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24 hour clunker challenge - FINAL RESULTS!


So, to be clear, the base trim should be 16k, the stripped out one should the same, but with stripped out interior, removed muffler optionally, tuned engine to 98RON optionally, and that’s it?


Yes, base trim 16K maximum (that would rule out the most exotic sports cars which seldom fall enough in value to be cheap enough for races like this).

Interior should be stripped out to 1 basic seat and no radio. That is a required modification.

Optional modifications:
Removal of one of the mufflers if stock trim has dual mufflers.
Standard intake can be changed out to performance intake.
Any tyres and rims as long as there is no semi slicks.
Camber, spring and damper stiffness, sway bar stiffness and ride height can be adjusted within the limits of the game, no change of spring, damper or sway bar type though.
Fixtures can be altered as long as there is not more aero (wings, lips, spoilers) on the race car than on the street car.

…and that’s it. If not stated as allowed above here, it is not allowed.


Team Really!?

Team / Car Info

The raspy snarl of the turbocharged inline 3 under the hood of their Storm Surge hybrid announced the arrival of “Team Really!?” to the rest of the pit area. The beaten and battered old hybrid was closing in on 1.3 million miles since it was built in 2004, but it wouldn’t be the car they ran today. No, instead, it was the 1982 Minerva Bullet LC on the trailer behind the old hybrid that would be the star of the 24-Hours of Junk.

The Minerva was reasonably unremarkable, other than that it had 162 cubic inches of OHV four cylinder under the hood, coil springs and solid axles all the way around, plastic cladding on the entire lower half of the car, and a shade of brownish-beige that quickly got nicknamed “Drunken Shit Brown” by the team. Perhaps more notable was the amount of damage the car had. The bumpers were cracked and scuffed, the plastic cladding was barely still attached, and someone had clearly broken both of the wing mirrors off of the doors. Somehow, just barely, the antenna was still on the roof, although it was bent at a funny angle.

The team parked up and got out of the hybrid, then unloaded their turd-brown former family car from the trailer. Luke stood by, watching everything, gathering information as Amy and Jake removed the straps, then rolled the car off of the trailer with a bang and a loud squeak.

“Could have used the ramp.” Luke said, looking at the fact that they’d just dropped the car off the back of the trailer. Amy rolled her eyes, then got into the Minerva and fired it up. The somewhat-large inline four wheezed into life, then slowly settled into a rough idle, blowing a cloud of smoke out of the twin exhaust tips.

“It doesn’t deserve the ramp. It’s a Minerva, they’re only good for demolition derbies and junkyard runs.” Amy said. “Besides, it’s got truck suspension. It can handle a beating.”

“Just don’t break this one like you broke the Ishu Truckling.” Jake said, giving his mother a wicked grin.

“Luke broke the Truckling. Not me.” Amy said, giving a glare and a grin at the same time.

“I’d say to pass the blame. You drove the snot out of it, then handed me the keys after you blew the rear main seal by redlining the engine with every gear change.” Luke said. He still had the brass chains for hair that he’d done during the One Last Hurrah junkyard race, as well as the red “System Fault” warning on the screen attached to his left arm.

“So, Luke, when do you plan to fix that?” Amy asked, pointing to the screen.

“Can’t really fix it. I did bypass it, helps some with the low hydraulic pressure, but I’m still running 2 out of 3. I’m more interested in why you chose to bring the Surge.”

“Gotta get it close to 1.3 million somehow. It’s teasingly close. When she rolls over, we’ll try to get it into a junker run, but not a moment sooner.” Amy said, grinning. “Plus, air miles don’t count for the car, but it gets a shiny new sticker on the rear bumper claiming that it’s been to Sweden.”

“Luke, what do you think of that cream-colored Pandora coupe?” Jake asked.

“Well, I think it’s going to get creamed, if you were hoping for a pun. Otherwise, I think it might stand a good chance of driving circles around our shit-brown Minerva. About the only thing we might stand a chance at is if someone tries to spin us out, and that’s because we’re front-wheel-drive. Granted, the other problem, we’ve got a shitty gearbox.” Luke said. “I know for a damn fact I can get it into reverse while we’re going forward.”

Amy and Jake winced at that bit of knowledge. “Any chance,” Jake asked, “that you can tell us how not to do that?”

“Yeah, it’s simple. When you’re going from third to fourth, don’t push down on the stick or you’ll fall right into reverse without even so much as a crunch. Then you’ll promptly stall the engine and spin out.” Luke said. “Previous owner probably rested his hand on the gear stick all the time, wore the reverse lockout down. It’s why we got the car so cheap.”


That includes the tuning of the engine to drive with 98RON fuel instead of 91RON?


Since 98 octane is available at the pump in Sweden, I guess you can use 98 (91 is not even available anymore honestly, only 98 and 95), but since I won’t allow any change of fuel mixture, compression ratio etc. you probably can’t gain much from it.


Three amateurs racing enthousiasts, all with previous lucarative carreers, decide to join the 24 hour clunker challenge. For this purpose they bought and stripped a fourth-hand 1985 PMI Usurper Saloon Standard R98 with the standard small capacity inline-6 engine (though tuned for markets with 98RON fuel) - the Gasmea standard was adapted to 91RON. Despite its age and previous owners, the car was still in good condition. It was a beater than still could take a beating.


Toby Ickx
Belgian: Had a somewhat successful racing career in prototype endurance racing. Misses the challenge in retirement and sought together this team when hearing of the challenge.

Andreé Mounier
Luxemburgian: First league football player until last year, is utterly bored right now in retirement, will take any opportunity for possible entertainment.

Mats Meierhof
Dutch: 22 and a former teenage Dutch schlager sensation. Doesn’t understand why we was that. Doesn’t understand the Flemish of Ickx or the French/Letzeburgisch of Mounier. Does understand he’s here because he likes cars and likes to drive.

Together they form: Team Forgotten Glory of the BeNeLux*.

*(Not related to any diminished public perception of PMI Usurper cars since 1946, I promise.)


Team Shitbox Brothers’ pits

Alejandro: “And we have our own pits. Such luxury, eh?”

Ana: “Well, everyone taking part in this has their own, we’re no exception.”

Alejandro: “Did you check the other pits? What are we up against?”

Ana: “Well, there’s a Kansai G, seems to be the basic FWD one. Guy has put some mods on the powerplant though, so we should watch out. There’s a couple cars from the 80s, haven’t seen if they have any mods so we better keep an eye on them as well. Ah, the lads from the Truckling are here! Went and said hello to them, they brought a vary basic 80s econobox. Seeing what the rest have brought I’d say we’re golden.”

Alejandro: “Careful there, who knows if we’ll be able to complete this.”

Ana: “True. Let’s see how it all goes.”

(@Madrias if you want to write any cross rp it’s on you now :wink:)


The Lemons Police

They’re a team of four dudes. They are Seasoned veterans of the Lemons Endurance series. They also like to play pretend. This year, they’re taking their brand of crazy to Europe for the 24 Hour Clunker.

The Car: A JDM 1961 Sakura Empress 25x they found for sale on some shady back-market site. It was theirs for only like $500, give or take. It has all the added gaff of a Police car, with some Liberties. It also has no bonnet because their mechanic is lazy.

The Team

Liam “The Chief” O’Niel: American. The semi-lead of the operation, he is in his mid 30’s, has a career as a truck driver. He’s the Chief of the Lemons Police.

Pete “The Sarge” Owens: American. The other Semi-lead, he’s in his late 20’s, and works for a Kimura dealership as a salesman. He’s the Enforcer of the Force.

Kevin “The Rookie” Jackson: British. The Oldest member of the team, in his late 40’s, he’s a Software developer, and part-time mechanic. He’s irritable.

Charlie “Wheels” Newgarten: American. The Wheelchair bound mechanic of Lemon PD. He’s in his early 20s, and knows his way around a car. He’s actually an Amateur Drifter, but isn’t allowed to drive here.


GRANDPA’S AXE - Lookout, there’s an Oldman on the track!
It’s OLD, man! In 1957, back when lead wasn’t toxic, these things were considered sub-par, but still sporty enough to be seen in. Barry, Darren and Tim are 3 brothers from Melbourne whose grandfather used to own one of these cars. They were crossing some old farm on a pan-European holiday (snooping in places they had no right to) and they saw this under a tarp. When they asked the owner, he had no idea how long it had been there and sold it to them cheap.
They got it to start and managed to drive it here without being pulled over by the police even once. Let’s see if their luck holds.


One about Ferrain brand.
That brand aren’t exporting cars to other countries because cars that they are rare , cheap and they are special only possible to buy in poland.(Like PUBG on Xbox or Forza 5 on xbox or other examples)
It’s almost like FSO or Fiat.


And that was the twist the story took too, the cars never arrived to Sweden, just some doomed company that had their unrealistic fantasies of getting them in here. :slight_smile:
(There has been such stories about FSOs, Trabants, Mexican beetles and many more cars, some people saw a market for them and had fantasies about importing them to Sweden but it ended in bankrupcy, and I had my thoughts that Ferrain was such a car company that you are describing. :wink: )


#86 - Team Mountain Pass


The Aussie team of Automotive journalists are at it again, propping up flagging magazine sales via write-ups of grassroots racing competitions!

Team Lead/Driver One: Pierre Mountbatten, 55 yrs old, Veteran journalist and owner of Mountain Pass.

Driver Two: Kyle Logan, 39 yrs old, head photographer and chief vehicle procurement officer!

Driver Three: Rebecca O’Shea, 27 yrs old, Head of Mountain Pass’s social media division and apprentice journalist.

Driver Four: Andrew Morgan, 43 yrs old, Senior journalist and resident drift expert!


The Car

A 2008 Bogliq Kitten Gi modified by Kyle to qualify for the Clunkers 24hr. Team Mountain Pass are fond of the diminutive l’il Bogliq and are looking to bring home the bacon via a smart vehicle choice and skilled, enthusiastic drivers. Don’t forget to stop by our pit area for a free magazine and a story about a Bogliq racecar, a mack truck and Pierre running for his life!!!


“propping up flagging magazine sales”… “free magazine”…

Online publication is the way of the now!


I allowed for a personalized starting number on the Bogliq, because I didn’t see any reasons why not. If anyone else want it changed I’m willing to do that too.


Could the Shitbox Brothers get the #28 number? :thinking:


LSV Buccaneer DIY Sport

LSV Buccaneer DIY Sport is basically the stock Buccaneer Resto, but the suspension has been tweaked.

I add more text when I get time.


16k is a lot of budget to throw around, but this challenge actually asks for a proper shitbox… I might self impose a limit of about half as much as this and give it a crack haha.

EDIT: @Knugcab are we allowed to change the brakes???


I was thinking a bit like this, that for example an used BMW can be picked up for quite cheap IRL when old enough even though it was expensive as new… But of course, it allows for cars a fair bit over “clunker” level too. I will try to improve rules the next time I hold a competition, it was not really easy doing this for the first time.


Team 4-Aces

A team of four brothers who have come together for their first foray into this sort of race. Each of them has had experience in motorsport before, but none are professionals.

Henry: At 38, he’s the oldest but also the least experienced, only just getting into autokhana and rally 3 years ago.

Dave: The most experienced of the four, he is 36 years old and has been competing in various forms of motorsport since he was racing go-karts at 14.

Will: 32 years old and primarily interested and experienced in drag-racing, he is the most successful of the brothers but also the least comfortable with endurance races.

Trev: At only 23, he is the ‘baby’ of the family, but is the most competent at and knowledgeable of the engineering and mechanics aspects of racing.

Each of the brothers has a collection of cars in various stages of repair and suitability for racing. Unfortunately none of them would compromise and “donate” a vehicle for this competition. Chipping in their money together, they fortuitously managed to obtain a rare 1977 AAAA - V200 GTX, although it was in very poor condition. What spare cash they had left over was used on repairs and freshening up the tired engine, bringing it back into spec. Flaking chrome was covered in black paint wherever it was found, and exhaust and suspension replaced with more sporting versions.

Here’s the entry:

A photo of a restored example in the same “Blue Prince” colour:


I think your budget is fine as it allows for freedom of design choices. My car cost just under 13K so I think maybe a restriction of car types based on age would be more appropriate.


  • New cars (2001 - 2008) restricted to supermini and small cars inc. appropriate engine and gearbox for that class
  • 1980’s to 2000 cars to be sedans (2 or 4dr), hatches or wagons w/ appropriate engine and gearbox for era
  • older than 1980 has to be sedan or wagon only w/ appropriate engine and gearbox choice

Then state no supercars, no GT’s or sports cars and you’re golden! A ruleset that allows lots of varied entries but they’re all crap and/or boring!