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2018 Antiyita International Motor Show


2018 Kasai Shindai V6.
Defy all expectations.

Contact our booth during the event to book for a test drive.



The latest version of Westward’s hypercar.



Ooh, that looks promising…


Holts Alaris Type-HS Hk2

During the event, do any reviewers want a test drive? (oops, forgot mirrors)


Hello to all you readers!

On my way to Antiyita, I think there is about time for the last impressions of the manufacturers sneak-peek pictures the day before arriving at the show. So, let’s look at what have happened since the last time.

Birmingham: They have taken some earlier criticism very hard and promises to show the production ready model. We will see if that one was more worth the visit to their monter.

Farox: Their new Aerio is one of the more promising models, and I can already now reveal that we have been promised a test drive, so if you’re a Farox enthusiast, stay tuned!

GBSC: After being VERY sneaky, they are showing three really cool concept cars, Dark, Past and Beast. I’m looking forward for a closer look on them!

Holts: They are also showing their Alaris Type-HS, and we will probably take a test drive in this little hatch later on. Let’s just hope that the mirrorless example we’re seeing is a pre-production car, I don’t want to try out the rush hour traffic of Antiyita without mirrors

IP: Seeing a pixelated picture of a station wagon in competition blue, it can only be the new Lifestyler. It seems like it has not gone crossover, let’s hope that it has not gone FWD either.

Kasai: They are showing a larger hatchback too, the Shindai. V6 power reminds us of days before downsizing and eco engines, regarding looks they can be described as classy for such a compact car. Yes, it’s promising too.

Monolith: The Diamond Standard seems to be a rough-and-tough looking large beast of a SUV. I guess that we can expect stellar build quality too, but we haven’t seen much yet.

TSR: They have revealed their new Taikan, and it seems way more interesting than the previous pictures have proven. They are giving hints that we will be allowed a test drive too, so if you (and we) are lucky, there will be one to read in a not-so-distant future.

Turbina: Because station wagon! Yeah, that’s about what we have to say this far.

Westward Motors: They are showing their El Verano, a sedan they say have been in production since 1970. Of course, it was not this generation back then, it probably only has been in production since 1990. Joking aside, it seems like the design are conservative to the point of being old-fashioned, but since that doesn’t have to be true about the rest of the car, I don’t want to rule it out, at least not yet.

The Shark is not as conservative and is promising hypercar performance. We believe them but maybe we question what seems to be quite small wheels a bit.

That’s it for now! The next report will be from the show itself.

Mats Hansen


Albertuni Leopardo

Come to our booth in the event for a test drive.


Kasai - Press Day

The first, and latest, car in our list, is our Kasai Calibri. As previously mentioned, the Calibri is our first city car with a hybrid electric system installed.

Brochure - Click to Expand

It’s The Future That You Can Afford.

The Kasai Calibri is the perfect choice for someone who is still skeptical about the whole “hybrid electric vehicles are expensive” mindset. With a starting price from $20,000, the Calibri is very cheap to own, maintain, and love. What’s more, with our 3-year free service and parts warranty coverage (provided that you don’t tamper with the internals whatsoever), we can assure you that you won’t be left stranded nor disappointed for too long when it eventually does break down at the side of the road.

More than Capable of Hypermiling.

Amidst the ever-increasing global gasoline prices, we understand the need for a very fuel-efficient vehicle in big cities like Antiyita. Using the hybrid system in the smartest way possible, the Calibri is able to reach up to 3 L/100 km of combined fuel economy.

Being Green Doesn’t Have to Mean It’s Lean.

Powered by the HT4i turbocharged engine, the Calibri on itself can do 0-100 km/h in under 10 seconds and reach a top speed of 190 km/h. That’s more than enough for in-city usage, and enough still to overtake cars in the highway.

Reliable, Inside and Out.

The Calibri is clad in all-aluminium shell, both on body and frame, no longer making rust a problem to worry about. The electric motor has a rated reliability of 100,000 kilometers, and the engine can virtually go for a long time.

Drive Easy, Live Easier.

We do put a big emphasis on drivability in the Calibri. Fitted with two mufflers, double wishbone suspension at the front and multilink suspension at the rear, the Calibri provides the level of silence and comfort that makes you forget the fact that you are not driving in an expensive luxury car. Until you park and get out of the car, that is.

…And Many Other Features that Make All the Differences.

We do not forget the small details that make the Calibri a well-equipped modern car. Touch screen, lane and proximity sensors on all sides, cruise control, reverse camera, and many others are all standard features in the Calibri.

That is all from us for today. Thank you for your time.


@Knugcab I noticed the mirrors was not present my mistake lol


Farox Aerio test drives are now open!
Have fun, guys! Message me for signups to test drive and review.

I apologize for the quality of the image; my skills aren’t great and it was really tough to find a picture that worked haha



We’re reintroducing the superwagon from the 90s, the Lifestyler. And it’s still the superwagon, but now for the 20s. And no, we did not go crossover, that was a hoax. We didn’t go FWD either. But we went with transverse engine this time, because this may form the base for crossovers in the future, may they be FWD or AWD.

And in times when most manufacturers are downsizing their engines, we still believe that the average Lifestyler buyer WANTS the smoothness of an inline six, like in the past. So we have developed a brand new inline six for this one, compact enough to fit in transverse applications, and it’s modular so it will be developed into 3, 4 and maybe even 5 cylinder units in the future.

We also believe that the buyer wants a 6 speed manual transmission like in its glory days, so that’s what he will get. With turbocharging, direct injection, VVT and VVL, the 2798 cc all aluminium inline six has a power output of 302 hp @ 6200 RPM and a torque of 429 Nm @ 3200 RPM, managing an average fuel economy of 8 litres per 100 km. And as stated before, it is AWD, with a 48F/52R split and a geared LSD. Inside, you have things like real carbon fiber panels, heavily contoured bucket seats and a premium infotainment system. ESC and launch control are standard equipment, as are a complete package of safety equipment and we can promise a 5 star Euro-NCAP rating. Active suspension is standard too (struts up front and multilink in the rear) for an even safer and more comfortable ride.

The versatility combined with the performance and rough-road capabilities was what made the original lifestyler popular among its owners back in the day. A 988 litre loadspace and a fair amount of ground clearance for its class is what makes this car follow the path set by its ancestors. Prices before markup will start at $35983.

For journalists requesting a test drive, we have some test cars parked outside that we gladly hand over the keys to. More from IP to be revealed soon.


TSR in press day 1!

We promised a lot of things for the TSR Taikan. We’re delivering it now! On the press day 1, we’re going to explain to you all you need to know about the 2019 3rd generation Taikan. And now, the Taikan is revealed!

2019 TSR Taikan GTR shown in TSR Exclusive Red Mauve Mica

The Taikan is small. Its wheelbase is 2.35m and its length is 4.05m. One of the main advantage of that is agility and weight. Weight because it uses less metal which also reduces carbon footprint and thus, saving the environment

The Taikan certainly look aggressive with its thicc LED strips on the front, a futuristic rear-end and the beautifully shaped wing mirrors.

Currently, the base model (GT), is 2891 lb. That weight is due to the use of aluminium everywhere from the body panels, the chassis, the wheels (optional magnesium wheels available) and the interior trim (optional carbon fibre trim available too) That weight makes the Taikan able to do 17 mpg (Taikan GT with 7-Speed DCT). Pretty good considering you have a 2.0 litre turbocharged V6 at the back.

Like we mention before, the TSR Taikan only have 1 engine option, the 2.0 litre turbocharged V6. The GT is able to produce 303 HP and 237 lb-ft of torque while the currently top-of-the-line GTX and GTX-R producing 352 HP and 265 lb-ft of torque. The NR5 version will be confirmed but it will be for the 2020 model year.

This is the Taikan’s forte. Because of the use of pushrod suspension, we’re able to do 1.14g on the GT and 1.20g on the GTX-R.

Made from high-quality aluminium that is very strong, it makes the Taikan a very durable car with the most durable being the GT.

The Taikan has a sport+ mode that opens the exhaust valves. Then, you can hear the engine screaming and in a good way. You’ll hear lots of BOV noises and the turbo spooling.

The Taikan has always been very sporty. The weight, agility, power and grip are combined to shout sportiness.

The GT has a drag coefficient of 0.269 cd on VMax mode in the GT.

So much to talk about here. Let’s start the list. VVL (Variable Valve Lift), VVT-AC
(Variable Valve Timing in All Cams), Turbocharging, bypass exhaust valve, torque-vectoring AWD, E-diff (electronic differential), ride experience selection (Pleasant, Sport, Sport+, VMax), active downforce, active cooling flaps, TSR Electronic Aids package 3 (standard, contains ESC, ABS and TC, only on GT), TSR Electronic Aids package 4 (contains ESC, ABS, TC and LC, GT not available), and optional HUD. The future is here.

All the important mechanical things have been kept. Things like steering and throttle are still mechanical, keeping the fun. On the GT, you can have a 6-speed manual as an option. The others, you can still have the option of a manual on the TSR exclusive customer program ®.

Price list

A: Trim
B: Model year
C: Engine displacement
D: Horsepower (in HP)
E: Torque (in lb-ft)
F: Fuel Consumption (in mpg (US))

NOTE: RSE stands for Rally Safari Edition

Enjoy more pictures:

Wanna have a test-drive? PM us for more info



Montes X90: the first Montes SUV

We are proud to present the first SUV of the brand. The X90.

(Exclusive Edition trim shown)

During the development, to be able to detach ourselves from the competition, we have placed emphasis on these four points: offroad capabilities, comfort, luxury, and an elegant design.

That mid-size 5-door luxury SUV, it uses the same aluminum plattform as the T90. An stiff and lightweight plattform.

The X90 is available, at the moment, in four trims (Premium, Luxury, Exclusive and MRP), and five engines (two 3.0 turbo, two v8: a 4.5 and 5.9; both biturbo, and a 5.8 v12 biturbo). All engines uses the SCHI technology, and the 4.5, 3.0 and 5.8, could be found on the T90.

The only gearbox available is a 8-speed ZF 8HP Series. Providing a smooth ride, with good performance a mileage. On a future, it will come a Montes 9-Speed gearbox, co-developed with Aisin.

And, like the T90, all the trims features a 48v mild hybrid system, to improve the low-end performance both emissions and fuel consumption.



Is the basic trim, and it comes with 19" alloy wheels, 5-seats, heated and cooled front seats, electric variable assist steering wheel, digital HUD, Montes Security Premium Pack, and adaptative air suspension. And AWD, of course. All that, as standard equipment.

Available with two inline-6 engines: a 3.0 with 310hp, and a 3.5 with 340hp.


On that trim, you can find only a 4.5 twinturbo V8, with 430hp.

It includes the same as the premium, plus 20" alloy wheels, 4-seat option, heated, cooled and with massage all-seats, Montes Ultimate Security Pack, active hydropneumatic suspension (piloted, and self-leveling), and Connoly leather for the seats, dashboard, and doors.

The car has a RADAR on the front, that reads the road, and combined with the yaw and steering sensor, adjusts each wheel suspension individually, to provide a smooth as silk ride.


The top trim, it features a 5.8 biturbo V12, with 570hp. Incredibly smooth!

It includes the Montes Customization programm, that you can customize a lot of details of the car, like custom leather, seams and seatbelt colour, body paint, and a large etcetera.

That trim it features a hand-built interior.

Price list (starts from)

X90 3.0 310 Premium: $55.566
X90 3.5 340 Premium: $60.024
X90 4.5 430 Luxury: $69.429
X90 5.8 570 Exclusive: $98.484

If you want to book it for a test drive, at the Montes stand, friendly sales people will attend you without problems.

And, we are developing a MRP version. But a bit different…

Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving - Zender Veilside!

…Meanwhile, over at the Wentworth Booth

MY18 Wentworth Womble


Two seater Roadster inspired by the post-war era Wentworth’s which this company was founded upon. 2018 sees the Wentworth brand expand into Antiyita for the first time.

  • All aluminium, 2 seat Roadster
  • Basic interior and basic infotainment
  • 6 speed DCT w/ vented brakes at each corner
  • 126Kw In-line four powers the rear wheels
  • Uses 10.2L per 100Km, consumes 91RON fuel


  • 0/100Km/h in 6.55 sec
  • Quarter mile dispatched in 14.94 sec
  • Top speed of 211Km/h

Driveaway price of $20,990

Thankyou for visiting the Wentworth Motors, MY18, Womble reveal!


2019 Zenshi Seiryu

The Seiryu returns and receives a facelift for the 2019 model year, along with various improvements within the performance, inside and out.

S Model shown in Sunriser Yellow

Before, the Zenshi and Cavallera versions were similar in appearance amongst one another. With the redesign, it’s much easier to tell which one is which, with both cars having a character representing their own respective brands. With the Zenshi version, it gives off a very sporty and aggressive vibe within its presence.

Inside, the materials are a bit better in terms of touch and comfort, but comfort isn’t exactly the top priority with the Seiryu. It’s road performance. With the addition of some amenities such as an infotainment system and additional interior materials, the new Seiryu is slightly heavier, but don’t let the additional few kg let your expectations down.

The 300 HP Cavallera 2.0L Turbocharged I4 engine has been improved as well, cranking out a similar amount of power to it’s original 2017 counterpart, but delivers it much more efficiently fuel wise. The result? An insane 45 average MPG.

With the Seiryu, one can challenge the road and not lose without a fight. Expect the 2019 models to hit the showroom floors later on in the year.


2019 Conqueror XCL Concept

Based upon the Conqueror Cairo Platform, the XCL is a look at a possible next stage for the development of the Conqueror Lineup. The XCL, or “Crossover Coupe Luxury”, is the first shown candidate for production, however not exactly in this form.

This concept features a top-of-the-line Luxury interior and heads-up-display, allowing for an immersive experience with the road. The XCL also features the highly economical V12 from the Verbier P, allowing for a smooth ride, with little need to care for the economy you reach.

With smooth comfort the only requirement, the XCL sits as the peak in how a Conqueror should drive. If it would go to markets in this condition, it would be selling in excess of US$100,000.

Test Drives are available to Media personnel.

Thank you, and have a good Auto Show.


Ceder Antiyita International Motor Show 2018 Stand.

2019 Ceder Friala MKVI

Since the launch of the MK5 Friala in 2009 and updated 5.5 in 2015 the 5th series has been crying out for a successor. The MK6 fully utilises our range of OpenSky engines with them being the only available engines in the line-up.

The OpenSky Inline 3 and 4 engines [Available to see as cut-away models tomorrow] featured in the new Friala are available in 1.0, 1.4 and 1.7 litre engine capacities all featuring a turbo charger, each engine produces 170hp, 135hp and 100hp achieving 57, 60 and 63 UK MPG respectively using the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Both the 1.4 and 1.7 engines are also available with an AirShift™ 7 Speed Automatic Transmission or 7 Speed DCT, the 1.0 3 cylinder is only available with the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Unlike the previous generation the sixth generation Friala comes with all round independent suspension like all generations, bar the fifth, previously, utilising Macpherson struts at the front and double wishbones at the rear. This set-up allows for sporty and capable handle whilst still retaining comfort and on-road security.

Keeping the balance between safety and low weight was a priority during the design and the use of lightweight AHS steel and a variety of aluminium panels has allowed for superior fuel economy and improved safety from the previous generation.

Tomorrows Schedule :

  • Display of cut-away OpenSky engines.
  • Full showing of the 2018MY Mirri updated with new design language.



IP Heritage center has its own little corner of the monter too. For all you drivers of classic IP Cars, the Heritage center is your friend wheter it comes to getting an oil filter or doing a ground up restoration (which we actually are doing all the time with customers cars, restoring them to correct factory standards).

We have brought two cars with us.

The first one is the IP FreEVay star concept. In a venom green 1972 Freeway Star, we have replaced the 1300 cc LEE engine with a 99 hp electric motor. Keeping up with the performance of the original, this is now a zero emissions vehicle, allowed to be driven in zones in cities that are banning combustion engine cars. It is, of course, fully restored, and it has gotten a new custom leather interior with more modern seats and seatbelts, infotainment system and everything you may want. But this is not just a fun experiment with a classic, it also shows many of the solutions that will be in IPs electric vehicles of the future.

The second one is the first IP Royalist that was ever produced, the one that was given to king Paoyanak the third at his crowning in 1954. As many of you may know, it was heavily damaged after the unsuccesful revolt against the king in 1985, the royal house switched to more bomb proof vehicles and Royalist #1 was hidden and forgotten. Until a couple of years ago, when the Heritage center got the mission to restore it to its former glory.

The result is here, one could almost not believe that this car almost was bombed to smithereens once upon a time, the restoration is done to 100% factory standards, nothing is left unrestored but nothing is done too perfect either. It will now be given back to the royal family of Mamaya for their private collection of vehicles.

So what do we say here? Definitely “look but don’t touch”…and maybe the car with the most interesting back story at this show? :wink:


As the last attendants arrived, the lights were turned off and this song started playing.