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2018 Antiyita International Motor Show


Yes… Holts 4th car that is teased

Holts Durbi Second Gen (Track GT3 shown)


2018 Antiyita international motor show previews and teasers presented

The Antiyita show is coming closer and closer, in just a few days we will send over our reporter Mats Hansen when we finally will get tired of teasing him for his loss in the 24h clunker run (report coming soon) to write a complete article covering the show. But we have recieved some press material, and in case some of you are interested, here is what we have seen this far.

AL Autos: “Take off like a rocket” sounds like something from the space age 50s, but that is what AL is promising that their new Eauc…Eurica…Eurac…Erucae will do. Only a future test drive can tell if the claim is true, and by then we might have learned the name too.

Amuna: The Verista is a promising sports car. The styling is superb in our eyes and they claim it to be their most powerful front engine car ever. Very interesting!

The IRO-3 is something different, and styling is a matter of taste, but for some reason, we can’t stop wondering if there is a 1992 Honda Civic somewhere that wants its front end back.

Birmingham: The british-american company is showing what we believe is a concept car for the next generation 2000. We are a bit disappointed, the shape is a bit bland and feels dated already, which they are trying to compensate by giving lights etc. strange shapes. They also claim that the concept car doesn’t show what the finished product will look like, but then we wonder what the meaning of a concept car is? It’s some question marks to straighten out here when in Antiyita.

Bonham: They claim that the Orwell is a crossover we will “actually want”. Judging from the upmarket, classy looks, there may be some truth in that if it’s same class on the rest.

Caliban: Showing what seems to be a light and nimble yet tough sports car is probably not unexpected from Caliban. It sure will be interesting though to see if the new Predator is as tough as it looks.

Ceder: The new generation Friala is an elegant and chic looking little hatchback, at least from a side view. Clearly a vehicle of future interest, especially if you are a believer in that small cars doesn’t need to look like cereal boxes.

Ferrain: This small oddball polish manufacturer seems to be alive still, and has some news to show. The Hamine is, as claimed by the manufacturer, a “normal hatchback for normal people”, but we don’t see much normal about it (what’s a normal Ferrain anyway?).

Their Coupan concept may look more interesting, but we’re questioning it a bit. The smallest engine an 1.4 litre inline four (is that one worthy what seems to be a sports car?), the biggest one a 2.4 litre V8 (!), which seems an unnecessary complicated way to build a 2.4 litre engine, and with 9 engines on the whole, there probably is so many options that it will confuse a buyer, and the claim that the widebody version is “almost for drifting” seems strange.

The Mistrain looks like the middle section from a 15 year old executive saloon with a front and rear end designed by someone on LSD. We don’t want to judge cars for being ugly, because everything is up to the buyers taste, but…this one…it certainly is and we doubt that anyone will think different here.

When you didn’t think it could be worse, look at the Hatchrike. Or to be honest, we’re not even sure what it is. Or if we care. They promise the worlds best driveability. But will one ever drive out of the showroom is the big question.

Haapala: The finnish specialist manufacturer have sent pictures of a little rally rocket that looks promising. We look forward for more information and hopefully a test drive.

Holts: One of the manufacturers with the most action at the show, like it seems. They have revealed pictures of their H8. While large executive sedans really ain’t the rage in Sweden today, it’s an important segment in other markets, and the H8 is on par with the competition at least looks wise, modern, well-proportioned and clean. Maybe a bit anonymous, can it be TOO much on par with the competition maybe? The future will tell how well the rest is up to the task though.

Another model is the HX1 which seems to be a fun little track toy. What’s questionable is the styling though, sure, the wing probably gives good downforce, we just get some feelings of the early 00s F&F wave, and not in a good way. Other than that, we think that it’s a good design overall, and a test drive is something we’re looking forward for.

The BQX-4 has recieved an update. A SUV like many others on the market today, only test drives can reveal if it’s a good choice compared to the competition.
Finally, the Durbi seems to be more like a serious track car, it clearly looks like one anyway, of course looks alone doesn’t win on the trac so the rest of the capabilities would be interesting to discover.

IP: One of the greatest disappointments actually. The big question now is the revival of the 90s and early 00s classic, the Lifestyler. They have promised that it will make a comeback, but rumours say that the AWD turbo wagon now will turn into a FWD crossover, which have caused a storm among enthusiasts. So what’s their solution? Appearantly to show a 70s Freeway Star van in pea green. If this is a spoof, it’s not even funny!

JHW: As well as IP it seems like they are showing something old. A 1959 Falcon 2800. At least better eyecandy than an old van.

Kasai: The Calibri is a car we’re looking forward to see more of and even take for a test drive. It’s a small 5 door hatchback, with hybrid driveline, and from the press material we have seen, it seems like they have a great focus on driveability and low running costs. If the car is keeping its promises, it’s the type that will sell like hot cakes. There’s always need for a car like this, especially for the Swedish market with fuel prices skyrocketing right now.

Kyoki: The Xtreme concept makes the heart spin on any car enthusiast. While some of the styling may look a bit controversial (but on a concept car, it actually should!), 800 kg and 0-100 in 2.5 seconds are numbers to drool about. 360 hp and a low fuel consumption (in relation to the performance) of around 6.6 litres per 100 km is promised.

Some hints of the “Guerriero” has been shown too. They call it the evolved sports car. If we’re talking rear fenders evolving into the widest you can find, then yes.

LMC: They have kind of a sneaky teaser showing an interesting arrangement of exhaust pipes and a promise of a classic being reborn. We want to find out more, that’s for sure.

Montes: The company claims that their sleek looking X90 is their first SUV. We find it so sleek looking that we start to wonder if it’s not more into station wagon territory, especially with the tyres and rims it seems to be equipped with. Or maybe something halfway in between, like the old Subaru forester but 10 times classier. It’s something that we’re clearly curious to find out more about.

What the T60 is, we don’t even know, other than the looks of the front end, which is similar to the styling theme of lots of todays cars. We’ll find out, I guess.

Shromet: The Parvus is like a dinosaur from the past, but a loveable dinosaur. A big, muscular SUV that actually looks like it will have some capacity offroad and not just on a wet lawn.

The Interval seems to make a comeback at least as a concept car and that is something every car nut is looking forward to have a closer look at.

TSR: They have been teasing us with some hard to understand pictures of a wagon and a coupé. For some reason, they doesn’t awake much curiousity for us though, so let’s see if they will prove us wrong at the show.

Wentworth: The late 90s nostalgia fad is old enough now to be retro in itself, so it seems like a brave decision to launch something that would have looked good on a 1998 autoshow close to a S-type and a Rover 75. Brave, or stupid? The future will tell.

Zenshi: It appears that they want us to “take on the road” with their revised Seiryu. We’ll gladly try if we get the possibility.

Now, how interesting teasers even may be, the final words has not been said until after the show so stay tuned!


That isn’t, it’s just the texturing for the steel colour.


Farox Motor Company has arrived… the new Aerio is on the way!


GBSC @ Antiyita




This is 001. DARK. The first of the Concepts. It shows us where we can move to, push for and become.

This is 002. PAST. The Second of the Concepts. It shows us where we came from, but what we can do to change it.

This is 003. BEAST. The Third of the Concepts. It shows us the limits of our fear, and how we can tame it.

Thank you. Enjoy your show.



Well, this is what we’re working on.

The 2019 TSR Taikan, never been so excited before. Can’t wait? Don’t worry, more details soon.

  • Compactness :ok_hand:
  • Looks :ok_hand:
  • Weight :ok_hand:
  • Power :ok_hand:
  • Handling :ok_hand:
  • Durability :ok_hand:
  • Sound :ok_hand:
  • Sportiness :ok_hand:
  • Aerodynamic :ok_hand:
  • Technology :ok_hand:
  • Fun :ok_hand:

Still not convinced yet? Why don’t you give it a try… like test-driving?


here at birmingham motors we are upset that our concept 2000 has not gone down so well, so we have decided to ship a production model from our factory. It will be availiable for discounted purchase in the “1975” retro trim and the 1984 “banana yellow” trim. The car will be brand new, just the details and paint are based off these years, As 2 of the most most iconic generations throughout the years



The 2019 model year marks the 6th generation of the Aerio. Look at how far it’s come! In 1986, the first Farox Aerio rolled off the assembly line, and started a legend. This legend brought build quality, reliability and fuel efficiency back to the 'Murican auto industry. Thirty-three successful years later, the same design room and the same factory is producing the sixth generation Aerio.

On top of a Light Advanced High Strength Steel monocoque platfrom, 70% of the body panels are made from military grade aluminum.

The powertrain is refined even further to produce some impressive, almost unrealistic realities. The base model 2.0L Turbocharged Four-Cylinder engine produces 235 horsepower and returns over 34 miles per gallon US. This is, in part, because of an 8-speed automatic. With a super short (5.05 kind of short) first gear, and very tall (2.55 kind of tall) final drive ratio, the 2.0T will hit 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds.

The 2.3L Turbocharged Four-Cylinder pushes 260 horsepower and will do 0 - 60 in under 6.5 seconds. And the power costs you how much fuel economy? One. One MPG. The 2.3T will get 33.5 MPG US.

Then there is a big ticket option. Available is a 3.7L V6 which gives you 300 direct-injected horsepower. This is just as fast to 60 as the 2.3T, but after that, the V6 will pull away smoothly and quickly. All of this will return an incredibly 29.8 MPG US.

An F-Trac all wheel drive system is available, of course, and all models apart from the base 2.0T come standard with a torque-vectoring electronic limited slip differential.

Now here’s the big question… why would you need a different sedan? Find out why the Aerio is the best new premium midsize with a test drive. Any journalists interested? Farox out!


Trafikjournalen would be happy to take the new Aerio for a spin at least!


Nathan García sure is :wink:


I like that rear end, specially!


I agree, great looking back end. I see some traces of the way too short-lived last gen Saab 9-5…which was a design I liked very much.


@Knugcab Trafikjournalen can most certainly get one! And thank you, I spent a lot of time working on the rear end… believe it or not, the turbocharged models use the same lettering as the 9-5! It’s just kinda hard to see haha.

@Mr.Computah Yep! You can take one!

I’ll send you guys three different models later, the 2.0T, 2.3T and 3.7, and you can decide which ones you want :smile:


I think we can get to an agreement on which one to review each @Knugcab? Your pick, I don’t mind testing either of the available trims.


There’s two of each to go around, and if you like I could do specific color choices.


I think that the 2.3T would be the most interesting for Swedish buyers so I think I pick that one.


Oh and a quick disclaimer to the journalists before I give out press cars: I had to use a certain body style, and the wheelbase isn’t long enough. Pretend the wheelbase is about 113 inches; comparable to the new Lexus ES or Kia Cadenza, premium full size cars :slight_smile:


My pick will be the trim with the biggest engine then!


Since 1970, the El Verano has been Westward Motors’ flagship car line. We are proud to introduce the newest generation model, a FF sedan with a 183 HP SmartPower engine that gets a nice 30.6 MPG (US) and standard Bluetooth/Android Auto/CarPlay integration. CargoMaster hatchback & Sport V6 options available.