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2017 Tokyo Motor Show


Honda! :smiley:


2019 Zenshi Tessitura

The ninth generation Tessitura, which came out in 2016, returns with another makeover for the 2019 model year. This is Zenshi’s 2nd car to make use of the “Shinka 研 (Ken)” design (the 1st was the GTX VGT), which is considered a sharpened version of the original Shinka design, planned to be used on other models towards the future.

New to 2019 is an updated 1.2L Turbocharged I4 known as the CZ12-GDAT, which includes a 5 HP increase over the CA12-GDAT used for the current GTS-12T model, making 122 HP over the original 117. Torque figures remain more or less the same, with ~130 lb-ft. The 6-Speed Manual is updated, as well as the steering and overall driving dynamics, which was adapted from the Zenshi SF.

The inside is touched up as well, now having an AIGCS on upper trim models, similar to the one seen on the Seiryu and Kamata. The infotainment has been upgraded to the newest system co-developed with Fujitsu, and now includes Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
An option to have stitching on the seats, shifter and steering wheel to match the car’s body colour has also been added.

Some features will be standard for the 2019 Tessitura, including a rear-view camera and dual rear exhausts.

More info on the 2019 Tessitura will come soon!


On the heart :joy:


AL Autos Section (Release for Press Day 2)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AL Autos Section of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show! We here at AL Autos are excited to bring a total of 13 individual cars including 8 brand new cars and 5 redesigned/refreshed cars! These cars are a product of AL Autos striving to improve wherever we can so we can bring some pretty exciting machines to the market. So, without further ado, here are the cars that we have brought with us this week! Enjoy!

AL Autos Cursus (Trim Shown: 460 S)

The Body

AL Autos decided to make a different sort of car. One that brings back open wheeled design. The Cursus was designed to allow that open wheel design to shine. In some cases, the Cursus is like a bullet with wings. We wanted to make sure that the car’s aerodynamics aren’t compromised. To make sure of this, the wheel arches over the front tires were made relatively thin, smooth, yet strong as possible, and there are just some minor body touch ups to make sure the air flows through like the fins found right behind the wheel arches. To liven up the car as well, we tweaked our sports car fascia a bit to make sure that it fits the car’s nature.

The Performance

The Cursus features a no-nonsense 5.0 L Naturally Aspirated Flatplane V8 producing 460 HP. The engine is accompanied by a longitudinal AWD system, a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, an electric LSD, 255F/265R AL Sport Compound Tires, designed specifically for the Cursus, Magnesium rims, vented disc brakes, and Double Wishbone F/Multilink R suspension. This allows for the Cursus to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.9 seconds, achieve a top speed of 174.2 MPH (280.3 KPH), and clock a 1:15.2 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Technology

The Cursus has AL Autos’ ALDrivingProfile 2, a system that adjusts the car’s characteristics like electronic stability control, power delivery, steering sensitivity, and a couple other stats about the car so that the driver will always be able to drive the Cursus at its best. The driver can also set his own personal settings and save it as his own driving profile.


(To be released soon)

AL Autos Anguis (Trim Shown: 807 R)

The Body

Striking is it not. The Anguis was designed to provoke a sense of awe whenever looked at: The curves, the angles found in the fixtures, etc. In addition, to top it all off, AL Autos decided to put a t-top on the car because… well, why not?

The Performance

The heart of this beast is a 5.7 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 churning out 807 HP. This is combined with a longitudinal AWD system, 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, double wishbone F/Multilink R suspension, an electric LSD, 295 F and R AL Sports Compound Tires, and vented disc brakes. This allows the Anguis to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.6 seconds, achieve a top speed of 203.7 MPH (327.8 KPH), and clock a 1:13.4 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Future

In the near future, AL Autos will possibly be making a lightened track ready version of this car along with a possible RWD I6 version of this car. Stay tuned


Fully Loaded (Shown): $106,000

Base Price: $89,482

AL Autos Ventus (Trim Shown: 950 R)

The Body

A slight departure from normal here at AL Autos, the Ventus

was designed to be insane to look at. The imposing almost psychopath look of the front end, the angles of produced by the rear end vents and grilles, and the different and oddly charming body style.

The Performance

The heart of the Ventus is another 5.7 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 developed for this car churning out 950 HP. The engine is also accompanied by a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a longitudinal AWD system, a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, pushrod F and R suspension, an electric LSD, magnesium wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, an active wing, and cooling flaps. This allows the Ventus to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 2.4 seconds, attain a top speed of 234.5 MPH (377.4 KPH), and clock a 1:11.3 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Advanced Aerodynamics

AL Autos put some aerodynamic trickery on the Ventus. The cooling flaps found in the front vents are designed to open to allow extra air in when needed (mostly at high speeds) and then close when not needed. The wing is designed to move up and down depending on speed and deploys to allow the car to brake faster. The vents found on the top of the rear end of the car also deploy at high speeds to keep the Ventus stable while also allowing more air in to the engine. At low speeds, these retract.


Fully Loaded (Shown): $245,285

Base Price: $215,009

AL Autos Rursus (Trims Shown: 343 Sv2 and 614 Sv2) (Debuted at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show)

343 Sv2

641 Sv2
Rursus - 614 Sv2-6

The Body

AL Autos wanted to put refresh the look of the Rursus, our 2 door sports coupe, debuted at the Antiyita International Motor Show. We decided to go for a simpler, yet more aggressive look in the front: angled vents, geometric grilles, etc. The rear has also been simplified with our current vent/taillamp combination.

The Performance (614 Sv2)

AL Autos has put a new heart into the Rursus: A 3.5 L turbocharged I6 producing 614 HP. This is accompanied by a longitudinal RWD system, a 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox, Double Wishbone F/Multilink R suspension, an electric LSD, 245F/265R AL Sport Compound Tires, and vented disc brakes. This allows for the Rursus 614 Sv2 to go from 0-62 mph (0-100 KPH) in 3.5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 205.7 MPH (331.0 KPH), and clock a 1:14.3 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Performance (343 Sv2)

AL Autos put another brand new heart into the Rursus as promised during the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show: A 2.5 L Turbocharged I4 producing 343 HP. The underpinnings are pretty much the same as the 614 Sv2 apart from 255 R AL Sport Compound tires, solid disc brakes, and a 6 speed manual transmission. This allows for the Rursus 343 Sv2 to go from 0-62 MPH (0-100 KPH) in 4.5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 175.7 MPH (282.8 KPH), and clock a 1:19.6 on the Top Gear Test Track.


614 Sv2 Fully Loaded (Shown): $59,428

614 Sv2 Base: $49,185

343 Sv2 Fully Loaded (Shown): $35,425

343 Sv2 Base: $27,741

That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show! Stay tuned for more announcements by AL Autos!


2018 Aurora Jetfire Concept

Do you like luxury?
Do you like big rims?
Do you like Shibata?
Do you wish Shibata started making luxury cars?
Well, your prayers have been answered. Also, read this block of text.

With a 3 liter twin-turbo V6 touting 394 hp and 294 ft-lb, this dated-looking sports-luxury sedan (yes the concept runs and drives) accelerates from 0-60 in just 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 173 miles per hour.

It seats five, and features a luxurious interior with an advanced infotainment system, modern safety system (but no forward collision warning/autobraking since it is unnecessary) and heads-up display.

The Jetfire has a nine-speed automatic transmission, paddle shifters, and drives all four wheels to boost driver confidence. It may weigh almost 4500 pounds, but handles surprisingly well compared to competitors. It gets 20 mpg, most likely due to its insane weight.

The Jetfire is expected to come into production (with a bit of a facelift, possibly) in early 2018 with the V6 trim bearing a price tag of just $43,500. Both an entry-level turbocharged 4-cylinder and a sports version with a V8 are also planned.


Serenity, Redefined. The 2018 Scagliati La Serenissima.

music at the reveal event:

Scagliati La Serenissima in Rosso Nero (top three), Opale, Griggia Nebbia and Lega di Rame

Scagliati Motori SpA is proud to present the 2018 La Serenissima, the finest luxury grand touring automobile in the world. Born from over seven decades of building some of the finest automobiles on the planet, the La Serenissima incorporates the rich history of Venetian craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to produce a driving experience like no other.

Scagliati La Serenissima QP in Lega di Rame (top) and Acciaio (bottom)

The La Serenissima is available as both a coupe and sedan, the first time in Scagliati’s history that the flagship model has been on the same platform, made possible by the all-new Scagliati Carbon-Fiber Automobile, Longitudinal Extendible architecture, or SCALE for short. SCALE architecture allows the La Serenissima to make exceptional gains in stiffness and rigidity, improving cabin noise, handling and safety over its predecessor, while at the same time saving roughly 220 kilograms over the old bonded aluminium architecture.

Scagliati Pro-Active Suspension system (SPAS), working with the familiar CAST (Corsa, Attivo, Stradale, Tempo) system, provides excellent control of each individual wheel, through the double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension, and works to provide advanced stability, traction and launch control through the car’s 7-speed double-clutch gearbox and electronically-controlled limited slip differential, configurable through the four main driving modes of the CAST.

2018 Scagliati La Serenissima T and TF detail shots, in Azzurro Bizantino and Arancio Cachi

Scagliati Amadeo Modular Architecture - Powerful Beyond Belief.

New for 2018, Scagliati is proud to present the Amadeo Modular Engine archetecture, available for the first time in the La Serenissima. Flexible, lightweight and efficient, the Amadeo engines available in the La Serenissima are a 3.33 litre turbocharged V8 producing 479 horsepower in the La Serenissima V8, and two 5-litre V12 engines producing 651 horsepower in the standard La Serenissima and La Serenissima QP, or 718 horsepower in the ultra-high performance La Serenissima T and TF models. These engines are tuned to provide the best possible Scagliati experience, with excellent power and response, exceeding the now-retired Luneo V8 and Girotto V12 families in every metric. Fuel efficiency has improved too, with the La Serenissima V8 returning an excellent 10.0 litres per 100 kilometres in the Automation Combined Fuel Efficiency Standard, making the La Serenissima one of the most efficient cars in class.

Model Specifications La Serenissima V8 La Serenissima La Serenissima T
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe
Seating Four - -
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque, aluminium panels - -
Suspension double-wishbone front, multi-link rear - -
Driveline 7-speed double clutch transmission, electronic limited-slip differential - -
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear - -
Engine 60-degree turbocharged V8 60-degree turbocharged V12 -
Displacement 3333cc 5000cc 5000cc
Output 479 bhp @ 8200 RPM 651 bhp @ 7800 RPM 718 bhp @8300 RPM
Torque 358 ft-lb @ 5400 RPM 518 ft-lb @ 4100 RPM 533 ft-lb @4300 RPM
Curb Weight 2005 kilograms 2156 kilograms 2043 kilograms
Weight Distribution 53.8%F/46.2%R 56.8%F/43.2%R 57.3%F/42.7%R
0-100 km/h 4.5 s 4.2 s 3.9s
100-0 Braking Distance 29.8 m 30.2 m 28.2m
Top Speed 330 km/h* 330 km/h* 371 km/h
Fuel Economy 10.0 litres/100km 11.6 litres/100km 11.6 litres/100km
List Price $174,560 $201,790 $238,450

More details found here: Scagliati Motori SpA - Serenity and Dominance. Presenting The All-New Scagliati Zoccarato Scoperta. Continuing A Proud Name


Not only that, but also due to having a turbo V6 - that doesn’t go well with economy.

And @MrChips - I see a new solid competitor in the luxury class, welcome :slight_smile:


I like this design. The headlights are pretty damn cool. Nice going!



Press-Days Round-Up

Welcome back to Tokyo, where the automotive world have been unveiling the latest in innovation, advancement and many other buzzwords. It’s been a jam-packed show thus far, and I’ve even got to drive a few of the many new releases!

Contendiente’s much improved Enemigo was unveiled just prior to the show, and boy has it grown up. Gone are the odd semi-retro looks, and in its place are some really well styled features. It’s clean yet fairly engaging too. It’s also now way faster, with its 2.0l 4-pot now rated up to 320 hp. Best of all? The low price is still there, starting at $23k. Base models go from as low as $17.3k however, meaning this is now a real contender against the entry-level sportscar market. One to watch, that’s for sure.
The company also unveiled the Estrato, a squat looking city car that seems to be running with shopping trolley casters instead of wheels. Still, it looks like the usual does of chic, economic European small car cheapness, and it weights less than a ton. Could it even be fun to drive then?

Zenshi made their appearance at this year’s show - they are based just down the road from here after all - with another Vision Gran Turismo car, named the GTX VGT. The menacing coupe looks pure Cyberpunk, with its sharp, almost digital looking details. 1000hp awaits under the bonnet, courtesy of a 4.0l twin-turbo V8, and Zenshi have emphasised that this is a track focused car. A hint perhaps at what possible future race cars might look like?
They also unveiled the 2019MY Tessitura, which seems to be taking on chunkier styling and edgier looks, as part of their new ‘Shinka-ken’ design sytle, an evolution of the previous Shinka style.

DiMarino gave us a very, very stat filled press conference where they unveiled a new “next generation grand tourer”. The DX8 seems to be a super comfortable, modestly powerful cruiser, using a 4.0l V8 for an engine and delivering said power via a wealth of driver aids. Prices look decent, though as for how the car looks, that’s a little harder to discern - we only saw the front end…
They then unveiled the DE30 Range, which would look great, were it 1996. The not-Mondeo healights don’t help it at all, though it seems to be quite the performance focused machine. V8 engines, LSD’s and carbon brakes can be found across the range. Shame it doesn’t have the looks to justify, well, any of that.
There was also the DU7 SUV. It’s hardly that memorable, but does come with either a V6 or V8, and a healthy dash of chrome.

Airborne unveiled a redesigned version of their S340 concept, now looking more long-nosed and much sharper. It’s a little messy, and the rear indicators are huge, but it sure has menace. Aimed at the 2+2 coupe marker, this seems to be made for the mid-market coupe buyer. We first saw the S340 at Detroit back in January, and at last, it will go into production, though a date hasn’t be specified.

Merciel revealed the Verona JR4 conept, a super sporty, super coupe-y version of the mid-size sedan. I’ve been for a spin…

Bonham followed up on their announcement of a GTE variant of the Fleming with…well, a GT3 variant of the Fleming. It’s bold, it’s a bit gold and it’s yet another straight-six race car. Yes automotive world! Please keep this trend going!

AL Autos did their usual automotive dump at this show, revealing an absolute mass of cars. I don’t even know where to begin, though there was one called the ‘Polentia’ which I accidentally called the Polenta, and only remember it because it looks 30 years old.
Bottom line: AL Autos make a lot of cars, and they all look sort of vaguely the same but also they don’t? Their lineup is as confusing as their presentations…

Sachiuri are doing a special event for the proper launch of the Sagitta. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve even driven one of the pre-production models, but this is finally it. Be afraid, sports car makers. Be very afraid.

Cascadia gave us the rather small Bigfoot concept, that looks very, very concept car esque. And rather Japanese too, that’s for sure. The car may be a bit odd in its styling, but it’s technologically is intriguing: an all-electric 4x4 driving system, with a FWD bias. It’s an assuming car, but this could be the point that off roaders transition to electric. Shock! Literally!

Aurora gave us the Jetfire concept, which has a case of the retro-moderns going on with those front lights. V6 power, luxury focus and a low price make this an interesting and perplexing offer. A budget luxury cruiser where the only downside is the fuel economy? Perhaps. More versions are planned - production ones, I’m assuming - next year, making it another one to watch.

Scagliati have launched their new luxury coupe and limousine range, under the very Italian name of La Serenissima. “Venetian craftsmanship”, “cutting edge technology”, “a driving experience like no other” - Scagliati have hired a fantastic marketing executive. But what’s their new ride like to drive?

That does it for this first report. See you later on over the weekend for more!

- Gavin Anderson

Cheers to @Dorifto_Dorito and @MrChips for lending me the cars!

2017 LA Auto Show

Well, I went through the topic as a petrolhead, not as a reviewer, and my highlights of the show are

Kimura KRD Vision Gran Turismo

FOR REAL, such a sexy look , and very much in tune with the brand design cues. Outlandish enough to be Vision GT, Kimura enough to be… Kimura. Great work.

Hodan Rizun GT4

The amount of simple clean detail on that rear end, just YES. Pure clean design. I love it, and this shows how far Vri has progressed in her styling over the years, this is great!

Zenshi GTX Vision Gran Turismo

I will be honest, this thing just takes runs away with my attention in this years motor show. THere’s something about it’s rear end that just clicks, and the front is classically aggressive. Don’t know about Vision GT, but a GT3 it is for sure.

2018 Aurora Jetfire Concept

This is what a modern BMW should look like, not that crap they make these days. Brutal enough, classy enough, and discrete enough. Fine ballance there.

Honorable mention - Cascadia Bigfoot 2019 Concept

While it did not make me love it, it does look cool in that “tall mini urban fidget spinner crowd thing” Or whatever it’s called these days. It would sell well IMO, and the design is just right, if not a bit “modern retro”


@DeusExMackia Thanks for the review!

As for the JR4, Merciel wanted the JR4 to cater to a wide audience. We certainly understand that the electronic steering may put off some more serious enthusiasts, however as you said, we want the drivers who have little experience in pushing the car to the limit be able to do so without plowing the car into a hedge.
As for the poor fuel economy, we’re still trying to improve it without reducing the power or the feel of the car.


Not much new from IMP/Monolith, only a trim option for the N-Series pick-up truck (kind of ironic since this market segment is all but dead in Japan). The Pro-G 4x4 expands on the more restrained Terra package with an aggressive appearance package and several dedicated parts for further enhanced overlanding prowess. As this is Japan and Diesel is not very popular it has an LPG-capable 2.7L Inline four engine with 194hp. The Pro-G 4x4 becomes available in December of this year.

Additional info can be found here.


Montes M300

Today, Montes shows to the world, the successor from the M200: the M300.

The M300 follows the legacy of its predecessors: to offer a car, both suitable for driving on public roads, and to give free rein in its natural habitat: the circuit.

That all-new car, instead featuring carbon fiber panels fitted into a steel tubular chassis, it uses a carbon fiber monocoque, combined with carbon fiber panels, to make a very lightweight but with more torsional stiffness.

Design features:

The new design, features a new full matrix LED headlights, but with laser for high beam lights.

The front and rear spoiler it gives 608N of downforce at 200km/h, giving good stability and cornering at high speeds.

The aerodynamic door handles, it reduces the amount of turbulences that passes around, so that the flow is as clean as possible, maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and downforce.

The twin fuel caps allows quick and comfortable refueling in the circuits as well as in daily use.

Mechanical features::

The new heart, a 4.0 flatplane V8 race-spec MRP engine, called MZ408E, is a square engine, direct injection, with 4 valve/cylinder, with VVT and VVL, with a block built in magnesium, and AlSi head.

That compact but powerful unit, gives 496.7HP@ 8900RPM, and 435.3Nm@ 7100RPM. High-revving engine, but with good low-end torque (342Nm @ 2000RPM). It only weights 178.6kg.

The individual throttle bodies provides a great and quick response.

The differential, is a helicoidal Quaife mechanical LSD as standard. But a optional electronic-controlled differential is available.

The available gearboxes are two (both six-speed): a manual (as standard), and a sequential, as optional.


  • Top speed: 288km/h.

  • 3.9s (electronic diff).

  • 80-120km/h: 1.6s.

  • 1/4 mile: 11.35s.

  • 100-0km/h: 27m.

  • Fuel consumption: 10L/100km.

  • Price: 69.030€.


Saminda unveil their next-generation electric technology with the new SuperDynamic Concept, it’s more then just a electric car

Saminda has another electric car, and it’s exactly what we as enthusiasts hoped for. It’s the SportDynamic Concept

Saminda says that the car will be the lowest height electric sports car in the market (aerodynamic purposes), It has a long, sleek nose, and a rakish fastback.

Autonomous is the future
Saminda says that is also still using 10 ultra sensors, they can help to detect hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance, it will also allow the car to match the speed of the traffic depending on it condition, change and merge lanes, self parking and even maneuver around foreign object on the roads.

Arriving very soon
According to Saminda, it confirmed that a production version of the SuperDynamic would go on sale in Europe in 2020, and it announced at the Tokyo show that the same car will arrive in Japan in 2021, whether if the car would be named as SuperDynamic is still unknown yet.

There is no specification for this car just yet, but we may know it soon!


Thank you for your participation in Tokyo Motor Show. All cars which have been revealed today will be assumed to have been revealed yesterday. (Yes, you’re welcome.)

Thus, participation is closed. Thank you for your cooperation.


so realistic it hurts


So the next motor show is in Los Angeles, then?

Anyway, DiMarino Automotive has plans to show revised, fully representative versions of the DE30 (and possibly the DX8) in its range in LA - the changes will most likely be limited to visual tweaks though. Currently the DE30 is a concept-spec vehicle, but will be ready for production shortly.


@squidhead I now feel really bad, but @ramthecowy was the one who designed the Rizun for me. I knew I had forgotten to mention something when revealing the car.


Kudos to Ramthecowy then! The design is great


Some very nice looking cars in this show, well done everyone!

And a big thanks to @DeusExMackia for kindly reviewing my car as well!