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24 hour clunker challenge - FINAL RESULTS!


“Maybe a wrinkle in the rear bumper. Other than the spin, you should be okay.” Luke radioed back to the driver of the Revero. “Sorry for costing you time.”


“Cheers, how did he rear end you when you’re sitting behind me? Surely the driver would have noticed!”


Radioes to Oldman “Track limits, respect them…”


“I would hazard a guess at brake fade. That thing’s quite old. Not like we haven’t had problems, either. Seems like every couple dozen laps, we slide off the track because of our suspension.” Luke replied to the driver of the Revero. “He probably couldn’t stop. Good thing our car is sturdy, and apparently, so is yours.”


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Ana’s voice: “Where has the accident been? I’m approaching the Slingshot right now.”


It’s all race-involved hence why it’s here.


“Check the left-hand tyres. You’ll see paint marks.”



JENNY: So! Can you really say that you are satisfied with what you have done?
MATS: If I push the accelerator any harder, the rusty old floorboards will fall out!
JENNY: Maybe you should use the steering wheel too and not just the accelerator, so you could stay on track too!
MATS: Whatever…will you or dad be driving next.
LARRY: I’ll be driving!
JENNY: Great! 8 hours in the pits with you, almost as nice as falling down in a volcano…
MATS: Well, 8 hours and then you can prove that you are a better driver than me!
JENNY: I doubt that the sh*tbox you bought will hold together for 8 more hours. By the way, it’s obvious that you like offroading.
MATS: Why?
JENNY: You keep the same speed as when you’re offroading and you’re at the tarmac about as often…
LARRY: CAN THE TWO OF YOU STOP FIGHTING? Is it something I need to know before I drive away?
MATS: Just floor the accelerator because you will never gain enough speed, and try not to ruin the gearbox, it’s starting to make strange noises.
LARRY: Anything more?
MATS: Try to crash a little bit less than the Oldman have done, we don’t have time for that!

The Pandora is leaving the pits with Larry behind the wheel and the story continues…


Meanwhile in the car:

Lucas: Noooooooooooo!!! I’m running out of Mountain Dews. S**t! I need to do something. Still have my doritos though Hmmmmmm… How about calling my best friend. It’s 8 hours in after all and I seem tired and I’m being flawless. Decisions, decisions… The judge might call me a cheater. Let’s hope not. Let’s do this!
Lucas: John! I need you.
John: I’m busy…
Lucas: No, I’m serious! I really need you!
John: Fine. Where?
Lucas: Uuuuhhhhhhhhh… The Automation Racetrack!
John: Are you kidding me? Pl…
Lucas: Now!
John: Fine. Just because I’m your brother. Bye.
Hangs up the phone…
Lucas: OK. Mission is on the way!


Team Greasy Lightning

“God damn,” Rick winced as he flexed his hand while getting out of the little turbo hatchback.

“What’s wrong?” Jen asked.

“Not sure. It’s getting annoying losing both the speedometer and the radio at the same time, though.”

Fuzz chuckled. “You tech guys think you can fix anything if you hit it hard enough.”

Rick rolled his eyes. “Yeah, genius. Just remember, it’s your turn. And it’s boring as hell sitting in that seat for 8 hours with NO GODDAMNED RADIO.”

Fuzz’s grin disappeared instantly. Meanwhile, Jen found humor in her brother’s misfortune…


Team Shitbox Brothers

The small GTurd arrives at the pits, the drivers door opening and Ana crawling out of the car.

Ana: "Alright, your turn to go in. Some people are constantly crashing, watch for debris and stuff.*

Alejandro: “Gotcha sis, let’s go.”

Alejandro sped off not too confidently, Alejandro feeling a bit uneasy, knowing the next eight hours would be the hardest. In an attempt to calm himself down, he pressed the radio button and said:

Alejandro: “Okay people, the next Shitbox Brother is behind the wheel. You better give me a good fight.”

To be continued


Luke hustled the Minerva Bullet into the pit lane, going for a quick driver change, with any luck.

Amy was standing there, already in her racing suit and helmet already on, ready for action. When Luke piled on the brakes, threw the car in neutral, and applied barely enough parking brake to hold it still, Amy grabbed the door handle, pulled the door open, and let Luke out. Luke stepped out quickly, helped Amy get buckled in, and closed the door. Amy released the parking brake, and took off down the pit lane with full aggression.

“That was a good change.” Jake said. “Give 'em hell.”


Ferrain PL Team
The black and pink UtiPick arrived to pits.
Shin: “It’s your turn now Krzesimir.Can you try to use oversteer and drafting at track?”
Krzesimir: “Yes, of course, I will also use one hand drive.Can I use only handbrake?(I like riding without brakes)”(God arm technique from Initial D)
Shin: “If you think you can be for 8 hours on 5th place you can use that.”
Krzesimir: “Thanks man.What’s with V8?Is that engine good?”
Shin: “Yes , it have lots of torque and it’s drinking almost lot of fuel , but have very fun sound”
Krzesimir: “What’s with the other parts?”
Shin: “I think they are good but I think about adding radio.It’s boring race without music”
Krzesimir: “Ok.I am bringing a helmet and the headphones to race?Shin , can you bring from pits MP3 for Igor?”
Shin: “Yes of course.”
Krzesimir: “I am getting from pits and starting to listen Eurobeat”
Eurobeat Intesifies


Team 4-Aces

Heard over the radio.

Henry: Far out Dave! Watch your driving! At this rate you’ll end up head first into a wall or something!

Will: Or in a fireball…

Dave: I’m trying guys. This thing is just too tail happy, there’s hardly any weight over the rear end remember. Plus, we’re competing against modern sports cars! I thought you guys said this would be a friendly clunker race!

Henry: It is! It’s not my fault if you’re too broke to afford that Baltazar Zepplin that I said we should get!

Trev: Shutup Henry. Dave, just be a bit more gentle on the throttle out of the corners and earlier on the brakes on entry. Remember that you’re probably one of the lightest cars out there - use that to your advantage. Your corner exit speed is more important. And next time you come in for fuel I’ll check the suspension and tyre pressures to reel in that back end a bit.


8 hours into the race and it seems like everybody has done their driver swaps now, except for Lucas in the TSR, who seems to have changed his mind about driving alone, waiting for his friend to arrive he is a bit late, but now he has finally taken over the wheel and even the TSR is away. Some of the drivers seems to need some time to learn, tires are slipping on both the Oldman, the Matteo, the Nohda and the Suzume. The strange flames out of the Espyo exhaust seems to be coming and going, and the Birmingham seems to be facing some small problems too.

Especially Darren in the Oldman and Fuzz in the Suzume looks like they could have used a little more training since now both cars are skidding off the track. The Birmingham, the Revero and the PMI also seems to have a hard time in some of the bends.

Talking about the PMI, it faces the same problem again as some of the other cars, a sudden misfire and power coming back to quickly results in wheelspin, the Oldman, Birmingham and Revero is once again facing problems, and it seems like Amy Storm also is in some trouble learning the kind of weird handling in the Minerva which is slipping and sliding a bit. Some of the faster cars, the Nohda, the Ferrain, the Caliban and the Espyo seems to take the bends with too high speed, which puts them into trouble too. The next car to skid off the track is the AAAA, causing the bonnet to burst open, maybe a result of the earlier crash damage, but it locks again when falling down and Dave can continue the race quickly again.

It seems like the crash did something to the drivers door too, which flies open in a curve, but Dave manages to get that one closed again just before it gets hit by the spinning Nohda, talk about luck. We hear some misfiring from the Keika, but what’s even worse is that both the Suzume and the Minerva seems to be reaching a bend with way too high speed, we now see the difference between the cars, the Suzume oversteers and skids out of the grass while the Minerva is plowing forward and BANG! there it hits the Erin in its rear door! Both cars are a quite sad sight afterwards, the Erin probably has to go into the pits for a while to get the door strapped in place since the lock seems to have been damaged, making the door burst open and hanging on the crooked hinges while the Minervas bumper almost are touching the front tyres, making it a slow ride back into the pits. But we think that a repair still might be possible. Meanwhile out on the grass the stalled Suzume refuses to start, but believe it or not, Fuzz is beating hard on the dashboard and the engine comes alive as lively as ever before, I bet that car has some really dodgy electrics! Learning nothing from the Minervas and the Suzumes mistake, the next car to spin out is the Revero.

Something might have happened to the Erins rear suspension in the crash since it’s wagging its tail a bit coming out from the pits. At the same time Amy Storm seems to have a hard time even getting OUT of the pits with the Minerva, constantly getting the car into reverse. Finally coming back on the track, she nearly hits Pete Owens in the Sakura, causing some heavy skidding for both of the cars trying to avoid a crash. Being quite free from trouble this far, the LSV Buccaneer comes tail first into a curve, which ends out on the grass, shortly after comes the Suzume and one can really wonder when Fuzz is going to learn about how that car handles. After one of the countless refuellings of the Revero it misfires for a while, may be some contaminated fuel, but it finally stops and the Revero can continue as usual.

It seems like Amy have learned how to handle the Minerva now, slowing down before the curves, but one that’s not slowing down is Alejandro Gutierrez in the Caliban, driving straight into the back of the Minerva! Once again, the tank-like construction of the Minerva seems to have saved the car, while the home-made wood paneling on the Caliban shatters into pieces. The Oldman and Sakura swerwes to avoid getting flying wood debris in the windshield, so does the LSV Buccaneer but with less luck than the competitors since the Buccaneer ends up buried a far bit into the barrier, resulting in a visit to the pits for the LSV as well as for the Caliban.

The next one to get in trouble because of the shattered wood is Larry Hansen in the IP. Getting a flat rear tire from a screw remaining in a piece on the track, the back end of the IP goes sideways into the guardrail, sending even the IP into the pits for a while. A bit ahead we hear the familiar grinding sound of the Erin gearbox, though it seems like it refuses to give up, the PMIs windshield wipers seems to have started themselves for some reason and Andrée Mounier is flipping the lever back and forth like crazy, but finally they stop. The Revero still has some misfiring now and then, as does the Oldman, once again ending up with spinning tires when the power comes back. And now we hear some REALLY nasty sounds from the Minervas gearbox and Amy Storm seems to be panicking behind the wheel, finally downshifting to second gear at way too high revs, the agricultural engine seems to have survived the mishap but she really will lose some time on this. The AAAA and the Nohda has to swerwe to avoid the engine-braking Minerva, not noticing the cars approaching from behind, the Birmingham and the Buccaneer, causing them to swerwe too, but none of the cars got damaged in the process.

Probably still nervous after the incident with the gearbox, Amy Storm forgets to slow down before the chicane, which is really very much more than the handling of the Minerva is allowing for, causing it to skid off the track again. Another driver with a maybe too spirited driving style is Larry Hansen in the IP, he has been driving on the limit for very long now, but is finally ending up on the grass, barely missing to hit the Minerva. The Erin and the Sakura is taking the chicane more carefully but still has problems with some skidding. Krzesimir in the Ferrain seems to have adopted a very aggressive driving style but now he’s going over the limit, doing a 360 degree spin on the track, causing the Nohda to swerwe out on the grass.

But what now? The Caliban once again hits a car, this time the Bogliq, sending the light Bogliq spinning around in circles on the track, almost flipping over but landing on all four wheels quite undamaged. Something that’s not undamaged is the Caliban, with lots of fragile components exposed since the wood paneling shattered in the last accident, sending the Caliban to the pits once again.

One car that has been running flawlessly though is the TSR, not a single incident in four hours, and being two rookie drivers we have to say we are very happy for Johns and Lukas sake.

Four hours into the second part of the race, half time before driver swap and the results this far is as following:

  1. Espyo Rusp, lap # 327
  2. Matteo Miglia, lap # 316
  3. Keika Hop, lap # 309
  4. Caliban Thunder, lap # 309
  5. Nohda Bop, lap # 307
  6. Ferrain UtiPick, lap # 306
  7. Birmingham 8000, lap # 295
  8. TSR Kansai, lap # 295
  9. Revero IRO-1, lap # 295
  10. LSV Buccaneer, lap # 291
  11. Suzume Haneda, lap # 283
  12. Bogliq Kitten, lap # 276
  13. PMI Usurper, lap # 275
  14. AAAA V200, lap # 273
  15. Sakura Empress (Duchess?), lap # 267
  16. Erin Lomaron, lap # 266
  17. Oldman Series 1, lap # 266
  18. Minerva Bullet, lap # 260
  19. IP Pandora, lap # 251


Going to the pit stop
Lucas: Here I go. John, you better be there. Wait, where’s John. John, John, John!!!
John: Here I go brother!
Lucas: Where have you been?!
John: Let’s not talk about that shall we?
Gets in car and go


Barry (in car): “This is harder than steering the old quad.”
Tim (radio): "Yeah, it ought to be. Those tyres looked looked that were almost as old as the rest of the car. "
Barry: “Oh, crap! Get out of the way!”
There was a loud noise over the radio, like when two cars collide.
Barry: “Guys, I hit the so-sue-me. And, judging by the way this thing handles, it’s not going to be the last prang. I’m coming in next time around.”
Tim: “We’ll be waiting.”

—4hr mark—
Barry (in car): “Go, you pile of shit! No! Woah! Stop!” CRUNCH
Darren (radio): “Ha ha ha!”
Barry: “I think I bent something. See you in a couple of minutes.”

—A bit later, when stuff has been kicked back “into shape”—
Barry (in car): “There’s that rich guy! HEY! RICH GUY! I’LL HIT YOU AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE AN ACCIDENT.”
So, he did… And people believed it. Almost…
A random radio voice: “Track limits, respect them…”

—At the end of the stint, driver change time, Darren buckles in.
Barry: “It’s looking sorry, and steering worse. Try using other cars as brakes.”
Darren: “Piss off, mate.”




LARRY: Flat tire rear left, fix it, quickly.
MATS: OK, we’ll do it then. Seems like we can do with some beating on the wheelarch too if we want a wheel to fit there again…
Mats opens the rear hatch, gives the rear fender a hard kick from the inside, quickly jumps out and bends out the arch. After changing the tire, the Pandora is ready to go again.
MATS: Look what is in the old tire, a piece of wood with a damn wood screw!
JENNY: What? Wood?
MATS: Yeah, unbelievably, the shitbox team made new panels out of wood and it passed through the safety check.
JENNY: I can’t believe it did!
MATS: They could at least have used cardboard and styrofoam. Nicer to the tyres at least.
JENNY: Honey, are you a bit grumpy today?
MATS: No, but this should be a race for real cars. Clunkers, yes, but wood belongs on a soapbox racer. Look how the Caliban splintered. Our doghouse is sturdier than that!
JENNY: It could be at last, do you remember that you promised to fix the doghouse?
MATS: Yes, and I ALSO REMEMBER THAT I DIDN’T SAY WHEN! Ha! So the promise is still kept!
JENNY: However, I still think that we have more or less lost this race.
MATS: More than half of the race left, we won’t win on speed but we can win over a broken down car by finishing.
JENNY: I doubt the Pandora is reliable enough for that.
MATS: You may have a point. We’ll see!


“I swear this thing has eaten its tyres!” Screams the ex-factory driver for Revero.