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2017 LA Auto Show


You can show off classics but to be honest you probably shouldn’t be showing them if your given company is already defunct. I would show them as a classic booth with modern cars, but you could just pretend that your company is already going stronk.


I have revised the styling for much of the DiMarino lineup, so it would make sense to show off the restyled cars - which now have proper names. And I also plan to introduce at least a few other models in their range during the show.


Conte also wrote a tweet later that day, which said:

#Crossover or #Wagon? Pick your side! #LAMotorShow.”


Gavin’s been notified. He says “I should be free”.


Scagliati will be bringing an all-new model to the LA Auto Show - one that the company feels is very important to have in the American market. We might also bring a classic from the museum too, while we’re at it!


Zenshi will be there.


Something something Zavir something something


AL Autos

AL Autos will be in attendance of the 2017 LA Auto Show!

First teaser :sunglasses:



Ganter Motors will show the new gen Indiana, equipped with a new multimedia system and new luxury version. In 2019, it will get an autopilot.

Ganter Motors page


Erin have confirmed that they will be in attendance, with a special display related to a recent special announcement from ErinSport. With said announcement taking place on December 1st, the day the show opens to the public, the Los Angeles Auto Show will therefore be the first time the public gets to see what we have in store.



With this image, followed by a short chain of tweets, Maine Motor’s twitter accont confirmed today that they will be attending the LA Motor Show. They will show their next generation of the Convict utility vehicle, and an extra surprise reveal.


That looks like some interesting design choices for the front of the car. Seems to fit well together stylistically. Will be watching this at the unveil.


To elaborate a little further on the very short and cryptic blurb from earlier:

Scagliati is going to be bringing something very special to the #LAAutoShow next week, with rumours swirling that the company will have three cars on display; a never-before-seen, freshly-completed restoration from the Scagliati Museum, the new model that everyone has been buzzing about for the last few weeks, along with a very special model that represents the best the company has to offer its valued clients.

Join us on the 28th at the Scagliati stand in the West Hall for the big event.



November 28th.


A Motoring Man’s Meanderings

Prelude to LA



EDIT: Already revealed here:


The LA Auto Show is an expo for architecture now?




Exactly :smile: