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2019 Automation EOTY Awards


Welcome to the fourth annual Automation End of the Year Awards!

Welcome back to the annual Automation EOTY awards! It’s an honor for me to host this challenge to bring out the best that the community has to offer. Now that we’re at the end of the decade, Automation has been in development for pretty much the entire time - there’s years upon years of changes and development, but this year has to easily be one of the most impressive in terms of growth and development among the community!


The EOTY awards are a community-run competition where you get to vote for our candidates and categories. You’ll be able to choose which categories you want to vote for along with the nominees you think deserve to win their respective disciplines. After 3 rounds of voting, we’ll have our results!


There is a 3-round system to our voting, but before any categorical voting occurs, the groups must be made themselves. Here are all of the processes that will occur this year:

  1. First, categories will be chosen. You will choose to eliminate 5 categories from 2 different themes; cars and community.
  2. Next, people will nominate their 3 favorite subjects within a category.
  3. Voters afterwards will vote for their 2 favorite subjects in the category.
  4. Finally, voters will choose their favorite subject in a given category.

Category voting will proceed from November 29th to 9:00 PM EST, December 5th. Primary voting will go from December 6th to 11th, secondary voting from December 12th to 17th, and tertiary voting from December 18th to 23th. On Christmas Eve, results will be out.

We implore that you do not vote or nominate yourself in any categories. Thank you.

We wish you all happy holidays!

Voting will be posted very soon.


Category voting has ended. Thank you for your votes.

If you are found voting for an incorrect number of responses, your vote will be invalidated.


Warning that voting for categories will end in T-minus 4 and a half hours! If you want to vote make sure to click the link above!


Hey! I’m here to say that voting for the first round has officially concluded! Thank you everyone for your votes, and tomorrow we will have the nomination round available.

To help you think about your nominations, here are links to the list of auto shows this year, car design forum, and 2019 Summer Auction.


Nomination voting has ended. Thank you for your votes.

If you are found nominating yourself in any categories, your vote will be invalidated.

Please dedicate some time to think about your votes, since it will take a little while.


Friendly reminder that voting will end tomorrow at 11:00 PM EST! I changed the the time for this one since I have a final from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

Voting has ended! Thanks for participating.


Preliminary voting is now available! Click here to vote!

You may now vote for yourself if you would like, since I cannot track what I expect to be 50+ votes in a few days.


I would like to note a mistake on the voting. In Car Company of the Year (Luxury), it states “Honghu Huangdou Automotive Co.” as a brand. This is incorrect, and should be Guangzhou Honghu Automotive Co. Please keep this in mind whilst voting. Thank you!


@titleguy1 There is a typo for Car of the Year (Luxury) where it says Tanaka Aventis. It’s supposed to say Aventus, which is a luxury car.


Fixed. You might want to consider renaming one of them because I was confused the entire time as to which one I was looking at :stuck_out_tongue: