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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


Hi everyone,

I would like to put my logo on some of my automobiles.

If you can make it, please message me either here on this thread or by email at mitoand9@yahoo.it.

Thank you!


Were is that sweet LMP1 body :question:
there are a lot of old bodies but what about a new one :question:
i want one like this


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Requests should go here: automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=5344


I would love man if you could make an Evo 9 model Grills and all that stuff that would be awesome http://gascash.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/evo-9-new-cars-6-on-cars-reviews.jpg


Ok really simple badge request here.
The Black area is the badge.
Could I get it in chrome, black, black with dark red thin outline and dark red with thin black outline.
Thanks in advance.


I just realized… There’s a resounding lack of modern SUVs and crossovers. I don’t usually like either but I was planning on building an SUV… Something similar to the 2016 Volvo XC90 and the Range Rover Sport, but there’s nothing… The closest is the very large SUV that reminds me of the Suburban/Tahoe etc. I know how to 3D Model but it’s been forever since I’ve touched 3D MAX.

Also, I love Pyrlix’s chrome/plastic strips. Is there anyway to add a variant which has a tail light? Having a strip like that with a tail light texture would be beyond invaluable.


Can i have a body that looks like a small school bus? My car company, Cardinal Automobiles tried some vans but they didn’t look good.

Here is how i want the body to look like:


I want 2 versions made. 1 with the wheelchair door and one without the wheelchair door.


Can you please upload this logo to workshop? it’s for my company Numotore.


I wouldn’t mind a big hood scoop.


If anyone could do a version of my avatar I should be eternally grateful. I am also looking for roof-rails and bonnet/tailgate mounted spare wheel (like you might find on some 4x4’s) if anyone is interested. Thanks.


Hey guys, what about some “Spoilerlips” diffusors like some of those:

or some blocky exhausts like this:

sorry if this was already suggested, but htis grids my gears :smiley:


can anyone upload this to the workshop?


Can anyone make this logo for me. I am so happy when you can do that


What about wepons to build up a Death Race car. I like this massiv havey Cars. http://t14.deviantart.net/AdEjZYSEs6UNID1V4mQP1V4sitU=/300x200/filters:fixed_height(100,100):origin()/pre11/a1bb/th/pre/f/2011/236/9/9/death_race_mustang_by_sammyp86-d47oawx.jpg


enowa, this is not 'Nam. This is automotive. There are rules. :wink:

For reference


[quote=“WoarLord”]Hey guys, what about some “Spoilerlips” diffusors like some of those:

or some blocky exhausts like this:

sorry if this was already suggested, but htis grids my gears :smiley:[/quote]

I have in my post car diffussers.


If you don’t mind, may i bother one of our amazing 3D-artists to rework my forumavatar into a carbadge.
Feel free to adjust color to chrome :slight_smile:

thanks a lot


I’d really like a new car body: Namely, something in the style of the Toyota 7 prototype racecar

The open engine bay is what interests me most. I really love it.


Maserati Bora, Lamborghini Miura, Corvette Sting Ray '63-> I would really, really love to see those body styles in the game!


May someone please make my badge for me and put it up on the workshop (that way I can use it on my competition cars)?
May it please be one solid circle with a white background and a glassy type cover over it, similar to what the BMW badge is like.
Thanks heaps in advance