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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


Matthew Sierra

Yeah, I really liked the Espada Veloce, I am certainly thinking of buying one myself, but for the review’s sake, it’s just a shame that the car was just really expensive. I would certainly put it on my list of top cars revealed at Geneva this year!


With the New York Auto Show not starting until September, perhaps anyone who missed Geneva would be interested in showing new models at the Shanghai Auto Show?


Brilliant review! Sorry I’ve been so slow to reply, I’ve had a busy 24 hours :joy: Definitley seems to me that the Espada is way more performance focused, it’d be interesting to see how a performance-tuned version of the Berlose would do up against it. That’s for another day though :wink:

But, in that respect, it’s a fantastic car @szafirowy01 and I was certainly impressed at the higher stats than the Berlose and the styling.

Thank you for the reviews @Dorifto_Dorito!

@abg7 Ah! Good point, forgot about that show. That’s definitely something to plan ahead for.


New York Autoshow is April 14…


@Deskyx I’m think of Paris. Thanks for clearing that up!

Geneva at the moment has gone back to normal. But Gavin is still here, for one last test at this year’s show.

Saminda Motor Co - Admired from afar. Amazing up close. Introducing the all-new Anthana

Gavin you lucky bastard

Matt Sierra


#Final Round of Voting
Well! They always say you never can tell and this is just such a case. There are no less than 6 cars that are tied with one another in the top spots, and we can’t really just pick one winner from each group now can we? So, the final vote will be between all of these cars.

Same rules once more etc etc, you have until Saturday 25th March 2017, 18:00 GMT to get your votes in. And at last, we’ll be able to announce this year’s best in show.

Best of luck guys!


Win or lose, I’m happy about my car being featured in the top 6 :slight_smile:


And I wonder who is the one that voted for Espada, since surprisingly that wasn’t me :stuck_out_tongue: I guess if only I used any kind of proper picture editing it would be more of a success :smile: But ain’t nobody got time for that, I’ve got too many ideas with too little time.

Edit: too bad one of the car I voted for isn’t in the top 6 (Monolith M161), and the other (Erin Tauga SB) doesn’t seem to have a chance for the win too. Good that the third car I’d vote does much better :smile:


@doncornaldie Yeah, you really ought to be proud of that. It’s such a mad car, fully deserving of that top 6 position.

@szafirowy01 Can’t say it was me either, though I haven’t voted in any of these polls anyway. Nice to see that you have three potential cars to vote for though, I like to see broad appeals for automation creations!


Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of Best in Show at the 2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show is…

#The Cavallera/Zenshi Seiryu!

Who’d have though it then. The last car to be revealled at the show, after a particularly strong showing this year across the board, is crowned Best In Show. A joint venture between two like minded companies to create a Japanese honed mid-engined masterpiece. The Seiryu is a car that evokes a level of passion that is truly admirable and is shown in every aspect of the car. At once, it is both cutting edge and soulful, modern yet familiar, traditional yet also someting new.

Within its tidy styling and light-weight construction is a car that we’re expecting is going to reshape the mid-range sports car market. Following a wave of new releases in this sector from multiple companies, the Seiryu has shown itself to be the public’s choice (for now at least) and could well be said to be the best in this class at the moment. We’ll only truly get an answer to that when we can get a roadtest in it.

For now though, the Seiryu deserves to be celebrated for its achievements and should be allowed to bask in its appreciation. Geneva 2017 has shown that the essence of the sports car is still very much alive and kicking, and more than anything else, the Seiryu is parading that essence with pride.

Congratulations @ramthecowy and @Grandea, can we expect a full stats release for the Seiryu in the near future?

Thank you also to everyone for making Geneva 2017 a great success. Commendations to @titleguy1 for starting this thread, I’d like to thank you personally for giving me the honor of covering the show. And I can only hope that you’ve enjoyed Gavin’s writing and his escapades as much as I have. :smiley: