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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


3DS isn’t difficult to learn for basic modding…I’ve got the hang of it and I’m 47…so pretty sure “youngsters” will be able to get the hang of it.

The move to UE4 will allow other modelling software to be used but, in it’s current Kee engine incarnation, for now it’s 3DS Max.


I’d like to request, if it hasn’t been requested already, a Mk 1 Escort body, and, grille to go along with it.


One of my all time favourite cars and one that would definitely be in my dream garage.


So I need 3DS Max 2013 32-bit student edition? Damnations, now to go find where the hell that is…


Very similar body is already in the game, maybe even identical after some morphing.


It appears 3DS Max 2013 doesn’t have a student edition, that was only from 2014 onwards. Are you sure 2014 won’t work?


3dsmax 2013 has been discontinued by Autodesk
I can confirm that 32 bit 2013 version is the last version that supports the kajira export tool currently needed.
This will all change once the game moves to the unreal engine


Could I have a W engine option? With cylinder numbers ranging from 16 to 28.
Oh, and Super Chargers and Compressed Air Superchargers


First, read the name of the thread. 3D LOGO REQUESTS.

Second, you already asked that here --> Hyper car parts and setups and you were told to read the FAQ.


not just logos. It says that at the top. And I’m requesting it as a Mod


ANd that’s a developer question which goes in the…did you read the FAQ?


Well, mods don’t work that way, the things that can be mod are bodies, fixtures and rims, and you can get pretty creative modding those. But engines and all that is related to them, as well as drivetrains, brakes, interiors… up to this point can’t be modded.
Now, W engines won’t be in the game as far as I know, but superchargers will be, but they will be added in later stages of development.


So it turns out if I model in SketchUp, export into a .dae file and send it to someone with 3DS Max of any version, it should work.

export your sketchup scene as “3d model” - “google earth x (*.kmz)”
find the file and rename it to “.zip”
unzip the content of the file
open max - choose “file” - “import” - choose “dae” file format, and open your file
if 3ds max says something like:
-Warning: Meter conversion factor is too small or invalid: 0.01
there is a way to change this:
open the .dae file in your favorite text-editor.
find the line:
unit name=“centimeters” meter=“0.01”
relpace “0.01” with something bigger, like “1.00”
save the file
now you should be able to import the scene into 3ds max

Would you mind giving it a try? I’ll make a circle with a square inscribed or something simple and upload it here and see how it goes.


If anyone could try this, tak. I don’t need it right away, so please feel free to take your time.


I would like a body in the style of a BMW Isetta. Also, is this thread even used anymore?


And also, yes this is a 4 wheel car. The wheels are closer together in the back so I don’t know if it is possible to
do that. If not moving the wheels would work too, I think.