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2018 Antiyita International Motor Show


This was my first review:

I like to belive I took that one well :stuck_out_tongue:



The first Montes SUV: the X90.

More info, soon :tm:


Updated BQX-4

More Info Soon (LS- Shown)


Kyoki Guerriero,the evolved sports car.


Nathan García arrives at Antiyita!

Well, well, well, people! The Antiyita International Motor Show is just days away from opening its doors one more year and I’ve just arrived at the Anikatian capital to offer coverage of the event. But nothing has been opened to the public nor the press yet, so I’ll have to work with what the companies teased to us so far. Let’s begin!

These are my thoughts 11 days to the first press day…I’ll be reporting again then, but for now it’s time for me to check the city and learn more about Anikatia. See you the 11th!

-Nathan García.


@Mr.Computah U havent seen other trims of HX-1 yet… :wink:


The Amuna Performance Verista, the most powerful front-engine car we’ve ever produced.

Designed from the ground up with performance and comfort in mind, this is our vision for a flagship sports GT. With a turbocharged flat-plane crank version of the V8 you see in our RC901 L-Line, it is sure to not disappoint on the performance and luxury departments.


The HX-1 ST-R Is also here

Our trackfocused HX-1 220+ Hp and only weighing 1600+ Pounds



Introducing Our New Designed H8



Ceder at the Anikatian AutoShow 2018

Also on display will be an example of the 2018MY for the Mirri utilising our new design language to show how easily it can be adapted to suit our range of vehicles.

A display of our OpenSky Inline 3 and 4 engines that are present in the Mirri [Inline 3] and will be in the new Friala MKVI [Inline 3 & 4].



please note this is a concept and does not represent the real car in the future



We’ll be attending and we’ll give you some web exclusive material.


Do you have more photos?


There will be a full display of photos on the 11th of June for the reveal.


Haapala Racing Division presents their new WRC-ready car:

More Informations soon.

Who is “Haapala” :
Haapala is a Finnish car manufacture who specialise on FIA and Racing Regulation -compliant Race Cars. These cars can be bought already fully operational with sealed engines and chassis or can be ordered without a drivetrain. Street legal version are available if regulations asks for them





More info soon( L- Trim Shown


Kyoki Xtreme,the innovation of weight reducing.

360hp,800kg.200kg downforce,15km/Litre,0-100km in 2.5s,the most ridiculous supercar ever been.

Keep in mind that this is only a concept model.