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21:9 support open beta


Not everyone has a 16:9 monitor and this is what the game looks like in the open beta


The game can scale to basically any resolution, even 9:21 (sic) if you so desire. Have a go with window mode or try Alt-Enter if you haven’t done so already.


the moment i hit alt+enter it was fine, but in borderless windowed mode a mode that I love, a way to force it to the correct resolution would be awesome.


Some things (at the moment only the Canal scene) only work with 16:9 ratios. This is because the way we are doing reflections on the water in that scene use a very recent feature in the Unreal Engine and it is still incomplete. Unfortunately this is something we cannot fix and must wait until Epic Games get around to fixing it.

Borderless window is in the works, as with the Unreal Engine it requires us to code in the resolutions manually, but this is currently not a top priority.