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2020 Jeep Gladiator


Finally some solid information.

So long arms from the factory, with solid coil rear should prove interesting.

One of the important aspects for me since I actually use trucks as trucks is they are advertising the fact you can actually get stuff out of the bed without having to crawl in.


If I may postulate, I think it may become one of those “instant classics”. Mostly because it’s been so long since there has been a Jeep pickup. J10’s and Comanches have serious cult followings though.


I think I’ll wait until 2021 at least. After they figure out where they screwed up and fix it.


It’s Jeep. You’re going to be waiting a bit longer than that.


Even worse, it would be my Jeep… It would get used.

They at least used almost everything from the Wranglers, but yeah going to wait to decide for sure.