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3 Wheelers? Yes or No


I’ve got to admit there is so much potential with this game especially with the new engine, and there is a pretty endless amount of things to do. However I would so love to see people create reliant robin look alikes with one wheel at the front or even cars with one wheel at the back. Throughout history, cars, pickup trucks and full cab over style trucks have used the ‘three wheeler’ design and having this in automation could add endless amounts of building, especially when it comes to competitions, what do you guys think?


3 Wheelers would require more effort to simulate properly than diesel engines or rotaries or any of the other ‘maybe in the future but probably not’ suggestions. You’re talking about changing the fundamental calculations for basically every aspect of building a car’s chassis and suspension, that is not something that makes sense for a relatively uncommon style of design.


Not possible without massively reworking the game.

It’s not in the scope of the game anyways.


Yeah, it’s nice to see the devs taking significantly Moreno interest in the competition she as of late, and things su h a small diesels and rotary engines would add so much more to these competitions, I just wanted to see whatnot people think, the Devs do have their hands full Arne the moment especially with the campaign Side of things


You could always flare the front arches massively and bring the track out all the way!