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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


#Daily Round-Up - Pre Show 1
Welcome to Splendid Auto Monthly’s coverage of the Geneva International Auto Show 2017. I’m your host, Gavin Anderson, the premiere late-20s metrosexual journalist of the automotive world. Myself and the great team that is S.A.M.'s Auto Show Correspondants will be keeping you up to speed with live commentary and insight into everything that’s happening here.

With just 10 days to go before doors open on March 9th, the Palexpo Center is gradually becoming busier as the automotive world descends on the city. Geneva has traditionally been one of the biggest auto shows of the year, and has seen many major announcements in its time. With any luck, we’ll be continuing that trend this year.

The previous show of the year, Detroit, was a massive success, and saw a deluge of incredible vehicles displayed. Geneva will certainly have to impress to beat that, but we have few doubts that it won’t.

Already, a number of companies have released teasers of what to expect at the show. And almost all of them look exactly the same - dark silhouette of a car on dark background with ominous, vague logo or caption.

Miller and their sub-brand Emperor kicked things off earlier this week with two pictures of “a new Emperor model coming soon along with a new Miller model”, meaning we’ll likely be seeing the direction that the American car maker will be taking in Europe over the next few years at the show.

Shortly afterwards, Erin out-vagued Miller with a poster showing the silhouette of some sort of wagon, captioned with the equally vague “We’ll see you at Geneva”. The stylised letters “SB” are also found on the poster. We’re sure this must mean something, but we’re not sure what.

One of the more confusing posters of the week came (at least we think it came from them) from Galt Automotive, posing the question of “Can You Tame It?”. “It” is going to be a 6 litre V-something called the ‘Fiend’ apparently - aside from that, all we know is that it’s probably some sort of car. More to follow.

Thankfully, Betta gave us a slightly, uh, better teaser, of what appears to be a supermini, captioned “Fast. Practical. Economical.”. Any new small car always creates some excitement in the office, so we’re looking forward to this. They’re also encouraging everyone to “be there”, so you probably ought to do what they say…

An as-yet unknown car company will be releasing a very orange coupe at the show, highlighting the inevitable demise of the the I.C.E. and hoping that the “last V8” will “be a good one”. We hope so too, whoever you are.

More vagueness came from Sachiuri in the form of a̶ ̶p̶o̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶E̶r̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶e̶a̶s̶e̶r̶ … sorry, the outline of a new SUV and the words “Luxury Redefined”. Sachiuri are very much on the rise at the moment, and we’re expecting this to be a breakthrough moment for them as they enter into this market.

Then came a poster that is currently in the lead in the “most vaguest teaser” runnings. Kimura showed us a “Midsize sedan” of some sorts, and that’s literally it.

Baltazar will be releasing a new RS-badged car, following on from the Quark RS-325 earlier this year, and it appears to be the Kilimanjaro. This should be good; watch this space.

LaVache are releasing a car. We think it’s a hatchback. It’s almost certainly orange, and it’s going to be turbocharged. A hot-hatch? Maybe. Either way, it’s going to be released at Geneva.

After 400,000 years of build up, Saminda might actually be about to show us the new C2000R properly. If that really is the case - we’ve been here before - it’s probably going to be the biggest release of the show. The entire office is more excited than a child at Christmas for this car.

Hodannobu and Hodanrizlin teased some things that appear to be sports cars, telling us to “Be Ready”. What to be ready for is not exactly clear, but we’ll make sure to be…ready…for it?

A close-up of a new Zenshi was released today, and it appears to be a sports car. We think. We honestly don’t know at this point what half the cars we’ve seen so far actually are. Either way, it’s a new car, so we’re going to be covering its release!

Kimura then popped up again today with - are you ready for this - a teaser with some colour in it. COLOUR! The poster shows the new version of the Auriga, which may or may not have been the car in their previous teaser, we really don’t know. Either way, the design appears to be clean, smart and classy. More to follow

That does it for this round-up. We’ll be back next week before the show begins. As for now, I’m heading back to the hotel and then going out to see what Geneva nightlife is like on a Sunday night. Ta-ta for now!

- Gavin Anderson

##Luxury as it never been seen before.



Cornaldie Automotive: Driving Dreams



Fun sized.


Airborne Automotive’s first known entry is 1981 S4, compact GT car that was built only on order and there were 316 cars ever sold in 1981 and 1982 thanks to licensing with Porsche. The unit brought to the show will be 7th test one assembled in late 1980. It can be recognized by unused front wheel arch design that was supposed to make brake changing easier and borrowed iconic Porsche Fuchs wheels.

Photo taken by Airborne Crew in Swiss Alps.

Rumors say that Airborne Motor Group is going to present one new car per every company, that means RZ, Ray, Haight and Zeticci will get new models too.


Airborne Motor Group - AMG. Coincidence? I doubt it :wink: especially since the level of insanity seems similar.


(This image is clickable - please open it in a new tab since it overwrites your current tab if you don’t!)
(It’s a video!)

[spoiler]This is the last car I’ll be making for Nitrex until the Unreal update, so realistically they’re going out of business this year. They’ll just show their last car off, sell it, then close their doors. They’ll pay their employees with the revenue from the new car as a small compensation.[/spoiler]


YAMATO Motor Company has 2 prototypes to be revealed at the show, with the possibility of production beginning 2018- 2020.


Airborne Automotive is AA. Batteries are also AA.
Illuminati confirmed.


Hail to the Queen.
Because Size isn’t everything.



######Image credits to @ramthecowy

[color=grey]See you in a little while.[/color]



DSD will be in Geneva, it is our spiritual Bohemian home. We will be showcasing our full 2017 lineup as well as a new model designed purely for the Euro market. Also our new venture into alcoholic spirits will be addressed with tasting and pre-orders of our Dark Absinthe and Dark Cognac.
Test drives will be made available for a small fee however we can only take limited numbers and we will be raffling off the chance to drive the special GH Saratoga model over the Alpine pass of Col de la Iseran. We will also be hosting the official manufacturers after party


in response, Airborne Automotive quoted link to this statement and posted it on Facebook with caption:

Don’t get too drunk, Darkshine sweetheart! :slight_smile:


I suppose I should post this here as well…



OP updated with new information.



The new Kimura Auriga has been released proceeding the Geneva Motor Show. More information can be found on this website.


Garou comes into the scene with the 2018 Sagrado midsize sedan!

As is with Garou tradition, the Sagrado possesses standard AWD, allowing it to trek on and off the road. Available engines being a 2.4L 196 HP Inline 4 and an optional 3.8L 306 HP V6. Manual available with an optional 7-Speed Automatic.