows, in-car internet**, all-active suspension, 7 speed DCT transmission, active cooling flaps, X button plus XTune settings, electronic active limited slip differential

From $55,530


The moment you have all been waiting for. We here at MAC are proud to reveal our new automobiles to Geneva and the world.

First up is the MS Argonaught 282. Equipped with a 4.6L naturally aspirated DOHC flatplane V8 sending 613 HP to the rear wheels through a 7 speed dual clutch sequential transmission, the Argonaught is good for a 217 MPH top speed while sitting in comfort. The chassis and body are made of carbon fibre and goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.

Next up is the Emperor K-100, which is equipped with a 1.3L turbocharged SOHC I4 sent to the front wheels through a 6 speed manual or 5 speed automatic transmissions. It goes from 0-60 in 9.5 seconds. The suspension has been specially tuned by MS for a sporty yet comfortably ride.

And last but certainly not least is the Emperor Emerald, which is equipped with a 1.6L DOHC turbocharged I4 making 243 HP sent to the rear wheels through a 7 speed dual clutch sequential transmission. It goes from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. It has a carbon fibre chassis and a steel/aluminium mix body.


The JHW Project 6

For Geneva, we have brought a pure show car/test bed.

The Project 6 is our method of introducing our new I6-LS motor and having it able to be tested for public feedback

The engine we have here is the I6-2900T-LSC. LSC stands for Long Stroke Concept. This is a 2.9L Inline 6 that is quite drastically undersquared. this may seem like a slightly odd layout, but couple the Inline 6 design to a small turbo, and you have a very smooth, responsive, and efficient engine. in it’s current guise, it develops 200bhp, 230 lb-ft, and has a 7300rpm redline. if all goes well with testing, this motor will make it’s way into our Athena model this year.

so drop by to our booth to try it out!


Long stroke turbocharged I6. But it doesn’t look like a Volvo? :wink:


Translation: Reunion? The return of the fated rivals!


Ooh, some more rivalry over here :slight_smile:


Neither a Volvo, nor a BMW…


ah, but this is a MUCH larger stoke/bore ratio.


#Daily Round-Up - Press Day 1

Good evening everyone to wherever you are in the world, and welcome to Geneva where the first Press Day has just closed up. It’s been hectic, mad and fun to say the least, with some big releases as expected.

Time to delve into what went down today.

Today’s musical accompaniment is Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen

Before the day began, Albury announced three new body style’s for their Centurion executive saloon. The performance sedan is now available in wagon form, as a coupe and as a convertible. The latter two should certainly help to expand the range well into the luxury performance market, and might even challenge a few out-and-out GT cars.


9 am, sunrise over Lake Geneva and debut of the newest Grandea GT-R. Smartly presented with uncomplicated styling and a pair of sharp headlights, this high-end sports coupe will have 560+ hp under the bonnet when it gets released, courtesy of the company’s LZ4-ACE R i6 - we certainly approve of the engine name, which is rare. A 40/60 torque split means this thing will almost certainly grip and go like a rat on steroids, and given that the quoted 0-60 time is 2.9 seconds, we believe our statement has truth.

What is particularly pleasing to see is that as standard the GT-R will come with a 6 speed manual, which for a modern performance car is rare. Combine that with the carbon cermaic brakes we spied behind the rims and the aero-work they’ve done on the body, and we’re predicting this could be one of the most visceral driving experiences of the year.

Next on the order of the day was a trip to the DSD stand where a multitude of journalists were gathered for a presentation of the company’s quirky new Puissant concept. The company has a reputation for bold and innovative car design, and this is no exception; a hyper advanced hybird compact coupe, with dual side indicators, 285 hp to boot and an electric motor to deliver the power. This means that all the driving is done just by the motor - the engine doesn’t turn the wheels, resulting in fantastic fuel consumption.

Unusually for such a small car, carbon fibre wheels are being used, as well as active aero features and gorgeously plush interior. It truly stuns both inside and out. Sadly, we can’t expect it to make production, but we will be able to see the coupe for real later on in the show.

At last, following teaser after vague teaser, Raziel unveiled the Classe B just before lunchtime today. 9 years in development, the Classe B is going to become one of the most flexible platforms in motoring history, with an unprecedented number of trims - 4 body types with 9 separate styles, which it manages to achieve by keeping pretty everything underneath in the same position and simply swapping out chassis design and engines. Wow.

It’s a shame the looks of the thing don’t impress more - it does actually appear to have been styled like it came out all those 9 years ago. Still, the promise of AWD options and an electric-only model are exciting. We hope to get some test-drives in within the next few days.

Garou, who are from somewhere in the world, showed off the newest Ginmei today in a presentation this afternoon, making several jibes at Grandea whilst doing so. The smart, understated GT coupe is all wheel drive and will be avalible in two trims, one with a 306hp 3.8l V6 and a turbocharged option that delivers 599 hp to all four wheels. It didn’t quite move us in the same way as the GT-R, though the exceptionally low price of $52k is quite something indeed. How they achieved that is another question.

Having helped to popularise the trend of dark car teasers, Erin finally shed some light on their newest performance car, the Tauga SB. A shooting-brake version of last year’s Tauga X, the 417hp car is…
…hang on, I can’t really review my own car now can I?

Miller gave their main presentation of the show, revealing three new cars from their sub-brands. The fearsome looking Argonaught 282 impressed with its unashamedly abstract design and with its huge amount of power: 613hp, meaning it easily rivals the day’s other high-end performance releases. However, unlike the GGT-R and Ginmei, this is rear-wheel drive - trust America not to be sensible. If the noise we were honored with hearing at the presentation is anything to go by, this thing is going to be marvelous.

From MAC’s Emperor sub brand came the new K-100. Not exactly a looker, the 98 hp city car looks to impress more as a luxury hatchback more than anything else, a market that sees little competition, meaning that Emperor may have found a neat little niche. Following this, the new Emperor Emerald was unveiled, a lightweight mid-range sports car that certainly looks the part with its split-front grille and delicate chrome detailing. A massive 243hp comes from tis 1.6l turbo i4 making it very light and hopefully very fast.

JHW revalled an incredibly unusual car called the Project 6, penned as a test bed for their new I6-LS engine range, the LS standing for ‘Long Stroke’. The car itself was rather exciting, its slightly weird but glitzy styling leaving a good impression on us. The engine was also pleasing: while underpowered for a 2.9l turbo engine, the i6 smoothness covers the long stroke roughness very well and allows for exceptional efficiency with good usability.

While we’re not sure how wide the appeal will be, the fact that its coming to the Athena later this year is good to hear, given just how much customers value efficiency in this market. We’re keen to see how it compares to diesel rivals in terms of average MPG.

That’s going to do it for today’s round-up. Press Day 1 has been very exciting, with a three way battle of coupes developing here as well a number of great innovations on display here. It certainly bodes well for rest of the show.

I’m off to trawl round the bars of Geneva to find a slightly-sloshed Garou engineer to see if they’ll tell me how they’re managing to make the Ginmei for so little. Bye for now!

- Gavin Anderson


well, i could get 300+hp from it, but then i would compromise the silky smooth nature of the engine.

by that i mean the turbo is the same size as a bottlecap and has less than 6 psi of boost.