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2018 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS)


Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2018
Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

Again an autoshow? You’re crazy bro, anyway I’m on it!:sunglasses:



Gavin Anderson will be able to provide coverage. However, due to scheduling complications, he won’t be able to do any road tests. Hence, S.A.M. invites all and anyone to do road tests in our absence.


Zasteros Renix SS


Montes will be at the event.


AL Autos will be in attendance. Teaser(s) to come soon.


In 1964, Paris met the Puma and a -P-M-I- legend was born.


In 2018, New York will bask in its reflection.



What…on…earth…is…that…abomination? It doesn’t even look right!

Edit: from what I can make out, the new model certainly looks new, but the shape and placement of some of the fixtures is off-putting in my opinion. Mind you, the original was actually even worse from an aesthetic standpoint!

2018 Antiyita International Motor Show

I wasn’t expecting rave reviews after my first attempt to style a modern (light sports) car on automation, but that’s quite harsh for a car you can barely see a grany upside down reflection of.


Is it just me or is the side vent a little off-kilter?


ArrowHead Skyerl


Oh the original is a quick old ugly thing, I know that. But I liked the engine in it and made a backstory to it.

I am open to all feedback with the new model though, not sure I should post more pictures here already but I am curious to know what aspects specifically you dislike and would have done different - not that we necessarily would have the same tastes in car.


Let nothing stand in your way.

Your personal trump card. The 2019 Shromet Appalachian. Coming to NYIAS. Shromet Logo


The front end reminds me to a Conte.


2018 JHW R510 (Revised)

Now 10% less ugly!


Credit to @ramthecowy for the help on the teaser


The name of Baltazar’s reveal is contained in that picture, points to whoever guesses it correctly.


I vote for Cosmos