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2017 LA Auto Show






@Sillyworld gofundme.com/help-fund-sillyworlds-new-computer-so-we-can-have-amwec


I think you’re a bit late to the party…


uuuh kinda. Its like turning up to a party about a month later and expecting there to be beer left. Basically just wait for the next auto show



Posting your teasers and cars ended almost one month ago and the actual show itself closed two weeks ago or so


That’s what all these are for, USE THEM.
Why did you feel the need to bump this thread instead of one of your own, or why not just create a new one if you have to?


On that point. Dont make a new thread. Use the UE4 showroom. You made that thread so use it. And stop making a new thread for every car you make, it clutters the forums.


Don’t ever come back. Not with that attitude.


Mate, it’s literally just a case of not posting photos on dead threads. It’s not about “giving up uploading pics on this forum”, we’re simply asking you to have some courtesy and do what everyone else does.
Thanks for the F bombs too xxx


As our good old friend Stickmaster once said, “Peace out” and merry christmas.


Christ, what happened when I was out?