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2018 Antiyita International Motor Show


Ready for the first Montes SUV?


Ready for the new engine family that have more economy if it’s bigger?

2018 Ferrain Hamine
The little hatchback with new SKeR engine family that can use 4,8l (Excluding 2.0 turbo that uses 5,0l/100km)in all wariants from 1,7l-2,0l , 110hp-125hp(Excluding 190hp Turbo).It’s naturally aspirated (Only Sport version have turbo) and i can’t tell you about secret.
Available in 5 engine options:
-1,7 110hp SKeR
-1,8 115hp SKeR
-1,9 120hp SKeR
-2,0 125hp SKeR
-2,0T 190hp SKeR
Available in 5 trims:
-Standard 1,7
-Standard 1,8
-Standard 1,9
-Standard 2,0

Here are screens of that car

Normal Hatchback for Normal People.


Let’s break down the problems here:

  • Why are there red wheels?
  • Why are the wheels so small compared to the ride height?
  • The rear of the car is very plain, like there’s nothing on the bumper besides the license plate.
  • Why are the door handles so uneven?
  • Why are the mirrors so small?

And there’s probably more I haven’t even noticed.


why are the breaks milk bottle tops? and why does it look like it’s short a couple of chromosomes and has duplicates of a couple more?


Red wheels because i ahd V8 Red Pearl color and I don’t spend time on wheels
Why small wheels?Because the brakes are small and i don’t need 16 rims.(15 For more reality in poor countries.Yes this car is for poor people)
I don’t like customizing the bumpers and other (Only lights and some styles)
Because I selected random door handles but i can fix it if you want.
The mirrors are small only in Standard version.The bigger mirrors you have in Sport version.
I am only customizing and tuning engines! I am not making cars that look very good because i spend more time on making transmission and others.(Only coupan can be good in look)


none of these are good answers. just strikes of laziness and bad choices. like there has been no effort put into it at all in regards to cohesiveness and continuity.

it looks like a 5 year old made it. badly.


John you said good.I am Lazy so you know what i am.




Is it a start of meme war?


Please, if you are wanting to submit a car to an auto show, at least commit to it.

I feel that it’s starting to get a wee bit out of hand here, so any further arguments should be extended to private messages.


So yes my cars are awful.
I started in kee engine where my first cars wasn’t cars but they was stupid quality sliders without cooling and ecology.My first cars in UE4 version wasn’t without cooling but also was stupid.
Yees i am very lazy because i hate learning in school and in house but i don’t know how i get C and D marks (I am not cheating).
And the best years in automation games where I can make cars that look better than awful but worser than good are 2003-2008.
I only improved engine making skill , nothing else.
(And one: Thank you for your opinion.I know my cars are piece of s***.And i know that can look weird but i like when others don’t like my project.I hate when people says “You are” to me or thinks my things are good.)
Thanks for your opinion. :slight_smile:



1959 JHW Falcon 2800.

a heritage car for the show.


If you’re going for the controversial, anti-establishment and alternative, I’d suggest going more than blandly, non-controversial ugly. Make them childish, make them outrageous, make them hidious; but not “ugh, someone stuck the right fixtures on approximately where they could make sense, then called it a day”.


Everyone starts out crap at the beginning. What differentiates someone good from someone bad is how willing they are to take critisism. Granted, some of the things you hear are gonna be as blunt as a truck, but a lot of comments will be constructive.


This was my first review:

I like to belive I took that one well :stuck_out_tongue:



The first Montes SUV: the X90.

More info, soon :tm:


Updated BQX-4

More Info Soon (LS- Shown)


Kyoki Guerriero,the evolved sports car.


Nathan García arrives at Antiyita!

Well, well, well, people! The Antiyita International Motor Show is just days away from opening its doors one more year and I’ve just arrived at the Anikatian capital to offer coverage of the event. But nothing has been opened to the public nor the press yet, so I’ll have to work with what the companies teased to us so far. Let’s begin!

These are my thoughts 11 days to the first press day…I’ll be reporting again then, but for now it’s time for me to check the city and learn more about Anikatia. See you the 11th!

-Nathan García.