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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


can i get somebody to make me a badge, something like the dorito’s triangle but fully in chrome?


I’m looking to see if anyone can make a sporty coupe body like a Nissan Altima or Cadillac CTS Coupe. If so, plz reply


I think automation has a lot of old car bodies but hardly any new ones. I would really like a mid-size crossover suv type thing,with a curvy front end that makes fixture work easier. 5 seats should be fine.
If it could have a front end a bit like the Antara, that would be awesome, and an overall body shape like the X-Trail/rogue would be perfect. If you can, please reply.


Still need a badge done, anyone?


nobody fulfills these requests, it will just be incomplete unless you do it yourself or someone eventually makes one


Yeah, as I think Tycondero’s got their badge (I think), I’m fairly sure no requests after that (on page 21) have been fulfilled.

…mine is on page 23 :stuck_out_tongue:


Logo(badge) question:

As ive read in the last page it seems no one does badges anymore? i have a request for one but since it looks like no one does them anymore, would anyone know how i could go about making one on my own? i dont know where to start though so if someone could tell me how to get started i could try to make my own. if its not that simple then please PM me or let me know if you’d make a badge for me. If someone is interested in making a badge for me i can explain what i want and try to put up some font examples i have (its not that crazy its just the numbers 417).


Does nobody really make badges anymore? I’d learn, but I can’t access 3DSMax.


no, last fulfilled request was back on page 21, and i’m sure there is other software avaliable, anybody ever have a go with blender?


someone still wanna try making it? i want a badge that’s super simple.

a silhouette of a komodo (animal) on a circle background with the top half red, and bottom half white


Are external headlamps possible? Like the kind you would see on cars in the 1930’s?


I’m thinking they are, but based on how the fixtures attach to the bodywork, unless they’re placed mostly on top of a fender or hood, they’d appear halfway hidden in the bodywork. I haven’t played around with making fixtures so I can’t say for sure.


I have a coupe of requests, first of which is a badge for my company based off of my original mspaint creation (doesn’t have to be exact). The second is side exhaust, particularly BTCC Next Gen style. PS: the badge has a grey outline around the blue, so if you want the blue could be black or void, also it doesnt have to be color. it can be all chorme or black or even body color.


Something like a Jaguar XKSS or an Aston Martin DBR1 inspired body would be nice. Basically any sort of race-car inspired, front engine body for the late 50s and 60s. Heck, a mid-engine race car inspired body for that era would be awesome too, but we already have two mid-engine bodies for the 60s.


Hi can any make my logo a badge?



Would someone be able to make the 3 logos attached into badges for me please?

Alternatively is there an “Idiot’s guide to making Automation badges” available?

Thanks in anticipation.


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Can i have this one made for front and rear and if its not too time consuming a small 3d bonnet badge


sorry, nobody really seems to be making badges anymore unfortunately



sorry, nobody really seems to be making badges anymore unfortunately[/quote]

Oh right