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2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed


SSX-R2 3rd teaser


Don’t disrespect Calvinator you fool image


I don’t have time to do half-assed teasers. The teaser here is that this is a work in progress, completion of the aero package pending.

Years ago, Nightfury claimed several outright speed records with the ample aid of copious tech slider abuse. Now, the master shall return, faster than ever I’m talking 1:02 around Airfield fast.


Basically a rocket with crazy aerodynamic.


SSX-R2 4th and last teaser:


Part 4

More Tomorrow


Bramble Motors will be taking three cars to Goodwood, one 60s classic, one 80s experiment, and one prototype:

1964 Bramble Flint ‘Low Drag’ - powered by Watchmaker T

The watchmaker was Bramble’s attempt at downsizing engines - instead of a ‘large’ I4, an exceptionally small V12 was developed and fitted to a few Flints to see if any advantages could be gained from the unusual design. It is not entirely known how many Flint watchmakers were made, although numbers between 3 and 7 are usually mentioned - the most famous being the Flint Chert that was raced in the 1966 Great Archanian Trek by owner Robert Chamberlain and test driver William Moore.

This example of the Flint was the low drag example - simpler mirrors, small vents under the indicators and sealed headlights were attempts to make the car more aerodynamic. The watchmaker fitted to this Flint was used to test turbocharging in the 1980s, and so 145 hp from 1.2 litres has been acheived in a car weighing just 742kg.

Bramble Project B-2

Ah, Group B, the high point for many rally fans across the world. Known for their mad performance (and possibly madder looks), any competitive Group B car was immediately a legend. What is mostly forgotton is that group B wasn’t just for Rallying - they just got on with it quicker than other disciplines. This is where the Bramble Project B comes in.

Designed for Group B sportscar racing, the two 'B’s (B-1 was 8 Valves, B-2 16) were purpose built for the new regulations set to come in for 1983, but the lack of any other competitiors in the class (most went for the more economical Group A, or the bonkers Group C) meant they were never raced in anger.

Weighing just 934 kg, and powered by a turbocharged I4 producing 422 hp with 1.63 bar of boost, performance would have likely been astonishing on the circuit, but the suspension was so stiff that rally stages even on tarmac were impossible to do. This will be the first time a Project B is unleashed on a timed run anywhere in the world.

The last car is a surprise, and will be unveiled by Bramble tomorrow.


Ok I think I’ve spent long enough on this car. I’m making this as official as I can get.

It takes a lot of preparation for a small company like Gryphon Gear to bring a proper race car to Goodwood, so this is the only one we’ll bring. You won’t have seen this car in any sanctioned race codes, though. It’s far too extreme for anything other than setting world record hotlaps.

Created as a proof of concept in 2012, Nightfury was engendered out of sheer frustration that the full potential of the current supercar was not being realised, as well as the looming inexorable death of the local car manufacturing industry. What resulted was the retuning of the replica of a 7L V12 used in a certain icon to the tune of 1000hp, whacking it in a carbon chassis (a boxy one, because learning new tooling techniques), then trying to figure out who built parts that would put the two together without cogs and bits flying everywhere. The result was a prototype of monstrous speed and lightning agility, hence the name. The creation put Gryphon Gear on the map and grabbed the attention of many a speed house. Interested parties sent offers to buy and even build.

The team quickly realised they would not be able to build Nightfury in numbers, especially not to remain viable. Only six road-legal versions were built, and even then, they were unable to register most of them for public road usage. But before going back to the drawing board, the team offered a Nightfury as a sacrifice to the gods of boost.

The result is the model you see here: Nightfury X (Chassis #007, incidentally, one of a pair, since they used to always travel in pairs for backup). The aero kit was also significantly upgraded to the maximum, thanks to specialist firm Stryker, whom they met as part of a team competing in a rally tournament. With other groups keen to have their unique parts featured in a record breaking car, Nightfury was upgraded beyond the absolute conceivable limit with gear not even see in professional motorsport. That was the minimum necessary to control 1960hp going to all four 365mm wide wheels propelling just 1370kg. It reached 100km/h in 2s flat, did a quarter mile in 8.1s, and onto a top speed of 385km/h, at which speed it generated so much downforce it was quite capable of driving upside down, on the ceiling of a tunnel. Edit: On the odd occasion, if the team wanted to go absolutely all out to beat a record, the aero went into full attack mode at the expense of the suspension and underbody components, generating as much downforce and pace as LMP and in some cases F1 cars. In this guise it performed an eye watering 53.94 second lap of the Top Gear Test track.

Doubtless this car will not remain the last word in lap times even as it continues its tour of driving fast and taking names. Furthermore, Gryphon Gear are aware of the limited lifespan of the ICE as an automotive staple, and are already preparing to join the alternative energy revolution. In 2018, they declared that the >500km/h Jormungandr would be the final word in petrol-only hypercars, and they would rapidly convert
to electric, provided the environmental analysis of their manufacturing pipeline would be favorable. As it stands, the Nightfury X comes for a last hurrah, a recapitulation of what GG came into the world to do.

by the way that decal on the roof is not photoshopped on, omfg was it a pain in the ass to make but worth it

more pictures to follow when I stop sucking at the photo mode

Ultimate downforce setting laptimes:

Goodwood v2 (3rd sector): 35.66
Airfield: 53.94
Automation Test Track: 1:30.93
Green Hell: 5:32.83

I’m just going to let the acceleration stats speak for themselves.


80-120km/h in 0.6s what

And for proof, here is the file:

GG Nightfury - #007 X super max downforce.car (202.1 KB)

Also no, you can’t drive this car in Beam 1) it explodes on spawning 2) the aero model is so borked if you tried turning a corner at speed you will spin into the Armco and die :joy:


Wisconsin Motors / LPE Alecto Goodwood

Alecto Goodwood - Goodwood v2.car (24.1 KB)

Wisconsin Motors commissioned the Alecto Goodwood from Lagerfelter Performance Engineering to create some buzz among the import performance world, hopefully inspiring would-be import buyers to take a look at WM’s more plebian offerings. It’s loosely based on the mid-80’s WM Alecto because WM demanded a hill-killer that “Looked like a WM production car.” It shares no parts with the production model, but we won’t tell if you won’t. WM had planned to bring more cars to the event, but this thing went way over budget. Hopefully it pays off, and they’ll have the fastest 4 banger up the hill (It might’ve gone a bit faster, but we didn’t want to build a hand grenade with terminal oversteer). WM, LPE, and the endlessly ebullient Randy Pabst (our driver) would like to wish our fellow entrants Good Luck!

Pretty, it’s not. Fast, well, we hope so.

Some stats:
2.7L inline 4, 1000+hp, 2069 lbs.
0-62: 2.3s, ¼ mile 8.59 top speed: 206 mph
¼ mile: 8.59s 1 km: 15.66s
Goodwood v2: 42.45 Airfield: 58.63 Green Hell: 5:58.36

edit to add: I’ve changed the front end to look more like the production model. Special thanks to the Gryphon Gear team, who were kind enough to look over our race telemetry and ECU tuning -they found us 30hp! They also loaned us some skid plates off their spare chassis. Gotta love racers! Thanks! Randy assures us that he can handle a tricky car, so we’ve cranked the aero so hard this thing is riding the bump stops. New times posted as a result.



This 1996 Impakt is not a regular one, it is in fact the second generation model, which with a drag coefficient of just .26cd and long gear ratios was not just faster and quieter on the Autobahn, but also more efficient than many of it’s direct competitors. The chassis was upgraded to offer improved stability and safety in any weather condition, it was in fact the first small IMP to use the rear mounted transaxle common in larger models since 1966. We will proudly enter a 170i model, with a then all-new 16 valve 1.7L Inline four petrol engine producing an impressive 106hp and 142Nm of torque. Equipped with the famous 525M 5-speed manual transmission the 170i can sprint from a standstill to 100kph in just 11.6s, and on to a top speed of 199kph! The 170i is also one of the rarer 2nd generation Impakt, with just 87,466 sales worldwide from 1995 to 1999.




Well I know for sure what’s slaughtering my entry in the corners!

But goddamn, I went overboard with the aesthetics and downforce. Does that have any aero kit???


fucking hell the nightfury is not the same as it was way back when.

I love it


My ugly duckling creations can only dream of one day becoming beautiful swans like Strop’s car.


I think it’s pretty


Part 5

Last Part Tomorrow


Scagliati At The Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Introducing the 2019 Scagliati Il Dominante Veloce. Dominance, At Speed.

2019 Scagliati Il Dominate Veloce, in Rosso Furioso

Scagliati is proud to present our boldest and most extreme expression of our values to date, Il Dominante Veloce. Building off the supremely talented Il Dominante supercar, the Veloce further distills the essence of Scagliati performance to create a truly sublime driving experience.

The 5.8-litre, turbocharged V12 engine of the Veloce shares a common block with Il Dominante, but nearly every other part has been altered in the relentless pursuit of power and efficiency, with power output surging to a scarcely believable 1344 horsepower at 8600 RPM and 1230 Nm at 7200 RPM. Coupled to an uprated 7-speed double clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive, the Veloce sprints from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 2.2 seconds, and on to a top speed of 387 kilometres per hour.

The Veloce retains much of the sleek and stylish appearance of Il Dominante, with several changes being made to improve performance. The roofline has been lowered slightly to decrease drag and increase the effectiveness of the new rear wing, leading to a distinctive double-bubble curve in the roof, while the added cooling needs of the engines and brakes have necessitated larger vents front and rear, with the rear brake ducts being fed from the distinctive circular scoops on the rear quarter panels. The rear diffuser has been reworked after extensive wind tunnel testing as well, with the tunnel length increasing slightly, and with new elements added to help create more downforce. Exposed carbon fiber panels on the roof and front deck show the raw and aggressive nature of the Veloce, while the distinctive Rosso Amadeo paint accentuates the curves of the car.

The active aerodynamics of the base Il Dominate have been stripped out in the Veloce, saving almost 10 kilograms of weight, while the distinctive triple-element rear wing, diffuser floor and more prominent splitter have dramatically increased downforce, with the Veloce producing nearly 600 kilograms of downforce at its top speed. The dramatically increased downforce also limits the top speed of the Veloce to 387 kilometres per hour, but with greatly improved handling and stability at all speeds.

Inside the Veloce, everything that does not directly add to the driving experience has been stripped away, with fixed-back carbon-fiber racing seats in place of the sumptuous seats of Il Dominante, while carpets and sound insulation have been removed as well; every nut, every bolt, and indeed every thread of Il Domiante has been analysed by our Special Performance division in the pursuit of every last gram of weight savings, and the effect was dramatic - a savings of almost 100 kilograms over Il Dominante.

The Veloce production will run for 50 units, all of which have been sold at this time.


Engine Specifications
Engine Type Scagliati Amadeo SP050.99XT V12
Description 60-degree V12, aluminium-silicon block and heads, forged crankshaft, rods and pistons
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 86.0mm x 82.5mm
Displacement 5751cc
Aspiration twin-turbocharged and intercooled, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Output 1344 horsepower @ 8600 RPM, 1230 Nm @ 7200 RPM
Redline 9400 RPM

Model Specifications Il Dominante Veloce
Layout Mid-engine, all-wheel drive
Seating Two
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque and body panels
Suspension pushrod front and rear
Driveline 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, electronic front, centre and rear differentials
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Curb Weight 1735 kilograms
Weight Distribution 42.0%F/58.0%R
0-100 km/h 2.2s
100-0 Braking Distance 26.9 m
Top Speed 387 km/h
Fuel Economy 14.1 litres/100km
List Price $545,900
Planned Production Run 50

Scagliati La Serenissima Mille. One Thousand Reasons To Be Coveted.

2019 Scagliati La Serenissima Mille, in Azuro Rivolto

Fans of the four-door La Serenissima need not feel left out any longer, with the 2019 La Serenissima Mille. Like its sibling the Quattrocento, the Mille has undergone a dramatic transformation from a supremely serene and comfortable limousine into a fire-breathing, razor-sharp performance machine, capable of reaching the magical 400 kilometer per hour mark.

Power in the Mille swells to a scarcely-believable 1001 horsepower at 8500 RPM and 903 newton-metres at 7000 RPM from the 5.5-litre turbocharged V12, allowing the Mille to sprint to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.0 seconds flat, 200 kilometres per hour in 9.8 seconds and 300 kilometres per hour in 18.7 seconds. All of this, while returning a respectable 11.0 litres per 100 kilometres in the Automation Combined Fuel Economy Cycle, and retaining all of the characteristic smoothness that is a hallmark of any Scagliati automobile.


Engine Specifications
Engine Type Scagliati Amadeo SP050.889T V12
Description 60-degree V12, aluminium-silicon block and heads, forged crankshaft, rods and pistons
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 85.0mm x 80.8mm
Displacement 5500cc
Aspiration twin-turbocharged and intercooled, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 9.7:1
Output 1001 horsepower @ 8500 RPM, 903 Nm @ 7000 RPM
Redline 9300 RPM

Model Specifications La Serenissima Mille
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel drive
Seating Four
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque and aluminium body panels
Suspension double-wishbone front and multi-link rear
Driveline 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, electronic rear differential
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Curb Weight 2144 kilograms
Weight Distribution 42.0%F/58.0%R
0-100 km/h 4.0s
100-0 Braking Distance 31.3 m
Top Speed 400 km/h**
Fuel Economy 11.0 litres/100km
List Price $298,550
Planned Production Run 100

** Top speed is electronically limited

At The Scagliati Pavilion.

Scagliati is also proud to present our production-ready Cinquetorri and Cinquetorri T super sport-utility vehicles, both of which have matured considerably in their styling since they were last seen:

2019 Scagliati Cinquetorri, in Grigia Nebbia Metallica

Additionally, the first production Zoccarato Scoperta is on display, also with matured styling, in line with the most current Scagliati design language:

2019 Scagliati Zoccarato Scoperta, in Rosso Cinabro

The Zoccarato Scoperta has undergone further refinement as well, with power output climbing from 451 horsepower to 481, and torque going form 445 newton-metres to 452, with no penalty in fuel economy.

Finally, we have the results from the hillclimb, where Scagliati ran nine of our models up the hill:

Model Time Set
Cinquetorri 57.59
Ducale 56.41
Cinquetorri T 55.71
La Serenissima Coupe 54.56
Zoccarato Scoperta 53.49
La Serenissima T 52.57
La Serenissima Mille 50.93
Il Dominante 47.35
Il Dominante Veloce 45.65

Thank you for joining us at Goodwood, we hope you enjoy the rest of the show!


Westward Motors will bring one of its legacy pieces: One of the original prototypes of the El Verano from 1968, two years before production began.


Introducing, the all new Cettin Chikana R

An extremely modified Chikana 71SC, this is the fastest Cettin model ever, beating the naturally aspirated Shiva R.

Engine Cettin P1271R
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 90mm x 93mm
Displacement 7100cc
Aspiration twin-turbocharged and intercooled, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Output 1599 horsepower @ 8600 RPM, 1516 lb-ft @ 4600 RPM
Redline 8900 RPM
Layout Mid-engine, all-wheel drive
Seating One
Suspension Double Wishbone Front, Pushrod Rear
Driveline 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, Electrionic Limited Slip Differential
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Weight 3865 Lbs
Weight Distribution 40%F/60%R
0-100 km/h 2.1s
100-0 Braking Distance 28.6 m
Top Speed 267 Mph
Estimated Price 1.5 Million USD
Estimated Production Run 350

Goodwood Hillclimb Time 46.05 Seconds

This Year, we are also bringing back the 2006 Cettin Shiva R

Engine Cettin Z1271R
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 95mm x 84mm
Displacement 7100cc
Aspiration naturally aspirated, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 14.0:1
Output 1022 horsepower @ 8500 RPM, 703 lb-ft @ 7000 RPM
Redline 9500 RPM
Layout Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Seating One
Suspension Double Wishbone Front, Pushrod Rear
Driveline 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, Electrionic Limited Slip Differential
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Weight 2993 Lbs
Weight Distribution 39%F/61%R
0-100 km/h 2.7s
100-0 Braking Distance 29 m
Top Speed 230 Mph
Price 1.04 Million USD
Production Run 350

Goodwood Hillclimb Time 48.68 Seconds


(Meanwhile in the booths…)

Burgers and Sandwiches, get ‘em while they’re still hot! Your car spectating will not be complete without a Bruges Grills’ sandwich in your hand! We also offer vegan menu!