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2020 Great Gasmean Hill Climb - Finals


ok welp the picture doesnt want to upload, so ill try again


I’ve added clarification in the rules.

The body on your picture should be fine. I believe it’s seen both as an SUV as well as a hatch.


aw thanks. i didnt want all my effort to be for nohing. im glad it wasnt an oops :wink:


What is the appoximate time to beat on the Testtrack with both classes? Do we have anything to aim at or is it just as fast and as good handling as possible?


The time to aim for is not too far behind @strop.


That’s just unfair


Haha, well I was joking. But I know he’s bent on getting a good result.

I haven’t gotten any entries yet, so I have no idea what times stand a good chance of being in the top 10. I believe handling will be key for the hillclimb.


I have a perfectly legal and actually quite a bit heavier than desired AWD sedan with only 3 tech points in the engine and -15 safety for the Open B class. In the interests of open disclosure I would say aim for your car to get under 2 minutes on the ATT and also definitely under 1:40 in the Hillclimb, but be wary of the snow as that will make things quite unpredictable…


Sub 2 on ATT on a flying lap and sub 1:40 on the hillclimb… Thats pretty damn fast for a 1.6L Turbo :slight_smile:
And yes, the Icy bits on the end of the hillclimb are hairy to say the least.

On to building a beast of a car, then


The times I get out of the cars will probably be slower, as I only have a few tries. So I won’t take them to the absolute edge. So in that sense a car that handles well probably has an advantage over a car that is really fast, but extremely fickle to drive.


Fair. I actually seriously doubt your times will be much slower if any, 1) I kind of added a buffer of several seconds already :joy: 2) the times I got were on my 2nd attempt, not because there’s much room to improve on them, but because AWD cars are really easy to drive when set up nicely.


Any brave drivers willing to help develop a car of mine? I’m pretty bad at keyboard driving but I’ve managed a 2:05 standing lap on the ATT and a 1:55 on the hill climb, but with these speeds and power levels I don’t think the keyboard can really tell me how good or bad the car currently is.


i dont mind helping, not the best but i do have a G25. if i do, it wont be until tommorow though(i cant be arsed to set up my wheel now).




This is a prototype for the challenge. It does 0-60 in 2.4 secs in automation and 1.73 secs , and a 8.8 Quarter mile in Beamng. it has a 2.1 500hp i4 that i will hopefully increase to at least 700-900hp.


How the hell are you guys coaxing 500-600 hp from a 1.6 L turboed engine :smiley: unless it’s a nigh undriveable mess with loads of lag? Seriously?


Well if you want to add some driver feedback to my design you can get a peak under the hood. :wink:

That said in beam it takes about 1.5 seconds of full throttle at the start line to build up the boost.


I could do that :slight_smile: But I’m in favor of slightly understeery and tight cars, just so you know :wink:


im at 600hp and full boost at 4000rpm. Automation says 2.3 secs.the first one had 500hp and full boost at 3700rpm


Wondering what everyone else is doing in terms of cost