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2019 High Import Tax Friendly Budget Premium Car Challenge


Small note: This is my first ever community challenge for this forum. If you see an issue with it or a mistake that I might’ve made, do let me know and I’ll fix it.


Jezza, Hamster and Slowly were having a discussion with the producers of their show (The Great Ride) as they needed new ideas for the episodes of Season 4. Jezza then mentioned a country called Bangladesh where the standard BMW M4 Coupe, a $68,000 car, would cost upto $2,72,000. Being staggered, Hamster asked the reason for this elevated price. Jezza said that it was all down to the engine. In Bangladesh’s car import regulations, Any vehicle that has an engine volume of more than 3L or 3000cc has an import tax of 300%. If the vehicle has an engine volume of 2L to 2.99L, it’ll have an import tax of 200%. For 1.5L to 1.99L engine cars, it’s 100% and below 1.5L it’s 30%. He added that people of this country don’t really earn much per year to pay for new cars just because of this stupid tax rule. Thus they end up owning small city cars or second hand/reconditioned ones. Note: Even if you buy second hand cars, the tax rule still applies in the exact same way.

Slowly then proposed a solution of fitting rather smaller engines in cars to compensate for high taxes, but then he realized that most premium cars are long road barges with extra safety and comfort features, weighing around 2 tons or more. So it’ll be slow as molasses.
But Jezza rather agreed with him, which was highly unlikely, because he said that since Bangladesh is still a developing third world country, the roads aren’t really pristine. There’s also a lot of traffic congestion, meaning that even if your car could go 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, you’d probably never be able to utilize such power. Hamster then shed some of his knowledge about the roads of Bangladesh too. He said that in the remote areas, the roads are still either being developed or don’t exist at all. People just drive over dirt and sand like it’s nothing. Meaning that, if you wanted to own a premium car in Bangladesh without breaking your bank, all you need to care about an engine that’s barely below 1.5L, a turbo or two since it doesn’t count as more engine volume to tax regulators, great suspension and bodywork to withstand the crude roads and great luxury features so the passengers don’t bore themselves inside those rather slow cars.

At this point, their producer Mr. Pillman stopped them and said, “Well why don’t you blokes find 3 budget premium cars made in 2019, that would be Bangladeshi Tax-friendly, and go for a grand tour in Bangladesh? You’ll be tackling huge traffic jams, bumpy roads that go on for hundreds of miles, an average temperature of 40 C and 60% humidity.”
Hearing this the three chaps looked at each other, and just like always they took the challenge for the sake of a new adventure and experiences.
As Mr. Pillman was leaving, he turned back and said, “Oh! You’ll also be facing local transport drivers who don’t give two craps if they hit and damage your car. So you better choose a car that can withstand light bumps and hits too.”

Alright, if you read the whole context properly, you should get a gist of what the requirements are of this challenge.

Requirements and Rules:

Price Range: The price limit is hard capped to 52,00,000 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka). That’s 61,500$ but of course, there’s taxes. Here’s the chart:

1L Engine - 12% tax - $55,000 Price Limit
1.01L to 1.49L Engine - 30% tax - $47,285 Price Limit
1.5L to 1.99L Engine - 100% tax - $30,750 Price Limit
2L to 2.99L Engine - 200% tax Lol you won’t be able to produce a premium any more at this price point.
(prices calculated in Open Beta)

Looks: Looks do matter, but not to the point that your cars would have to look like a 7 series coupe. Anything that looks better than a 2010 Toyota Camry or a Ford Five Hundred would be considered alright. But you’re encouraged to work on the styling as much as you want since it’ll have impact on the final scores.

Reliability and Environmental Resistance: Let’s just say, we absolutely despise service costs here so trim reliability and engine reliability should be high enough so your customers won’t need to go for a trip to their local servicing center every time they hit approximately 10 bumps and one rickshaw. Environmental resistance is a thing too since the weather here changes every 5 seconds. Suggested Reliability is over 55 and Env. Res. is over 35

Drivability: As long as it has enough maneuverability to drive around tight spots, congested roads, people walking on the road, and can be driven by a middle aged man who’s played Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit in his childhood, is fine. Anything above, will be rewarded. Suggested value is around 66

Comfort: I’ll be honest, most Bangladeshi people don’t want or require seat massagers, automatic doors, paddle shifters, dynamic steering, sunroofs etc. Give us one or two screens and good speakers, wireless connectivity, premium built seats, maybe some wood interiors and buttons that aren’t plastic, aircon that doesn’t break after a few years and suspensions that don’t make you puke after travelling 50 miles on a bumpy road at 5mph. Suggested value is around 55. Make sure there’s decent ground clearance. That’s essential!

Safety: Standard 10s is the least you should be putting in. That’s all I’ve to say. Minimum safety value is over 45

Practicality, Utility and Offroading: You should have decent passenger and cargo volume. At least 4 seats is required, go for 5 if you can. People should be able to carry some weight if they ever need it (oh yes they will). Some offroading points is required since dirt roads exist outside of town areas. Being able to have Utility and offroad points over 20 will be rewarded

Fuel Economy: Fuel Economy of no more than 9L/100KM as gasoline is rather expensive here. 91 RON or 95 RON fuel is allowed
Service Costs, Emissions, Engineering time: Service costs should be no more than 1100$ a year. Emissions should be below 60 (not hardcapping yet). Trim engineering time has to be below 150.

Were you looking for sportiness? Doesn’t matter. Okay, okay I’ll give you 4. Your car has to have a sportiness value of more than 4. Great if the car can go from 0-60 in under 13 seconds.

Stuff that don’t matter or aren’t allowed:

Anything related to speed isn’t important. You’re driving a 2 ton road barge that’s being powered by a puny engine. No one cares if you take 15 seconds to reach 0-60mph because you’ll have to push the brakes before you reach that speed unless you’re in a highway.
Manual or sequential gears aren’t really necessary, save yourself from the comfort points you’ll be losing because of those.
Unless the car doesn’t turn at all, understeer is fine.
Don’t put chunky offroads. And definitely don’t put sports compounds or semi slicks, they just won’t last.


4 seater budget premium car with a small enough engine, emphasis on comfort and drivability. Speed doesn’t matter, fuel econ and service costs should be rather low. Has to look better than a Camry.

Engine PU/ET: 72/166
Trim PU/ET: 125/145
Production Units: 125
Drivability: 66
Reliability: 55
Comfort: 55
Safety: 45
Utility and Offroad: More than 20 will be rewarded with bonus points
91/95 RON fuel, 9L/100km fuel econ and emissions no more than 60
Service costs below 1100$
Seat limit: At least 4
No slicks, sports or offroad tires.
Can have DI but no perf or race intakes.
Has to have catalytic converters and at least one muffler.

Deadline: 30th June, 2019. 12 AM (GMT 0)

PS: Lore is encouraged. And do make an advert for your vehicle as the trio would be testing new cars.
I’ll be personally testing the cars on BeamNG and also check the stats if they’re right in Automation. So you’ll have to PM me the .car file via the export button


Fuel type?
Are turbos taxed or just engine size?


91 RON and 95 RON are allowed.
About turbos, I’ll assure you, the government officials here who decide tax laws have never heard of something called a turbocharger. All they care about is engine volume. So go crazy with it!


If we’re going by the suggested price in the Markets tab, this is a nonsensically high limit, even with this tax scheme. You could cut this by two-thirds and still have way too much budget to play with.


I mean I’ve been thinking of reducing it, but I wasn’t sure that if it would be possible to reach certain comfort, drivability and safety points.
Maybe I should rather bump the requirements, because I’ve been rather loose with those instead of the pricing tbh.


Update: The requirements have been buffed slightly due to them being less challenging. Bear with me guys, it’s my first time :frowning:

Updated requirements:
Trim ET: 150
Drivability: 66
Reliability: 55
Comfort: 55
Safety: 45
Utility and Offroad: More than 20 will be rewarded with bonus points
91/95 RON fuel, 9L/100km fuel econ and emissions no more than 60
Service costs below 1100$
Seat limit: At least 4
No slicks, sports or offroad tires.
Can have DI but no perf or race intakes.
Has to have catalytic converters and at least one muffler.


Are mods allowed?


I’d prefer not to have them because for some reason, they break my game everytime. I guess it has something to do with my dismal, no gpu PC.
If you want to use mods, send me the beamNG export files alongside the .car files




Please clarify the price limits. There are different versions of the game that calculate the overall price of the car completely different.

What’s the limit for approximate price for people who use the open beta?


Thanks for pointing this out, didn’t really know this. I’m using open beta myself so these prices are for the beta version. I don’t have the stable version downloaded though :confused:


I believe that now pricing is identical for open beta and stable as the update to bring stable up to speed was sent out a few days ago.


Why isn’t there an ET limit for the engine? And why are there no PU limits at all? Also, must the catalytic converter be of the three-way (normal or high-flow) type?


Anything that has a catalytic converter is accepted, hence no specification of the type.
Engine ET is the same as Trim ET.
PU limit is something I’m yet unsure of. I’ll add it ASAP.
Thanks for pointing these out


im pretty sure its captain slow, not slowly.


Oh I’m it is Captain Slow, I just thought it sounded like too much of a ripoff lol



Production Units limit has been added.
Engine ET has been loosened up by 16 more months.
Trim ET has been reduced by 5 months.

Engine PU/ET: 72/166
Trim PU/ET: 125/145

@abg7 there you go man!