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24 hour clunker challenge - FINAL RESULTS!



Our anti-hero was once again behind the wheel in a vehicle that did suit his driving manners a bit more, the trusty 1986 IP Brigadeer Uti-Lite pickup. Due to the same USB stick being into the stereo that had been sitting there for the whole trip to the track, Larry’s ear bleeding continued while Jenny was making things worse by showing him her abilities to sing along with the norwegian country music, which to be fair wasn’t quite as good as she believed they was.

Only possibility by now to get food was to stop for some hot dogs at the Shell station nearby. The whispering inline six once again got quiet, as did the norwegian country music, and the only thing breaking the silence in the early morning was the sound of the umbrella parking brake being engaged.

Our three friends got out of the Brigadeer and took a look at the creamed cream wreck on the trailer behind.

MATS: I’m happy that the guy that bought the interior told me that he gladly would take the rest of the car for free after the race was over because I doubt that even the junkyard wants it now.

JENNY: Or we could have used it as a new doghouse, it is at least in better condition than the old one.

LARRY: One of the few remaining 1300 Pandoras taken off the street for good, and the truth is that nobody will cry over its fate.

JENNY: I can understand that nobody wanted something this slow…

MATS: Slow? If someone would give you a V1-rocket, you would still complain that it was too slow!

JENNY: We didn’t really finish good in this race.

MATS: Yeah and your driving didn’t make it any better even though you almost pushed the accelerator hard enough to rip the carb off the manifold!

Meanwhile, Larry is doing something in the cab of the Brigadeer…

MATS: Let’s have something to eat now! I want to get home as fast as possible so we can see this failure as an ended chapter. Sure, they will write an article about it where they will make fun of me but that’s something to worry about later…

Some tasteless and overpriced hot dogs, and some litres of fuel in the tank of the Brigadeer later, our friends are ready to drive the last miles home.

JENNY: Why is there no USB stick in the stereo?


JENNY: Dear father-in-law, are you probably guilty to something?

LARRY: Like what?

JENNY: Like hiding my USB stick somewhere?

LARRY: No, I don’t understand such modern gizmos, cassettes still feel complicated enough for me.

JENNY: I don’t believe you…

LARRY: I guess somebody stole it when we went into the station, but we can enjoy the silence now…

JENNY: Don’t worry, I’ll look in the glove compartment after more…

Searching through a lot of junk, Jenny found another USB stick, and…

With the blood pressure of her father in law rising to unhealthier levels than ever before, the Brigadeer was roaming away in the beautiful early morning, and for our team, we can call this…

…end of this chapter!


The Revero drew into the pits with all the crew members looking pleased that this bonkers, slightly illogical plan actually somewhat worked, until there was a cough.
“Come clean now, who was it that got water in the fuel?”
“Me” said a little voice in the back of the pits. It was, of course, the ex-factory driver’s mechanic.
“Well, if it dies on the way home due to dodgy fuel then we know who to blame.”
The trip home was trouble-free. The misfiring shown previously was still coming and going on the motorway with it still sometimes struggling to hold 7000rpm in 4th, however it made it back to the workshop…well…nearly.
Somebody managed to roll into it while they were stopped at the local garage. What they didn’t know however is that the pool of “water” underneath it was actually coolant spewing out, meaning that it overheated in the early morning tourist traffic on the day they got back.
A sad end to a relative success story.