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2017 Tokyo Motor Show


2018 Contendiente Estrato.

The Conte Pulga’s time is over. Time to move on, with a new model to carry on its heritage.

Edgy, but at the same time cute, and a little bit sporty as well. That’s what we wanted to achieve with this car.

Powered by a 1.1L I3, similar to the legendary 1.1L I3 that powered the original racing Pulga in 1973, which defeated the Maine Motors Imperator 454 at the track, of course suited to your every day needs. A healthy 75hp, mated to a 5 speed manual transmission, will allow you to squeeze 50 miles out of every gallon (4.7l/100km). The power is sent to the front wheels.

A stiff AHS steel chassis, combined with partial alu panels, does not only make this car safe and keeps costs down, but at the same time, allows the car to weigh only 920kg. With all these factors combined, this car provides a fun style of driving, while not being too hard to manage.

This car is basically a practical, fun, affordable city kart, or first car if you’re someone who just got their license. And that’s confirmed by the price: this package can be yours for only $11700, starting production in early 2018.


DiMarino DX8: The Next Generation Grand Tourer

Powered by DiMarino’s all new twin-turbo V8, the all-new DX8 replaces the much-loved but aging DS8 and brings the brand’s top grand tourer up to date. With a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, electronic LSD, active aero, carbon-ceramic brakes, active anti-roll bars and a revolutionary HUD-based infotainment system all part of its standard equipment list, it is one of the most advanced offerings ever from this premium brand, and will be sold at $78200, including a 100% markup.

Here is the dyno chart for the latest DiMarino V8 in standard form, which may become available in the future on a more affordable variant of the DX8:

And here is an overview of the same engine in ‘S’ trim, as used in the DX8 and which will ultimately become optional in other DiMarino models:

An even more powerful variant of this engine, to be installed in an upcoming hardcore variant of the DX8 (which will most likely be given the ‘R’ moniker), is also planned. Its performance figures are as follows:

Be sure to keep an eye out for any news regarding DiMarino’s other models - those will be revealed here in short order.


Hakone Turnpike, 25.10.2017, 2:00 AM.

Airborne’s blue coupe is seen doing a time trial on the course. Madoka, who is behind the wheel also finalizes the concept’s tests before it goes to the show. She also has a headset and, as she approaches last tricky segments of the track and passing them by high speed drifting, says:

Project 340 here, everything’s good. The car is perfect already. Let’s head to Tokyo.

Some hours later, Airborne stand on Tokyo Motor Show.

Airborne S340 Concept - new generation all-around sports car


The DiMarino DE30 Range: A Premium Sedan Built For Drivers

Our latest executive sedan, the DiMarino DE30, is clearly built with the driver in mind, and yet provides reasonable levels of comfort for all passengers, with loads of standard equipment and a trunk large enough to fit all your stuff.

Headlining the range is the V8 S, priced at $59,580 with an 80% markup. This super sports/luxury sedan shares its twin-turbo V8 engine, electronic rear differential, and carbon-ceramic brakes with the DX8 S.

The next fastest trim, the base V8, is no slouch either, but forgoes the electronic LSD and carbon brakes for a mechanical diff and cast-iron rotors, and will be offered at $48,620 with a 70% markup.

Occupying the middle ground is the V6 S, powered by our latest 3.0L twin-turbo V6. In this application it develops 400 horsepower, which should be enough for most of our customers’ needs. At $40,800 after a 60% markup it’s also attractively priced.

Finally, the base V6, starting from $36,750, offers a detuned version of the 3.0L V6. Yet even this entry-level variant is meant for spirited driving, with a viscous LSD helping to put its power to the ground.

All trims are offered exclusively with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. 18-inch wheels are a standard fitment on the V6 models, with 19-inch items being optional; however, these larger rims will be standard on the V8 models, for which 20-inch wheels will be available as an option. Other options include air suspension, and exterior and interior colors to sample, the latter two of which will also be available on all DX8 trims.

Rumors are rife that the DE30 will be offered in other body styles - most likely a wagon, but also probably a coupe - at a later date. However, we have yet to confirm this. Meanwhile, a convertible version of the DX8 is planned; if it goes into production, it will be more likely to have a soft top than a retractable hardtop.


2018 Merciel Verona JR4 Concept

With the changing scene in the automotive industry, Merciel are planning to go mostly hybrid on all their standard models such as the Vitesse and the Verona by 2020, meaning the end of petrol only cars for Merciel…

However, don’t despair, since Merciel don’t plan on going without a massive bang.


In 2019, Merciel will release the Verona JR4, the final Verona with the F Series 3.5L inline 6, which was also fitted to the Corsaire GTE.

While the i6 fitted to the JR4 is naturally aspirated, the 3.5L i6 still produces 380 hp. Mated to a 6 speed manual, the car accelerates 0-60 almost as fast as the Corsaire GTE, in 5 seconds.

Inside, the car features Recaro racing seats and a brand new alcantara fittings. The car also features an 4 settings for traction control and launch control. The car also features an active sport suspension. The price for all this, $50,250 making it at least $8,000 cheaper than the M3 for similar performance.

More images


Tokyo, October 26th, 9:30

As the Bonham press conference begins, business goes as usual. The new Fleming had been shown in photos over a week before, all the journalists gathered saw familiar shapes from Bonham items underneath the covers.

“Fleming comes with a straight-six engine and a V12. Despite this being the ultimate car from Bonham’s range, we need the straight-six for a very good reason. Fuel economy, efficiency and downsizing are all important, but this wasn’t our thinking. Here’s our reason.”

From behind the CEO, a door opens and a car drives off. Another Fleming, however, one no one had seen before. The Fleming GTE.

For more images of the GTE in other liveries, check out the Bonham thread by clicking here.


AL Autos Section

Hello everyone and welcome to the AL Autos Section of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show! We here at AL Autos are excited to bring a total of 13 individual cars including 8 brand new cars and 5 redesigned/refreshed cars! These cars are a product of AL Autos striving to improve wherever we can so we can bring some pretty exciting machines to the market. So, without further ado, here are the cars that we have brought with us this week! Enjoy!

AL Autos Actio (Trim Shown: 1073 Rv3) (Debuted at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show)

The Body

AL Autos decided to freshen up the body to make it look more eye catching and aggressive. The new Actio features redesigned fixtures which make the car look like it’s going fast even when stationary: sleek and aggressive headlights, AL Autos’ new taillamp/vent combination, and new front, rear, and side grilles to make the Actio look and perform like a dream with specialized aero trickery found in the front end grille and side vents to vary the amount of air going through it depending on speed and how aggressive you corner to allow for less drag and better cornering.

The Performance

The Actio has an all-new 5.4 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 sending 1073 HP to the rear wheels with a 7 Speed Double Clutch Sequential gearbox, Electric LSD, and a Longitudinal RWD system. In addition, the Actio has 285F/315R AL Sport Compound Tires to help put all that power down to the road, front and rear Pushrod suspension, vented sports brakes, and active aero. This allows for the Actio to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 234.3 MPH (377.1 KPH), corner at a max of 1.19 g

The Technology

The Actio features the ALDrivingProfile 2 which has a system that adjusts the the active aero, traction control, engine stability control, power delivery, steering sensitivity, and many other parameters which determine how the car performs to suit the driver automatically. The driver can also customize these settings and save it as a selectable profile. The Actio also has a new camera system (front and rear cameras) that can record both regular driving and track driving. These two recording modes have different functions and interfaces to suit. Regular Driving Recording Mode acts like a dash cam recording daily driving. Track driving Recording Mode records your drive but also includes an g-graph, throttle/braking input, speedometer, tachometer, and other statistics depending on user choice.


Fully Loaded (Shown): $205,515

Base Price: $180,081

AL Autos Irev (Trims Shown: 182 Cv3 and 258 CS) (Debuted at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show)

182 Cv3

Irev - 182 Cv3-3

258 CS

The Body

The Irev, from when it was debuted at the Antiyita International Motor Show, underwent some noticeable changes from the outside including a new fascia and new taillight design (Different for each trim). In addition to the C trim, the Irev now has a sports hatchback version, the 258 CS which as a wider body, black accents, and some other small changes.

The Performance (258 CS)

The Irev 258 CS has an all-new 1.8 L Turbocharged 4-cyl sending 258 HP to the front wheels with a 6 speed manual transmission, electric LSD, and a transverse front wheel drive system. In addition the Irev 258 CS has 265 F and R AL Sport Compound Tires, sports disc brakes, and sport tuned double wishbone suspension F and R. This allows for the Irev 258 CS to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 5.9 seconds, achieve a top speed of 154.1 MPH (248.0 KPH), and clock a 1:24.0 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Practicality

The Irev has 103.1 cubic feet of passenger space and 19 cubic feet of luggage space allowing you and your passengers to sit comfortably and also store your luggage for any adventure that you go on. In addition, the Irev 182 Cv3 gets a solid 29.4 MPG which will allow you to go longer without a fuel stop. There’s an Irev for any pavement adventure: cross country traveling or track munching, you name it!


Fully loaded 258 CS (Shown): $27,459

Base Price 258 CS: $23,547

Fully Loaded 182 Cv3 (Shown): $20,010

Base Price 182 Cv3: $12,418

AL Autos Polentia (Trim Shown: 572 S)

Polentia - 572 Sv2-1

The Body

The Polentia is AL Autos’ attempt at bringing back the small mid-engine sports car: a simple yet striking body with smooth yet aggressive looking lights, and a sporty look to accompany the fun that this machine has to give.

The Performance

The Polentia features a 4.6 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 engine churning out 572 hp to the rear wheels of the car through a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, electric LSD, and a longitudinal RWD system. In addition, the Polentia has 265 F and 285 R AL Sport Compound Tires, vented sports disc brakes, and sport tuned pushrod F and R suspension. This allows the Polentia to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.8 seconds, achieve a top speed of 191.0 MPH (307.4 KPH), and clock a 1:14.5 on the Top Gear Test Track.

Coming Up

Currently, AL Autos is developing a version of the Polentia with a turbo charged 4 cylinder engine which will offer loads of fun both on the track and on the road so stay tuned!

Fully Loaded (Shown): $50,719

Base Price: $42,982

AL Autos Quaestus (Trims Shown: 326 XLE and 486 S)

326 XLE
Quaestus - 326 XLE-1

486 S

The Body

The Quaestus features a very elegant yet aggressive look that AL is trying out for its design pallet: A elegant looking nose grille, sporty headlamps, simple yet aggressive “mouth” grille and vents, and our grille/taillamp combo.

The Performance (486 S)

The 486 S trim of the Quaestus features a 4.3 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 producing 486 HP which is sent to all 4 wheels through a longitudinal AWD system, 7 Speed Double Clutch Sequential Gearbox, and an electric LSD. The 486 S also has 285 F and 295 R AL Sport Compound Tires, sport tuned Double Wishbone F and Multilink R suspension, and sport tuned vented disc brakes. This allows the Quaestus 486 S to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 3.5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 172.2 MPH (277.1 KPH), and clock a 1:18.9 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Luxury (326 XLE)

The 326 XLE trim of the Quaestus is luxuriously equipped so as to make your journeys just that just that little bit more special: Nappa Leather Seats, Leather/Wood trimmed steering wheel, a 7 speaker Bose sound system, rear entertainment screens, front and rear climate control, and AL Autos’ AL Connect Infotainment System: USB Capability, hands free satellite navigation with real-time traffic, and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to check nearby attractions, make reservations, check sports team scores, weather forecast, and so much more!


Fully Loaded 486 S (Shown): $58,142

Base Price 486 S: $46, 854

Fully Loaded 326 XLE: $43,842

Base Price 326 XLE: $37,530

AL Autos Tetra (Trims Shown: 346 RS and 449 RS2)

346 RS

Tetra - 346 RS-1

449 RS2

Tetra - 449 RS2-1

The Body

The Tetra is our super-hot hatch featuring some very wicked styling: refined but sporty headlamps and tail lamps, imposing grilles, and a meticulously shaped body to make the Tetra look sporty but not to outlandish.

The Performance

There are two versions of the Tetra: The RS and the RS2. The RS trim features a
2.3 L Turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 346 HP which is sent to all 4 wheels through a longitudinal AWD system, electric LSD, and a 6-speed manual transmission. The RS2 features a 2.7 L Turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 449 HP which is also sent to all 4 wheels through a longitudinal AWD system, electric LSD, and a 6-speed manual transmission. The RS features solid sport disc brakes while the RS2 features vented sport disc brakes. Besides that, the recipe is the same: Sports Tuned Double Wishbone Suspension F and R, 255 F and 265 R AL Sport Compound tires. The RS has been measured to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 4.6 seconds, attain a top speed of 162.7 MPH (261.8 KPH), and clock a 1:23.2 on the Top Gear Test Track. The RS2 has been measured to from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 4.2 seconds, attain a top speed of 171.4 MPH (275.8 KPH), and clock a 1:19.8 on the Top Gear Test Track.


Fully Loaded RS2 (Shown): $53,800

Base Price RS2: $42,814

Fully Loaded RS (Shown): $46,425

Base Price RS: $37,842

That’s it for now! More to come during tomorrow’s press day!


Maesima along with our luxury division Sachiuri our proud to be unveiling a brand new vision for the company.

Our theme this year for “Driving Transformation”. We have begun a new journey, and we want to push forward into an exciting new era for the automotive world. In October last year, we announced our vision for a sustainable future with a host of new technologies.

We have taken the long-term view and in light of the rapid changes in the industry, our goals remain focused on providing smarter and greater efficiency without sacrificing driving enjoyment.

We believe we can help work towards solving issues facing planet with a fundamental rethinking of the automobile yet maintain the classic appeal of such vehicles.

We remain committed to our sustainable vision and aim to improve the average fuel economy of our vehicles sold globally 25 percent by 2020 compared to 2015 levels.

This is one of the goals of Maesima’s long-term vision for technological development. To this end, we feel a mixed approach with the continued development of combustion engines and electrification depending on the market and region’s unique landscape.

Here at Tokyo Motor Show, we will be showcasing our latest generation ActivBoost engine technologies along with showcasing some of the research and development efforts of our battery electric system created in partnership with Saminda.

Sachiuri plans to exhibit its soon-to-be-launched, all-new Sagitta flagship sports GT, among the rest of its current production model lineup it intends to display at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

The all-new Sagitta features advanced all-aluminium construction and sporty double wishbones all around, along with our ActivChassis Response Control System (ARCS) utilising Semi-Active Dampers and Active Sway Bars ensuring uncompromising ride comfort while providing the highest level of driving performance and handling. Further assisted by driver-controlled settings within the latest version of our SACHIURI iX infotainment system.

Inside the Sagitta offers an intuitive layout blending form and function striking a daring balance between luxury refinement and comfort with the spirited sporty intent. At the core of the design is a driver-focused positioning of all controls.

The optimal seating position that set the stage for spirited driving. The design places the driver’s hip point as close as possible to the car’s centre of gravity, where feedback from the car is the most communicative to the driver.

The utmost quality and finish can be seen and felt with the lush flowing lines of richly appointed leather, available in Phantom Black, Sapphire Blue, and Tuscan Tan finishes seen in other Sachiuri models. Impeccable craftsmanship can be seen the bespoke touches like the handstitched steering wheel and gearshift lever along with the forged alloy paddle shifters which provide a secure and reassuring feel.

The Sagitta which will be badged and known as the Maesima MRZ-9 within select markets in which the Sachiuri brand has not yet entered. Although the partnership with Saminda has ended on a proposed hybrid variant. The company has not ruled out a hybrid electric version at a future date.

List of major exhibits

Maesima exhibits

Models scheduled for sale

Maesima MRZ-3 Koenji special edition* (World premiere)

Currently available models

Maesima Avellca sedan*
Maesima Prova hatchback*
Maesima MQX-3*
Maesima MQX-4*

Technology exhibits

Next-generation Maesima ActivShift dual-clutch transmissions
Cutaway model of MC-BN15 1.5L engine with automatic transmission

Sachirui exhibits

Models scheduled for sale

Sachirui Sagitta*

Currently available models

Sachiuri sL200 sedan*
Sachiuri sL800 wagon*

Technology exhibits

Cutaway model of MC-QZ440-DN-P 4.4L V8 engine with automatic transmission

*ᴼᶰ ᵈᶦˢᵖᶫᵃʸ ᵃᶠᵗᵉʳ ᴼᶜᵗ⋅ ²⁶

Full details to follow on main threads released soon.

Sachiuri Motors - Introducing the 2018 Sachiuri Sagitta

I remember a car from Dragotec, made in the Kee version, that shares its name with Sachiuri’s new flagship… Surely they’ll file a lawsuit for copyright infringement? But it’s more likely that they won’t, what with the new Sagitta looking like a supercar should.

Meanwhile, over at the DiMarino stand…

The all-new DU7, based on a stretched version of our DE30 sedan platform, is our entry into the premium SUV sector. It is available as a five- or eight-seater (the latter being suffixed XL), and will be available with V6 or V8 power mated exclusively to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Options include air suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes (standard on V8 models) and 21-inch alloy wheels, with 20-inch rims being standard fitment across the range. ‘S’ versions of both models, with more power and a greater focus on sportiness, are currently in the pipeline. The V6 starts at $48,110 with a 70% markup ($54,060 at 70% for the V6 XL); while the V8 XL will be offered at $66,060 with an 80% markup ($59,040 at 80% for the base V8 5-seater).


Cascadia Bigfoot 2019 Concept

The Bigfoot 2019 Concept is a near-production concept of the next generation of Cascadia’s small 4x4. The retro appearance is a throwback to the Bigfoot’s predecessor, the Cod, introduced in 1961. What is coming to production is Cascadia’s new electric 4x4 system, which has an electric motor on the front axle that uses a lockable differential to also engage the rear wheels on demand. The FWD-4x4 setup provides a more predictable driving experience compared to the RWD-4x4 system that has been employed for decades.


No petrol, no buy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The gasoline model isn’t going anywhere (yet), Cascadia is just adding an electric model for the upcoming generation.


Honda! :smiley:


2019 Zenshi Tessitura

The ninth generation Tessitura, which came out in 2016, returns with another makeover for the 2019 model year. This is Zenshi’s 2nd car to make use of the “Shinka 研 (Ken)” design (the 1st was the GTX VGT), which is considered a sharpened version of the original Shinka design, planned to be used on other models towards the future.

New to 2019 is an updated 1.2L Turbocharged I4 known as the CZ12-GDAT, which includes a 5 HP increase over the CA12-GDAT used for the current GTS-12T model, making 122 HP over the original 117. Torque figures remain more or less the same, with ~130 lb-ft. The 6-Speed Manual is updated, as well as the steering and overall driving dynamics, which was adapted from the Zenshi SF.

The inside is touched up as well, now having an AIGCS on upper trim models, similar to the one seen on the Seiryu and Kamata. The infotainment has been upgraded to the newest system co-developed with Fujitsu, and now includes Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
An option to have stitching on the seats, shifter and steering wheel to match the car’s body colour has also been added.

Some features will be standard for the 2019 Tessitura, including a rear-view camera and dual rear exhausts.

More info on the 2019 Tessitura will come soon!


On the heart :joy:


AL Autos Section (Release for Press Day 2)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AL Autos Section of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show! We here at AL Autos are excited to bring a total of 13 individual cars including 8 brand new cars and 5 redesigned/refreshed cars! These cars are a product of AL Autos striving to improve wherever we can so we can bring some pretty exciting machines to the market. So, without further ado, here are the cars that we have brought with us this week! Enjoy!

AL Autos Cursus (Trim Shown: 460 S)

The Body

AL Autos decided to make a different sort of car. One that brings back open wheeled design. The Cursus was designed to allow that open wheel design to shine. In some cases, the Cursus is like a bullet with wings. We wanted to make sure that the car’s aerodynamics aren’t compromised. To make sure of this, the wheel arches over the front tires were made relatively thin, smooth, yet strong as possible, and there are just some minor body touch ups to make sure the air flows through like the fins found right behind the wheel arches. To liven up the car as well, we tweaked our sports car fascia a bit to make sure that it fits the car’s nature.

The Performance

The Cursus features a no-nonsense 5.0 L Naturally Aspirated Flatplane V8 producing 460 HP. The engine is accompanied by a longitudinal AWD system, a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, an electric LSD, 255F/265R AL Sport Compound Tires, designed specifically for the Cursus, Magnesium rims, vented disc brakes, and Double Wishbone F/Multilink R suspension. This allows for the Cursus to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.9 seconds, achieve a top speed of 174.2 MPH (280.3 KPH), and clock a 1:15.2 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Technology

The Cursus has AL Autos’ ALDrivingProfile 2, a system that adjusts the car’s characteristics like electronic stability control, power delivery, steering sensitivity, and a couple other stats about the car so that the driver will always be able to drive the Cursus at its best. The driver can also set his own personal settings and save it as his own driving profile.


(To be released soon)

AL Autos Anguis (Trim Shown: 807 R)

The Body

Striking is it not. The Anguis was designed to provoke a sense of awe whenever looked at: The curves, the angles found in the fixtures, etc. In addition, to top it all off, AL Autos decided to put a t-top on the car because… well, why not?

The Performance

The heart of this beast is a 5.7 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 churning out 807 HP. This is combined with a longitudinal AWD system, 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, double wishbone F/Multilink R suspension, an electric LSD, 295 F and R AL Sports Compound Tires, and vented disc brakes. This allows the Anguis to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.6 seconds, achieve a top speed of 203.7 MPH (327.8 KPH), and clock a 1:13.4 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Future

In the near future, AL Autos will possibly be making a lightened track ready version of this car along with a possible RWD I6 version of this car. Stay tuned


Fully Loaded (Shown): $106,000

Base Price: $89,482

AL Autos Ventus (Trim Shown: 950 R)

The Body

A slight departure from normal here at AL Autos, the Ventus

was designed to be insane to look at. The imposing almost psychopath look of the front end, the angles of produced by the rear end vents and grilles, and the different and oddly charming body style.

The Performance

The heart of the Ventus is another 5.7 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 developed for this car churning out 950 HP. The engine is also accompanied by a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a longitudinal AWD system, a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, pushrod F and R suspension, an electric LSD, magnesium wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, an active wing, and cooling flaps. This allows the Ventus to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.4 seconds, attain a top speed of 234.5 MPH (377.4 KPH), and clock a 1:11.3 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Advanced Aerodynamics

AL Autos put some aerodynamic trickery on the Ventus. The cooling flaps found in the front vents are designed to open to allow extra air in when needed (mostly at high speeds) and then close when not needed. The wing is designed to move up and down depending on speed and deploys to allow the car to brake faster. The vents found on the top of the rear end of the car also deploy at high speeds to keep the Ventus stable while also allowing more air in to the engine. At low speeds, these retract.


Fully Loaded (Shown): $245,285

Base Price: $215,009

AL Autos Rursus (Trims Shown: 343 Sv2 and 614 Sv2) (Debuted at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show)

343 Sv2

641 Sv2
Rursus - 614 Sv2-6

The Body

AL Autos wanted to put refresh the look of the Rursus, our 2 door sports coupe, debuted at the Antiyita International Motor Show. We decided to go for a simpler, yet more aggressive look in the front: angled vents, geometric grilles, etc. The rear has also been simplified with our current vent/taillamp combination.

The Performance (614 Sv2)

AL Autos has put a new heart into the Rursus: A 3.5 L turbocharged I6 producing 614 HP. This is accompanied by a longitudinal RWD system, a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, Double Wishbone F/Multilink R suspension, an electric LSD, 245F/265R AL Sport Compound Tires, and vented disc brakes. This allows for the Rursus 614 Sv2 to go from 0-62 mph (0-100 KPH) in 3.5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 205.7 MPH (331.0 KPH), and clock a 1:14.3 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Performance (343 Sv2)

AL Autos put another brand new heart into the Rursus as promised during the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show: A 2.5 L Turbocharged I4 producing 343 HP. The underpinnings are pretty much the same as the 614 Sv2 apart from 255 R AL Sport Compound tires, solid disc brakes, and a 6 speed manual transmission. This allows for the Rursus 343 Sv2 to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 4.5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 175.7 MPH (282.8 KPH), and clock a 1:19.6 on the Top Gear Test Track.


614 Sv2 Fully Loaded (Shown): $59,428

614 Sv2 Base: $49,185

343 Sv2 Fully Loaded (Shown): $35,425

343 Sv2 Base: $27,741

That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show! Stay tuned for more announcements by AL Autos!


2018 Aurora Jetfire Concept

Do you like luxury?
Do you like big rims?
Do you like Shibata?
Do you wish Shibata started making luxury cars?
Well, your prayers have been answered. Also, read this block of text.

With a 3 liter twin-turbo V6 touting 394 hp and 294 ft-lb, this dated-looking sports-luxury sedan (yes the concept runs and drives) accelerates from 0-60 in just 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 173 miles per hour.

It seats five, and features a luxurious interior with an advanced infotainment system, modern safety system (but no forward collision warning/autobraking since it is unnecessary) and heads-up display.

The Jetfire has a nine-speed automatic transmission, paddle shifters, and drives all four wheels to boost driver confidence. It may weigh almost 4500 pounds, but handles surprisingly well compared to competitors. It gets 20 mpg, most likely due to its insane weight.

The Jetfire is expected to come into production (with a bit of a facelift, possibly) in early 2018 with the V6 trim bearing a price tag of just $43,500. Both an entry-level turbocharged 4-cylinder and a sports version with a V8 are also planned.


Serenity, Redefined. The 2018 Scagliati La Serenissima.

music at the reveal event:

Scagliati La Serenissima in Rosso Nero (top three), Opale, Griggia Nebbia and Lega di Rame

Scagliati Motori SpA is proud to present the 2018 La Serenissima, the finest luxury grand touring automobile in the world. Born from over seven decades of building some of the finest automobiles on the planet, the La Serenissima incorporates the rich history of Venetian craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to produce a driving experience like no other.

Scagliati La Serenissima QP in Lega di Rame (top) and Acciaio (bottom)

The La Serenissima is available as both a coupe and sedan, the first time in Scagliati’s history that the flagship model has been on the same platform, made possible by the all-new Scagliati Carbon-Fiber Automobile, Longitudinal Extendible architecture, or SCALE for short. SCALE architecture allows the La Serenissima to make exceptional gains in stiffness and rigidity, improving cabin noise, handling and safety over its predecessor, while at the same time saving roughly 220 kilograms over the old bonded aluminium architecture.

Scagliati Pro-Active Suspension system (SPAS), working with the familiar CAST (Corsa, Attivo, Stradale, Tempo) system, provides excellent control of each individual wheel, through the double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension, and works to provide advanced stability, traction and launch control through the car’s 7-speed double-clutch gearbox and electronically-controlled limited slip differential, configurable through the four main driving modes of the CAST.

2018 Scagliati La Serenissima T and TF detail shots, in Azzurro Bizantino and Arancio Cachi

Scagliati Amadeo Modular Architecture - Powerful Beyond Belief.

New for 2018, Scagliati is proud to present the Amadeo Modular Engine archetecture, available for the first time in the La Serenissima. Flexible, lightweight and efficient, the Amadeo engines available in the La Serenissima are a 3.33 litre turbocharged V8 producing 479 horsepower in the La Serenissima V8, and two 5-litre V12 engines producing 651 horsepower in the standard La Serenissima and La Serenissima QP, or 718 horsepower in the ultra-high performance La Serenissima T and TF models. These engines are tuned to provide the best possible Scagliati experience, with excellent power and response, exceeding the now-retired Luneo V8 and Girotto V12 families in every metric. Fuel efficiency has improved too, with the La Serenissima V8 returning an excellent 10.0 litres per 100 kilometres in the Automation Combined Fuel Efficiency Standard, making the La Serenissima one of the most efficient cars in class.

Model Specifications La Serenissima V8 La Serenissima La Serenissima T
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe
Seating Four - -
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque, aluminium panels - -
Suspension double-wishbone front, multi-link rear - -
Driveline 7-speed double clutch transmission, electronic limited-slip differential - -
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear - -
Engine 60-degree turbocharged V8 60-degree turbocharged V12 -
Displacement 3333cc 5000cc 5000cc
Output 479 bhp @ 8200 RPM 651 bhp @ 7800 RPM 718 bhp @8300 RPM
Torque 358 ft-lb @ 5400 RPM 518 ft-lb @ 4100 RPM 533 ft-lb @4300 RPM
Curb Weight 2005 kilograms 2156 kilograms 2043 kilograms
Weight Distribution 53.8%F/46.2%R 56.8%F/43.2%R 57.3%F/42.7%R
0-100 km/h 4.5 s 4.2 s 3.9s
100-0 Braking Distance 29.8 m 30.2 m 28.2m
Top Speed 330 km/h* 330 km/h* 371 km/h
Fuel Economy 10.0 litres/100km 11.6 litres/100km 11.6 litres/100km
List Price $174,560 $201,790 $238,450

More details found here: Scagliati Motori SpA - Serenity and Dominance. Presenting The All-New Scagliati Zoccarato Scoperta. Continuing A Proud Name


Not only that, but also due to having a turbo V6 - that doesn’t go well with economy.

And @MrChips - I see a new solid competitor in the luxury class, welcome :slight_smile:


I like this design. The headlights are pretty damn cool. Nice going!