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24 hour clunker challenge - FINAL RESULTS!


Cmon Revero, don’t drink all your fuel.


Why I am six on that race but not last?
Because that car have
4.0 V8 with VVT with power 420hp
95 ron
no turbo
Off-road suspension
aluminium things
mini spoiler
Rally lights for Night races
I can fly but i must use fire from mufflers on side of car.


You only have 4 rally lights. I have 6 so therefore am better.


I have also lights to have better visibility to see what is not on track.It’s almost side lights.
I upgraded car after this post because i had too big brakes


Well you see, Im ahead of you while only using a car that has

a 1.8L turbo i4 making roughly half the power of yours (185), is made from steel, has only one wing, and has torsion beam rear suspension :wink:


You have better mass ratio.
On front i have mcPherson and on rear i have double wishbone suspension.
I have 50:50 power ratio on front to rear because that was giving almost the best results and i don’t changed ratios of gears.You have better downforce (I have some) and better mass than and that is giving advantage on corners , more traction on acceleration and etc.
I only noob on game and you setup of car is better because you played lot.:slight_smile:


Weight is the key here. A ute weighs a lot while small hatchbacks are as light as a feather and hence, better power-to-weight ratio. AWD/4X4 also makes your car heavier because of those 2 differential. Your ute’s advantage is ramming everybody, hot hatches have agility, acceleration and can fit to tight spaces.


It took me 30 minutes to make my car. Most of that time was spent on the design. I spent fuck all time tuning because suspension tuning is a PITA. Also, no I dont have a better power to weight ratio, because my car is made entirely of steel and the engine makes fuck all power.


I spent only 10 minutes.
I have worser Cx and i have 4x4/AWD (Road/Race) and ramming isn’t only one advantage of car.(Only two drivers from my team use ramming at races and they love broken brakes)


People, when you are quite done one-upping over text :weary:

The Automation Test Track actually has some pretty high speed segments so power to weight ratio or not, if you have a low top speed due to high drag (the box body I use has a coefficient of .374 whereas the coupe body UMGaming uses has something like 0.25), it’s gonna get in the way, provided you have enough power to get up to those speeds in the first place.


Luke was still cursing over the radio about the Minerva’s suspension and the ten-tons of understeer in every corner at speed when he realized he’d overshot the corner and ended up sliding through the dirt and mud. Luckily, the chunky inline 4 didn’t stall, and the car had just enough momentum left to crawl out of the dirt and back onto the track.

Several laps later, Luke realized he was about to become the definition of insanity as he approached the same corner going way-too-fast again, the tires wailing as he fought to keep the car going around the corner, the body roll threatening to pick the inside tires up off of the ground.

“Give me some good news, Amy.” Luke said.

“The engine’s running, you haven’t put the car in a wall, you’ve avoided the third-to-reverse maneuver, and you’re not in last place.”

“Good enough.” Luke said, belting the 2.6 liter inline four down another straightaway. Every minor bump made the springs squeak, and it was obvious the car was suffering ever-so-slightly from some less-than-perfect rubber bushings going bad.

“If you push the car a bit harder, you might be able to pass that Sakura.” Jake said over the radio.


After 4 hours, the Espyo is leading the race, followed by the Matteo and the Caliban, the Keika, Nohda and Ferrain also have passed the magical 100 lap limit. The AAAA is into a quite heavy skid, but Henry manages to regain control, but the much faster Espyo is reaching the spinning AAAA with quite high speed, forcing the Espyo of the track with a stalled engine. It seems like it has a hard time starting again…and there, after a loud bang and flames through the exhaust system, the Espyo is running and on the track again. Also, the Matteo and the LSV has to avoid the spinning cars, but manages to do it. Shin Ztami in the Ferrain is a little bit too hard on the throttle, almost hits the barrier, but probably due to the advanced AWD system he manages to regain control outside the track. Mats Hansen in the IP however is having a much harder time, going off the track at the same place, but he doesn’t hit the barrier either, even if it’s the IPs slow speed to thank for it this time. The Suzume and the Bogliq also is close to go off the track in the same place, but as they say, close but no cigar.

The next car to spin out in the same place is the Sakura, but not even close to the barrier this time and is quickly on the track again. Appearantly, Shin Ztami in the Ferrain is trying to get a higher ranking by jamming the throttle now, because at the next lap he’s almost off the track again but this time he never leaves it completely. Seems like a lot of cars have a hard time staying on the track now, the Erin, the Nohda, the Birmingham are all facing problems, as are the Caliban and the Buccaneer. The thirsty Revero is going to the pits to refuel a THIRD time, while the fuel sippers, the Nohda and the Bogliq haven’t been into the pits for refuelling yet, but probably it is soon quite empty in their tanks too.

It seems like the Oldmans fuel problems are back, Barry is trying to pump the pedal to make it run at all, and BANG! all of a sudden all the power is back, too quickly, sending the Oldman straight forward in the curve, hitting the barrier quite hard, mashing in the front end. It seems like Barry is able to drive it back on the track again but probably there will be some time in the pits. The Minerva once again is facing problems too with its rudimentary suspension system, running off the track one more time but surviving unscratched. The Matteo is facing similar problems as the Oldman, engine is dying and all of a sudden comes alive again, making it hard to control, but Kai Kristensen manages to stay on track, after all the Matteo is a little bit better suited for spirited driving than the Oldman or the Minerva. The Birmingham is slowing down for some reason, and the Sakura is coming towards it with speed, forcing Liam O’Niel to brake hard not to hit it. The IP is also wildly spinning again and one starts to wonder if the Hansens did choose the completely wrong tyres for it this time.

After regaining speed, Victor Ruggla in the Birmingham tries to overtake the Sakura that is now in front of him, but he is a bit too brave there and almost goes off the track. The Oldman tries to brake but it seems like the ancient braking system is overheating and fading, causing it to hit the Minerva from behind. The Minerva is mostly bumped forward and doesn’t lose much time, and maybe there is a truth in the old saying that Minervas are sturdier than tanks, because while the Minerva seems to be mostly undamaged, the Oldman is going into the pits again, looking sorrier than ever, the fact that the sheetmetal probably is getting a bit soft now after all the crashes doesn’t help much either. However, the Minerva was sent forward into the Revero, the damage to the Revero is only slightly cosmetical but the hit made it spin out on the grass. The LSV, the Nohda, the Erin and the Caliban drivers all had to do their best to avoid the spinning Revero, but no further damage was done.

Ana Gutierrez in the Caliban seems to have troubles to get the car out of skidding after avoiding the Revero, but finally regains control. There is flames bursting out of the Espyo exhaust again, but it’s probably only something temporary. The Sakura and the Oldman seems to have some troubles with the bends again, and for some reason, it seems like Rick in the Suzume is banging the dashboard hard, probably trying to get something to work, god only knows what. Appearantly refuelling of the Sakura didn’t help, because the fuel delivery problem seems to be back.

What also seems to be back is the electrics trouble, or god-knows-what, in the Suzume because Rick is banging the dashboard harder than ever now. The Erin is the next car to go off the track, while the AAAA, Sakura, Oldman and Revero is close, probably driver fatigue is a fact now this close to the end of the first run. The Revero is at least going into the pits for its fourth refuelling now. All of the other cars have refuelled at least once too.

We start to think that Rick would become a good drummer, looking angrier than ever he keeps hitting the Suzumes dashboard, the IP gearbox is making funny noises again and the Sakura is starved of fuel once in a while, we are starting to learn the weak points of the cars by now. The Buccaneer is slipping a bit in the chicane, the Oldman is reaching it with too high speed we think, when trying to brake the rear wheels lock up causing the car to spin out of the track. The next one to leave the track in the chicane is Kai Kristensen in the Matteo, probably underestimating his speed. The Revero has some troubles getting through but still stays on the track at least. Followed by the Caliban and the Birmingham, also with what’s probably too high speed, but even they manage to stay on the track.

Another car with troubles in the chicane is the TSR, it seems like Lucas is running out of his energy drinks and looks tired, other than that we have to say that the TSR have been running very flawless this race, seems like a very solid car and Lucas is a much more skilled driver than anyone did expect. The gearbox in the Erin seems to have problems at downshifting still, as do the Sakura with its fuel delivery, almost dying but comes alive again with a great amount of wheelspin. There is some strange noises from the Bogliq engine which we hope is nothing serious. But now we have a real trouble on the track again, the AAAA, the Nohda and the Keika all goes off the track at the same location, while the Revero, the IP, the Caliban and the PMI is wildly skidding there, but staying on track at least. There is some misfiring from the Reveo when trying to gain speed again, and it seems like the Buccaneer has a leaky tyre that probably will be refilled in the pits when changing drivers in just some minutes.

Now we’re eight hours in the race, there is time for a change of drivers, and the positions are like this.

  1. Espyo Rusp, lap # 219
  2. Matteo Miglia, lap # 211
  3. Caliban Thunder, lap # 208
  4. Keika Hop, lap # 206
  5. Ferrain UtiPick, lap # 204
  6. Nohda Bop, lap # 204
  7. Birmingham 8000, lap # 197
  8. TSR Kansai, lap # 197
  9. Revero IRO-I, lap # 197
  10. LSV Buccaneer, lap # 196
  11. Suzume Haneda, lap # 188
  12. Bogliq Kitten, lap # 184
  13. PMI Usurper, lap # 183
  14. AAAA V200, lap # 181
  15. Erin Lomaron, lap # 179
  16. Sakura Empress (Duchess?), lap # 177
  17. Oldman series 1, lap # 175
  18. Minerva Bullet, lap # 175
  19. IP Pandora, lap # 168


My car’s drivability stat is starting to take its toll.


I’m still on the Caliban!

Totally not wishing for it to eat a guard rail


But at least it’s making OPEC happy!


You won’t catch me…not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE


Nooooooooooooooo! Anything but that!


“The Revero is at least going into the pits for its fourth refuelling now. All of the other cars have refuelled at least once too.” Sums up my car in a nutshell.


When the Oldman slammed into the back of Luke’s Minerva, and sent him sliding into the Revero, Luke got on the radio and yelled, “Oh, yes, you’re faster than me, so please, just use up my brakes! Sorry up front, I got driven into. Amy, Damage report.”

“Crack in the front bumper’s gotten wider, rear bumper’s split in half, and you’re missing all four hubcaps.” Amy replied.

“Damn it.” Luke said, revving the Minerva’s engine hard in third, then going for fourth. The engine backfired loudly, but Luke kept the car in the forward gears.

“Driver change coming up.” Amy said. “I’ll take the hot-seat next.”

“Change confirmed, then. Amy Storm will take the next 8 hours.”


“Any damage to mine?”