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2018 LA Auto Show


Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2018
2018 SEMA Show


You’ve seen it in game…


Now prepare for the real deal.


The 2019 Shromet Dragon is here.


Rennen continues their concept quartet; 4 concepts are to be revealed in succession with each being dubbed “LEC-X”.

Stay tuned for the next reveal on the 26th.


Corsica will unveil the facelifted Vienna sedan alongside the anticipated CR sport version.


New from Atlas Automotive at the 2018 LA Auto Show:

Atlas ST-R Concept

The ST-R concept car was created for this years 2018 LA auto show, Its name meaning Six-cylinder, Turbocharged, Racer. The ST-R concept is designed to take to the track and rip apart its competition. It utilizes a track tuned Flat 6 motor capable of reving as high as 9000rpm’s and equipped with twin turbochargers with ceramic bearings and high strength titanium turbines/housing. Also includes a retractable fully adjustable spoiler(think porsche panamera style spoiler) that is tuned on the fly by the cars computer, adjusting for wind and how aggressive the driver is pushing the car.

Not only that but the tires are racing grade slicks and the rims carbon fiber. Much of the chassis and interior are all made from carbon fiber, keeping weight at a minimum. The Flat 6 engine mid mounted also help give a low center of gravity, pushing handling to the maximum of 1.43g’s. The ST-R is one of two hand crafted cars from Atlas Automotive group, the first will be put in Atlas’s collection and the second will be auctioned off at a currently undisclosed time.


Engine: 3.0L Flat 6 Twin turbo DOHC Transmission: C12 Competition Sequential straight cut
Horsepower: 588HP @ 8400 RPM Torque: 378LB-FT @ 7600 RPM
Weight: 2680 lb Skidpad: 1.43g
0-60(mph): 2.8s Top speed: 179mph(drag limited)
1/4 mile: 10.36s MPG: N/A

If testing is desired, PM me and I will provide the file for review.

*some stats will be different in Automation due to the lack of Straight cut gearing and Carbon fiber interior(and other weight saving techniques)


588 horsepower and only 179 mph? It might be due to the sheer amount of downforce (and drag) it generates. A road-biased low-drag version could theoretically reach 200 mph or more with the same amount of power.


179mph is realistic with 588 and the areo kit this thing has. If you removed it and made an adjustment or two to the transmission likely it could reach higher top speed(the viper acr has a similar effect with its aero kit vs the regular vipers). It’s a track car as I intended.


TSR Automotive in the LA Auto Show

We spent years to train for this moment. Now, we are going to break the record.



Although my thread is not to this day yet….


Continuum Specter V

The peak of craftmanship and road presence.

Our teams of designers were asked to put perfection in car form, and they did.

Powered by the Continuum Atmos V12 III, the Specter V insures a 320km/h top speed, moved by 630hp.

Its hand stitched interior and premium infotainement guarantees you that special feeling when entering your Specter V.

Be moved, indeed, but in pure comfort and distinction.


Special announcement from South Bangkok Autoworks

SBA and our subsidiary Trisula will unveil the latest products in 26th November, please stay tune.







Axel Mars AP (Axel Performance)

Comes with a 413HP 3.7L v6 that goes past 8k rpms


2019 Lagau SytemX

(R trim shown)


Leak from FaerGruber reveals that SFG model reveals that it will have a 3.0-3.99 liter engine, since the first number is a 3.


Is anyone of the magazine or review guys covering this event?


Grip Magazine (if I have time)


The all new Auxuras NLX, Born in America. Coming Soon.


Acura MDX