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2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed


Westward Motors will bring one of its legacy pieces: One of the original prototypes of the El Verano from 1968, two years before production began.


Introducing, the all new Cettin Chikana R

An extremely modified Chikana 71SC, this is the fastest Cettin model ever, beating the naturally aspirated Shiva R.

Engine Cettin P1271R
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 90mm x 93mm
Displacement 7100cc
Aspiration twin-turbocharged and intercooled, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Output 1599 horsepower @ 8600 RPM, 1516 lb-ft @ 4600 RPM
Redline 8900 RPM
Layout Mid-engine, all-wheel drive
Seating One
Suspension Double Wishbone Front, Pushrod Rear
Driveline 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, Electrionic Limited Slip Differential
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Weight 3865 Lbs
Weight Distribution 40%F/60%R
0-100 km/h 2.1s
100-0 Braking Distance 28.6 m
Top Speed 267 Mph
Estimated Price 1.5 Million USD
Estimated Production Run 350

Goodwood Hillclimb Time 46.05 Seconds

This Year, we are also bringing back the 2006 Cettin Shiva R

Engine Cettin Z1271R
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 95mm x 84mm
Displacement 7100cc
Aspiration naturally aspirated, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 14.0:1
Output 1022 horsepower @ 8500 RPM, 703 lb-ft @ 7000 RPM
Redline 9500 RPM
Layout Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Seating One
Suspension Double Wishbone Front, Pushrod Rear
Driveline 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, Electrionic Limited Slip Differential
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Weight 2993 Lbs
Weight Distribution 39%F/61%R
0-100 km/h 2.7s
100-0 Braking Distance 29 m
Top Speed 230 Mph
Price 1.04 Million USD
Production Run 350

Goodwood Hillclimb Time 48.68 Seconds


(Meanwhile in the booths…)

Burgers and Sandwiches, get ‘em while they’re still hot! Your car spectating will not be complete without a Bruges Grills’ sandwich in your hand! We also offer vegan menu!


I’ll have two number 9s…


Number 6 with extra dip please


I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.


*laaarge soda




Contendiente at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed.


Kyoki Motorsports Introduces the “Kyoki” Kyoki Raider X!

As a new member of Kyoki Xtreme series.Raider X focuses on “Technology”.In order to improve driving experience.Kyoki Motorsports puts a lot of effort to find a Wae and they have their answer now.The Wae they’ve is Technology.

First of all,Raider X’s 5L V8 engine is able change its power output by changing it’s compression ratio and turbo boost.This allows Raider X to change its power outputs too when changing driving mode between Comfort,sports and Xtreme mode.

Secondly,Kyoki develop an AI system with some random software company to service Raider X.This AI system can automatically adjust suspension settings accord to driver’s driving habits.Improving everyone’s driving experience.

(Definitely not a Mclaren ripoff)
Thirdly,the Kyoki Motorsports developed a Track Memorize System(TMS) and gave Raider X a first test.When TMS system is activated(You can only activate it at Xtreme Mode),AI system will scan the surrounding area by the scanner which is at the front.After a hot lap,the AI is able to analysis the track and then adjust suspension and aero settings in order to have the best performance.A great function for those who’ll bring these Bad boys to the track and have fun.

But enough for the bullshit.Let’s get to the real point.Mid Engine AWD layout.Weighs 1390kg.Power by a Turbocharged 5L V8 produces 902HP(525Hp at comfort mode) at 7900Rpm.Redline’s at 8000Rpm.0-100kmh within 2.4sec.Top speed a solid 351kmh.Max downforce possible is ~280kg at 350kmh.Kyoki plan to produce 127 units.Price starts at 500K USD.
Kyoki Raider X managed to achieve a solid 48:34 at Goodwood Hillclimb.
We hope you enjoy the festival.We prepared a little surprise for all of you tomorrow,so stay tuned!



JHW XHC Carbon-R

4.2L V10


0-62mph in 2.2s

19 mpg (UK)

The Hill Is Ours.



Caliban Thunder, By ChipsWorx.

ChipsWorx Tuning is proud to present our re-imagined Caliban Thunder. With a striking paint job, body treatment and a screaming CMW B13 inline-4 engine producing 234 horsepower, the ChipsWorx Thunder builds on the strengths of the famed 80s kit car, but doesn’t sacrifice a single bit of the car’s larger-than-life personality and driving dynamics.

We at ChipsWorx feel that our cars must forge their own path, but not so far from the original that they stray from the original car’s heart and soul. A ChipsWorx-tuned car must be respectful of history, and yet be able to stand on its own merits. Something that the ChipsWorx Thunder does in abundance.

In keeping with the spirit of the Festival of Speed, where all things automotive are celebrated, we too celebrate the rich history of Caliban with our Thunder, and by sending the ChipsWorx Thunder up the hill in 58.04 seconds, we forge yet another link - our link - to that history.

More information on ChipsWorx and the ChipsWorx Thunder can be found here.




I must know more about the Caliban thunder now, especially as it uses the same body as the Armada Evo. Potential rivals?

(Also @Mr.Computah)


2019 Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe RUT

Once again we, from “Deer and Hunt” let your designers go crazy. And so they cooked up this beast.

7L V10 producing 640hp, channeling all 714Nm of Torque through a 6 spd Seq Gearbox.Reaching the sprint 0-100 in only 4.7s. Cruise comfortable at 308km/h Vmax. New Aero-kit to guide the driver through any corner.

Join us on the Deer And Hunt booth to see all the generation of SuperCoupe RUT’s and come see tomorrow how old and new are doing on the hillclimb!

Deer And Hunt - In Power we trust

Sakura At Goodwood

RS-GT Extreme

The RS-GT was unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Autoshow. This year, it received a visual update, and at goodwood, we’re showing off a very special, very unlimited model of the RS-GT Racecar. This model includes a more agressive aero kit, and blocked grilles for better speeds. The RS-GT is one of the models entered into the Goodwood Shootout.

Deva Goodwood Tune

The Deva Goodwood is the maximum attack version of the 1987 Deva tuned by the Sakura Sport Champion Division (SSCD). It turned the V12 up, and added an over-the-top aero kit ontop. The AWD system as also tuned and modified to handle the new tune. This model will be making show runs, however none will be timed.


The DEKO Concept is a vision of the past taken into the future. It takes, and modernises the Deco styles of the 1920s and 1930s, and applies it to a modern vehicle. Inside is modern, With Sakura’s AWD system, and a 5L V12 making over 1000hp. The Deko will be making a run up the hill at some point over the weekend.

RS-K Empyron

The RS-K, or Race Sport-Kei is a Supersport Kei car made to run as a feeder/junior series for larger championships. With the car weighing in at less than 500kg, this is the lightest modern vehicle to leave Sakura’s Sport Factories. This vehicle will be taking part in the Shootout.

Alongside these models are a selection of rare and classic Sakura models, We hope you enjoy

Sakura RS-GT - Extreme.car (46.5 KB)

Sakura Deva - Goodwood Special.car (23.8 KB)

Sakura Deko - Concept.car (36.8 KB)

Sakura RS-K - Empyron.car (23.3 KB)

Anyone can take these for a spin, be it reviewers, or anyone interested. Just please don’t modify them without my permission. Thank you.




Really? :joy: you named your car after deers being DTF???


Falcon Automotive presents the ultimate driver’s car at Goodwood.
The 2019 Falcon RF, the newest supercar from the crazy petrolheads at Falcon.

Powered by Falcon’s next generation 5.0 L naturally-aspirated V110-series V10 engine, the RF produces 680 HP and achieves a 0 to 60 MPH time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 213 MPH.

The RF is equipped with a 7-speed Dual Clutch gearbox for lighting fast gear changes and a state-of-the-art AWD system that allows the RF to stay planted on roads, be it mountain back roads or the track of your choice.

The RF’s 0.287 drag coefficient is achieved by sleek designs and air channels to masterfully move air in the most efficient way possible.

With an eye on the environment, the RF’s powertrain is capable of being run on E85 Ethanol fuel and has a combined fuel economy of 18 MPG.

The RF begins at a price of $150,000 USD or £114,000 GBP. Releases at August 1st, 2018.

A GTR track-spec trim is scheduled for release at the end of 2018. Expect a power output of 800 HP.

A RF achieved a time of 1:12.79 on the Top Gear test track. Stay tuned as the RF attempts to break records at the Goodwood Hill Climb.

Technical Specifications

  • Body Type: 2 Door Mid-engine
  • Powertrain: 5.0L N/A V10, producing 680 HP @ 8700 RPM
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • Gearbox: 7-speed Dual Clutch
  • MSRP: $150,000 US; £114,000 GBP; €130,000 EUR