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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


I did a search of this post and didnt find anything related to this so here goes. Would someone be willing to make some rear side marker lights? Pretty much the exact same as the ambers we have now for the front but for use on the rear (hence the red coloring instead of amber). Perfect Example here: preview.netcarshow.com/Ford-Must … 024-03.jpg

EDIT: And if these have already been created can someone point me in the right direction? Maybe toss them in the Community Mod pack if so?


Is it possible for somebody to make a Not-Audi TT and/or R8 style body(ies)? I thought those body shapes would be a very neat addition to the game in terms of what you could do with them (I would make them if I could, absolutely no experience on how to use the programs needed) :smiley:
If they exist already, could you link me to them please? Thanks!


Can somebody make a badge of this for me, please? Thanks in advance.


I’m look for a 3d artists. Who could make a 2013 mustang gt model for the game. Any help to welcome.


Please post in this thread here: automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=5344&start=220 instead of making new threads.

Merged, thanks.


may i request a (potentially really dumb) body, how about something like a kenworth k100 just to have some type of massive semi build possible in automation, heres a pic http://i.ytimg.com/vi/51bFhg0VHcI/maxresdefault.jpg


Could someone make a body and headlamps from this car:
static.classistatic.de/imagegall … 1_rs_1.jpg


Okay, after several months of thinking about it, I have decided to request some badges. Please let me know directly if you’re committing to get it done, and if you would like anything done in return (like draw/design you something, or build a car for you… though I obviously can’t 3d model else I’d do it myself lol).

First, the official Gryphon Gear badge:

Vectorised files have been attached, if required. All original GG cars are carbon fiber bodies, so this badge is designed really just to look like a slight embossing or stamping of the bodywork, except without paint. This means that it doesn’t really need to be bevelled or anything (unless you think it’s a better idea), and should be only just thick enough that it doesn’t cause stamping issues when placing it on a bonnet/trunk. I would specifically like the material to be the carbon fiber finish, but I would be extra grateful if it could also be available in the usual chrome trim, as well as the matte plastic trim.

Second, the official GG Tune badge, which really should be designated as an exhaust, as it’s designed to be placed on the trunk, to the side.

This one is more like the regular lettering seen with the lettering pack, though of course the same deal with the materials would be totally awesome.

Many thanks to whoever picks this request up!
GGlogo.zip (37.6 KB)


Could this be made into a logo i would really appreciated. :smiley: no need for the name and slogan just the logo



After a while pondering, I decided to ask for help.

I would like a logo done for my company. What I want is a wolf-facing-forwards-but-looking-to-the-side-cliche badge. If anyone could do that for me, I would be forever grateful.





Would like to request a badge for Lightstar - I’d make one myself, but sadly the only modelling tool I have access to is Blender (not a student anymore so can’t get 3ds MAX).

Basic concept is a 8-pointed star, with the ‘smaller’ points enclosed in a circle. Somewhat like this, though the circle/rim can be a bit thicker;

Hopefully someone can help with this.



Hi i’ve designed a logo but I ca’t 3d model. Could someone turn my logo into a badge for me. This is it

If you want more info PM me and if you take it on please send me the finnished product.



I was hoping someone could make me a police siren was wanting to make unmarked police cars using some of my friends custom models but his computer is acting up so he cant do it would be made as a wing… I want it to be new style sirens with the single bar




I lack 3ds and was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me some word badges (the kind on the exhaust tab) and a couple of badges. Looking for the words: ValRaven, Gryffin, Chimera, Arrow, Fenrir, and Odin. For badges I am looking for a logo for my company, ValRaven and also Gryffin and Chimera badges that look a bit more like those creatures than the ones that are already in the game I have some art that I like as logos. I am patient and understand if this is too much to ask for. PM if you are interested in helping.


Would be really happy if someone could do this one


I am curious if someone could make a badge for me. It is for my company, and though I have been making cars without the badge for a while now, I would like that special something to add to them. The base logo is in the picture below, though it would be nice if you can make an older looking one as well, with wings of something coming off the sides. If you can help me, thank you! I will be patient, I can see you guys have a lot to work through :slight_smile:


Hello ,
can someone help me maybe ?
I would like to create my own logo or logo and then attach to my vehicles in the game .

How do you enable or who can help me and tell me how to do that .

Thank you for your help

my Company: automationhub.net/company-catalog/company/144


Those remind me of something… I think i might have seen someting like that before. :smiley: :smiley:


Yes, this logo has been around since 1948 :stuck_out_tongue:
see history of my company:
:smiley: :smiley:
The Auto Union Germany (AUD) own spelling AUDIE (where stands for the abbreviation “ie” for Innovative development is a German automobile manufacturer with multiple manufacturing locations in Germany. Headquartered company in Bavaria Upper Franconia.
After the end of World War II, the Allies decided in West sector, build the ruined automotive company again. However, since the raw materials and production machines were scarce and almost all production facilities were destroyed during the war it was what automotive company to build again faced with the problem.
It came to the conclusion from the former automobile companies DMW (German car engines), hearkenest Automobil GmbH and the MSU (motors Ulm) merge
From this then the Union today Company name (Innovative Development Auto Union Germany) was AUDIE
Not destroyed by the war production machines were dismantled partially, transported by the allied forces, through Germany and built in Upper Franconia again.
On August 11, 1948, supported by the Marshall Plan and the currency reform of the Federal Republic, the company was under the name entered in the register AUDIE -AUTO Union Germany-.
Upon completion of the production halls started from 01.01.1951 with the production of the first production cars of 156F.
By optimizing production and the knowledge of the individual at that vehicle manufacturers could build on the success of the pre-war years in the mid-1950’s.
The models have been designated until 1963 after the numeric horsepower. The first was called AUDIE 156F.Dieser name was as follows. The “1” represents the first model.The following number “56” refers to the horsepower. The “F” stand for “vehicle”.
AUDIE builds highly reliable and comfortable cars in different sectors. The three rings symbolize the union of the individual automobile companies of 1948th
From the mid-1970 years shone AUDIE by various technological advances such as “Sichsym” a self-developed security system designed to protect the vehicle occupants in the event of an accident to strong injuries. The fuel-efficient engines and the distinctive body shape shaped the image of the company today.
Since 1985, the advertising slogan is: “Technological progress” out. The Sportline Edition round abbreviated to


Can I Ask for transforming images to car logos?


Barth Customs


thanx in advance