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2020 Great Gasmean Hill Climb - Finals


It’s the Stug. He’s the epitome of utter driving perfection.


I wouldn’t go that far, but yes I am a bit obsessed with mastering the Beam driving physics :sweat_smile:


YAY!! 15th…


1:50 I assume is with a driver that actually knows how to drive in Beam. As I don’t I’ll just accept that my 1:55 test run is probably decent. Though the fixture weight concerns me as I’m no where near done my livery :sweat_smile:


Just a heads up: I’ll be abroad between 15 and 23 June. Deadline remains 20 June, but entries between 15 and 20 will not receive any feedback on questions that require me to look at the car in Automation or Beam.


1:50? ugh…

Can you translate that into keyboard-based good time? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m on keyboard and am reliably scoring in the low 1:40’s on the ATT hillclimb and in the high 1:50’s on the ATT race track.


I am 6 seconds faster than B-Spec Bob in XS, but actually no faster in the B class (or the truck class). Then again I did match the Automation graphs and Beam handling rather well for the B class, but also being high power and lots of grip, the advantage is a lot less. The more power a vehicle has, oftentimes the faster the AI is compared to me driving it, so often beyond 1000hp I’d struggle to keep up.


I’ll do some testing with my wheel over the weekend, but I’m still flabergasted by your guys’s times.

I’m hoping this:

was with a b class car lol. My XS creation stands no chance against that sort of time


Lol yeah that’s B, I haven’t found a xs build I’m happy with, but non if them have been very fast.


Yeah. in Automation my XS class is slightly faster than my B class, but when driving in Beam… well the B class leaves the XS in the dust (keyboard doesn’t help! lol)


After countless attempts and more or less spectacular fails , I made it to the finish line in my (possible) B entry.
2:06:186 ATT (Bob: 1:52:84)
1:51:407 HC1
Fails include distorting a wheel due to kerb/guard rail contact, tipping over on bumps/guard rails, , stopping to the car to save it from overcorrection cycles (RIP turbo lag), and flying off into the valley.
Yes, I drive all my cars by pushing buttons and grew up playing Gran Turismo.
Looks like I have som work to do


can I just say that doing Hillclimb on a keyboard is an absolute nightmare and you should probably lop off a good 10% off your times if not more for when Miros drives them!


Scarab has decided to enter into the Great Gasmean Hill Climb with 2 out of 3 new offerings just to showcase the strengths and versatility of their vehicles. First out is a tossup between 2 vehicles and it still is debated wether to use the Halo (MR) or the newly rebranded Blink (FF) cars in the XS class. They both share the same engine, a 1.3 l natually aspirated straight 4 rated at 190+ HP and the hillclimb versions are build on the standard light semi spaceframe. Both have had their interiors stripped, and sports lightweight fibreglass panels to lower the weight further. Extensive work have been put in to give the cars good downforce and handling.



Next out in the B-class is the all new Reflex. Build on the standard light AHS monocoque of the standard car, and using a reworked 1.6 l tubocharged straight 4 rated at 540+ HP, it has recived the same regime as the other cars with stripped interior, fibre glass paneling and aerodynamic tuning to try to be competetive in the B-class.


The cars will be driven by John Olson, 26. John, son of Eric Olson, has been raised on a steady diet of adrenaline and gasoline since an early age, starting out as a cart driver and getting in to Folk-race as soon as he was able. Since then he has managed to build a name driving both Rallycross and Rally with some success.

Both the XS-class cars are running sub 2:10 minute runs on ATT (standing start) and does the hillclimb in the high 1:30s, and the B-class car are running the ATT in the low 1:50s (standing start) and the hillclimb in low 1:30s. Hopefully they’ll be competitive.


Are you all actually using carbon body panels or is it just lore?

Maybe I’m being too stingy here, I thought I was more or less done, sitting on my part-alu B class.

Miros, I am assuming the penalty for going over 50% is gradual so you don’t immediately get slammed with something terrible?


SW Wagner Hillclimb (Class B)
The american car company SW joined in Gasmean Hill Climb. Car that will compete is brand new 5 generation 2020 Wagner. It was prepared by SW Motorsport divison, 2 cars were made, one will go to Gasmean Hill Climb and the other one will compete in other european hill climbs. Driver of this car will be Slovenian race and test driver Matej Možina. Wagner is equipped with 1.6 liter engine that produces around 400-500 hp (SW has not given much information). What is left in this sedan is just rollcage, race seat and heavily modifed original body work. The new engine was taken from some formula and put into this. All people that worked on this realy wish to go into at least top 10.


Correct. It’s proportionate.


I’m not using any carbon myself. My B class is based on a monocoque AHS steel frame and the panels are fiber-glass as simulating what a real privateer time attack team might do. It’s not the most cost effective or lightest method but it’s real.

As for my XS kit car class, that’s a semi-space frame, and also no CF because that’s too expensive for a kit car.

And for the truck, I’ve gone with light truck monocoque which appears to be best match for a F150 sized flatbed truck. Yes, if it hits a kerb or a bump the tray shudders horribly and the handling is compromised due to the ladder rear, but again, realism.


Going over 50%? Or do you mean 50k? I’m under 50k on all my cars, using cf panels.

I’m not overusing qualitypoints tho, infact i’ve only used qp’s to strip the interior.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

I did do a couple of test cars with other materials, just the fiberglass PU cost seemed ridiculous. But like you said, it’s realistic and the weight difference is more than significant.

My B class is on a semi-space frame, I’ll sweat the panel choice a little longer. When I did my tests it was some 3-4 seconds faster around the ATT with CF panels - which is to say I got it around the track in under 1:50 with CF and over 1:50 with Partial Alu. I’m in the 1:40s on the hillclimb but that’s not the car’s fault.

The lumps under the lights at the front were supposed to be bright red tow hooks, but it doesn’t look like I can do that in the open beta without painting half the car red.

@gridghost I was referring to the penalty in the rules for cars that go over the average PU/ET/Mat cost values. I have used a smattering of quality points here and there, but would come in under 50k with CF. It does seem very expensive coming from the Part-Alu though.

I think I’ve hit a bug with the XS export, because it has absolutely zero rear grip with the mid-engine layout. Google thinks the exporter might be giving it toe-out. Not sure if I’ll have time to finish it either way.