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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


Would it even fit in the car designer room?


Its from Mannheim… we can make smaller busses here too

[size=50](Its on my “Try” List)[/size]


[quote=“Noporian”]Could anyone try to do a bus like this?

I was thinking about if a bus or heavy duty trucks would be possible


We can invent busses with the diesels YAY
/ironic off


I don’t know the exact length of the car designer garage but it seems to be about 15meters wide, since when I accidentaly made my minitruck 10 times too big I could still see the side panels.

Worst case scenario there are some fairly short buses on the market. My city has a few of them on less popular routes.


About the bus topic:

Started working on a Vario 814D alike - with a lenght between 10 and 6 metres.


Nice :smiley:

But then we’d still be lacking a flatnose bus? For like mass city transport
I was looking for something that’s sort of a copy of this:

BTW example from my hometown, was surprised they could afford so many high quality mercedes buses

So like maybe a not-citaro


Reposting a request from earlier, if nobody minds:


Also, I’ve been meaning to ask if somebody could try to port and/or convert some of the BeamNG models to this game as well; my favorite models thus far are the Moonhawk, Grand Marshal, Gavril pickup truck, and the Civetta Bolide, but there’s other good models that I’m sure other players will like, too. :wink:[/quote]


[quote=“AlternateSteve90”]Reposting a request from earlier, if nobody minds:

The Grand Marshal would be like a large 90s sedan, I think Kubby made one already. The next release will have a body that can do the Pickup truck. Felgen’s wedge supercar body serves as a decent Civetta Bolide body. The little hatch, we don’t have yet but that will surely come in the works with more kei-car size bodies. So all in all you would be mostly covered, at least I think!

As for me, like I’m sure some others are thinking, I’m hoping for any body whatsoever that can fit the maximum size turbo engine at max bore and stroke haha.



On it.

nice! thanks :slight_smile:[/quote]

Check this thread, Nyan: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=5075&p=62113#p62113


If I knew how to model or if I had dream car it would be a light sports car from the 70s, something like this:

BMW 2002 Turbo 2L

Skoda GT, 1.3L

Renault Alpine 310

Another type that comes to mind is the Audi 100 Coupe

or the somewhat similar Bmw 2002 Frua (unfortunately never went into production) pietro-frua.de/1969_bmw2002.htm


Good news! You’ll definitely be able to model the Skoda and the Renault with the body in the upcoming update, along with a certain Datsun.


Can you be more specific?
And do you mean this Datsun?

P.S. That’d be a whole range of cars, the Saab Sonett too … our favorite matchbox car.
Yippie Yeah :mrgreen:


From the game’s Facebook page

There are also going to be a notchback and a fastback version of it.




I’ve got internet at home now so I thought I’d add pics to make sure any potential mods would know for sure what i was talking about.

For the mid engine one my thought was to just behind the back of the door would be the fire wall and everything from the back seat area and the trunk would now become the engine bay.


[quote=“trackpaduser”]From the game’s Facebook page

There are also going to be a notchback and a fastback version of it.[/quote]

Kinda reminds me of a late '60s, early '70s Alfa Spider, more than anything else.

Also, I’d like to see somebody make this, sometime:

It’s the '60s Warszawa, from Poland. Apparently it was originally based off the Western-inspired GAZ Pobeda from the latter '40s. Would love to see this replicated ingame. :smiley:


Might be a biiiiit of a challenge, but would someone be able to model my totallynotabentley badge into the game?


[quote=“Microwave”]Might be a biiiiit of a challenge, but would someone be able to model my totallynotabentley badge into the game?


on it;)