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2019 New York International Auto Show


confirmed it is a mAzDa and wisconsin doesn’t exist


Someone please confirm that it is not a Mazda lol


not a mazda in any way confirmed




Saminda has teased the up-coming 2020 C3, it has been confirmed that the C3 will come in coupe variant for the North America market,

The 2020 C3 is designed in Saminda California Studio and it will be the sportiest C3 ever.


New York Motor Show Pre-Show Coverage

Welcome back! I’m Carol Lee not me from Drivers.com, the Internet’s Auto Guide. Now, were on the New York to attend this year’s New York Auto Show, and we’re going to cover all those cars from this year’s auto show! Tons of brand new automobiles are showing in this auto show, and as usual we’re going to cover every highlights shown before the reveals!

Okay, let’s begin, shall we?


  • First on, we have Shromet showing that it’s next car, the Radiant…or it’s just a celebration of their 40th anniversary of their new car without any new releases? visible confusion Okay, next.
  • Gremlin Luxury throws in 2 new cars, i.e. the Louisiana and the Retron Concept, which was an retro-themed hybrid car to the Big Apple this year. To be honest, not surprised at all.
  • The T90 sports sedan is finally replaced by a reportedly much better one, quoted Montes. We remember the fiasco that happened on the original, could this one will redo anything wrong again or will turn over a new leaf and become better?
  • Blaire also respond to this year’s auto show with the newly updated Albatross, which is a hatchback with a better name compared to the “New Car”.
  • “No need for a cliché slogan”, said Evegenis, while they are teasing the all-new Typhon this NYIAS. But the question is, could it be really made me sell my 2014 Ursula F3 300T for it?
  • If there’s an award for the most quirky teaser ever made Kaul will get first place for that, unless their 55-year old 266 does not preform well like it should.
  • Again. AL Autos is trying to redesign car questionably edgy for this auto show, this time it’s a roadster named Aranea. We rather wait for an AL Auto car with a much simpler, more attractive styling.
  • Ukko, with a pitch black teaser photo, shows some sports cars, and a quote I don’t even really know that much.
  • Corsica, Huangdou and Tanaka coincidentally show similar SUV teasers with a pitch black background at the same time. Is this a coordinated marketing plan? Can anyone explain to me why?
  • Australian sports car maker Goldman suddenly quoted a line (and dropping a s-bomb in the process) from the Gears of War video game series as their teaser slogan for their next car. Weird choice for a slogan, but if the car succeeds like Gears of War did, who cares?
  • Seriously, I’m not impressed how Sadowtski made their teaser. I wonder how much low-effort teasers were made in this freakin’ place. But hey, at least their cars seems interesting…
  • Previously (nearly) dead Marquez Automotores has finally returned, with loads of new cars to show! Can’t wait how much were actually came to production and how much are not.
  • After a miss on Geneva, Axuma is returning to show again, and this time they show us a sedan that I still have a question about the car’s unattractive styling.
  • Ursula shows us an ad about the top of the hill on The Isle of Skye…and a blue car. Seems like it’s an compact SUV that everyone is talking about, but for now I don’t know either.
  • Meanwhile, Zenith shows us a close-up pic of the new Cheyenne SUV that looks a bit boring. And the lighting is not really helping it either.
  • Finally…meet Saminda, and they are releasing the all new C3 sedan to NYIAS. And for the first time, a coupe version is also confirmed to supplement the sedan variant of the car. One question remains. Will it be good as the sedan?

And that’s it, for the first part of the pre-show coverage of this year’s NYIAS. We will return again for the next part where we report all the cars shown in this autoshow.
Stay tuned.

Auto Shanghai 2019
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Yamanishi Automotive.



Check back 3/27/2019 for the full reveal.


Axuma* sorry


Thanks for the correction, I just fixed it.


I like the mystery and such, also son mythology, but i didn’t put the name of my company, because i’m a brickhead, so sorry about that.

LKA will be apologies for all this trouble


Akauri Kamakiri

Hell hath no fury like a Mantis scorned.


I don’t know if you do that (it’s my first Auto Show ahead of Marquez) but you could do a behind the scene interviews to get exclusive infos about those cars and brands to your site and viewers.


Canadian Manufacturer Owl Motors will be attending NYIAS for the first time. Stay tuned.





NEW YORK: German luxury automaker Ursula AG has posted a mysterious post on Twitter today at 4PM MYT. It seems to be related to the to-be-released micro SUV the company plans to launch simultaneously on New York and Shanghai. At the time of writing the post has gotten 12K retweets and 75K likes.

picture made in Fake Tweets app on Android

Upon inspecting the picture, there are the words “16.04.2019” and “#FX1” hidden in the white, “blank” picture. This could be Ursula’s official press release date and the name of Ursula’s to-be-launched micro SUV, although this isn’t confirmed by anyone from Ursula yet.


Owl GranTurismo. Speed in style and comfort.


Falcon Vehicle Motor Works

"Speed of a falcon, with the gracefulness of a lion." Reveal event on April 17th.

Falcon AG

Owl GranTurismo Sedan. Just as stylish with 2 more doors. Coming April 16.


AL Autos Teaser 2/2