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2019 New York International Auto Show


Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2019

Can’t wait!!! Also I realized…Auto Shanghai is during NYIAS when I checked…


40 Years of an icon.

The Shromet Radiant celebrates 40 years of production at the NYIAS.


Gremlin Luxury Teasers

The new 2019 Gremlin Louisiana unveiling April 17th

Retron Cencept a Retro Hybrid unveiling April 17th

Gremlin Luxury “Luxury At It’s Finest”


Montes Press Release:

Montes will attend the NYIAS, showing a brand new sports sedan model: the T90. This car will mark the return for the brand to the sportiness values.

The MK2 T90 it will succeed the short-lived (and fiasco) first-gen, and it will share the same plattform.


Question, anyone can enter? If so, i’m gonna edit this later


It’s not really so much “Entering” as it is showing off new models for your company lineup, but yes, anybody can post. If you’re going to unveil a car it’s generally accepted operating procedure to post a teaser before the press days and unveil the car on those press days.


2019 Blaire Albatross “Coming Your Way” April 18th!



The new Kaul 266. Coming April 17th. Celebrating 55 years of the definitive sports car for four!


Teaser 1/2



“They said, that when Ukko wield it, thunders raged on the sky, and it became white as snow… Now, its roar make the ground tremble and the wind cry.”

“Also… 20 years are nothing sometimes…”





What a coincidence :thinking:


Huh? What do you mean?


…I suppose you notice the glaring similarities between your teaser and yangx2’s?


It could well be nothing but mere coincidence - for starters, the cars shown in the teasers use different, rather than identical, bodies. The exterior colors are very similar, however, to the point that they are nearly indistinguishable.


3 dark teasers in a row someone post light teaser pls