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50 HP Dragster Challenge [Results]


I will test the cars on Beam NG while recording and upload the results on my YouTube channel.


This sounds like a case of too much grip, massive +15 quality semi-slicks do more harm than good in a 50hp <400kg car in beam, despite what automation says about wheelspin and 1/4 times.

Also larger wheels negatively affect the axle detonation weight limit :wink:


Ooh is it because the higher unsprung weight puts more strain on weaker beams? Well shit let’s break out the Mini body then :joy:


It is because increasing the radius of a tire multiplies the torque transmitted through the rest of the mechanics. It works under the same concept that a longer wrench makes it easier to tighten a nut, and eventually a long enough wrench applying the same torque can damage the fastener.


This would explain the problem to some extent, though that would mean some components that add weight to the body have more impact on beam strength than others also. I won’t be able to do any further testing for a couple of days


My best cars fall apart in BeamNG at idle because of this. I built a 15 second car that does not have these problems, but for a competition I would prefer to submit the 14 second car if you have the config patched to address this issue.


I refuse to give up till I hit 12s


haha nice once it’s all over lmk what your setup was.


The 50 HP Dragster Challenge results.


Yeah, I still can’t get anything close to 13.xxx without wheels falling off :frowning:


You can get 13s without wheels?:rofl:



Less drag that way :stuck_out_tongue:


Engine, driveline, suspension and wheel weights all affect the beam issue, focus on making these as light as possible and you’ll easily break into the 13s. Tire profile can throw you off too, I’ll save you some trial and error and just tell you that 40 profile is the sweet spot


Cheers, but yeah that’s the problem. I can get to low 14s, but anything I do to make faster breaks the car.


Perhaps I could explain that better.

The point at which the car breaks in beam is a matter of beam strength (determined by body weight) versus load putting strain on those beams (weight of engine, driveline etc).

Decreasing body weight further than you already have causes the car to break in beam because you’re lowering the beam strength.

To get a lighter and therefore faster car you need to decrease the load putting strain on those beams before you can make the beams weaker.

Of course not every element of the body affects beam strength to the same extent so you may have to experiment a bit with that area

Another thing to consider is how flat or steep your power curve is in the rev range used, flatter is better, for reference my car never goes below 48hp in the rev range used. Gear your car for the speed your car can hit by the end of the quarter and don’t have more gears than you need to keep it in the optimal rev range.

I think that covers more than enough to get in the 13s, unless you’re using a body which has a high drag coefficient then I’m not sure what kind of times to expect


Cheers, thanks for that explanation - I’m going to do a bit of trial-and-error and see what I come up with.