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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


That is probably because Photoshop is not the right tool to make logo’s. It’s possible, but it’s more of an effect adding or polishing up tool.
I make all the designs with Illustrator and then when necesarry I finish them with Photoshop.


I know i know. there is actually a post that need the same. but mine is different.

I need a badge that matches whit RMC, me company.(Do you want a quick resume of me company? go to: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5617 )

The Thing is that i cannot 3DSMAX or even Photoshop. BUT i can doa resume of what i want. something like this:


Sorry for not having a image. its VERY difficult using EVERYTHING that i can.


thank you guys fr you kindness i am currently having computer problems so i couldn’t reply till now


chromed like this?

Little bit to busy to make a 3d model atm the moment but when I have time again I can make the 3d model for you.


[quote=“necronassassin”]chromed like this?

Little bit to busy to make a 3d model atm the moment but when I have time again I can make the 3d model for you.[/quote]

thanks so much thats perfect


this seems a better size


Did you save it as a .png or .jpg? That white background looks pretty bad xD




I’ll do it as soon as possible. Had to reinstall my laptop and the file is on my external drive which I don’t have with me at the moment.


paint doesn’t let me have a invisible backround but changing to black now


this might be better


Are you really scaling this in MS Pain? You should not. Download the latest GIMP (it’s all free) and scale it down properly, because the Paint’s basic scaling looks atrocious.


i dont have photoshop or i’d be using it its good enough for now


Photoshop is not the only professional image manipulation program.


Curiously enough, I went to go and just scale the correct image down in GIMP for him, and it does not recognize the image as having a transparent background.


Is it a .png?


Also, (maybe a stupid question for you) did you make the background transparent?


As promised:


If you were talking to me then yes, I did originally.


No, to CNSpot. If he took the image and checked it on having a transparent background, I would reckon if he took the one UMGaming scaled down, of course it wouldn’t be transparent if he didn’t save it as a PNG or removed the background.