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5000hp one off v16


So apparently its a real, ohv 2 valve monster of an engine.

Why ohv… because its what the designer knew.


Making fun of Devel sixteen got old before the car show they first presented was over…


I’m not a turbo guy, but even I have to admit it’s an awesome motor.

Though the engine-builder is correct: Finding a transmission, differential and axles that will handle that, having enough cooling to the motor for daily driving and making sure the rest of the chassis considerations (Fuel tank, suspension, axles, transmission) can clear it is hilariously impossible.


You didn’t read it when it was fresh I guess. The promise is “700hp in daily drive mode, 5000hp in race mode in case you need to overtake a bus or something”


Sooo they expect that car to be so heavy that it will need 5000 hp to overtake a bus? :smiley:


Right, which is all fine, but 5,000HP is going to make more heat than an oven, so unless you can only blip 5,000HP now and then, that heat still has to be able to GO somewhere.

It’s like Drift Mode or Race Mode on cars. Sure, they aren’t designed to be used for daily driving. But tons of people will still use them for daily driving. So the car is going to need to consider it still.


Apparently, the production versions are expected to have 2,000hp twin-turbo V8s and 3,000hp quad-turbo V16s, with the 5,000hp version being reserved exclusively for racing. I really do hope they make it, it’s like watching a real life version of Gryphon Gear. @strop


That’s not what they initially said about power outputs though. In any case the won’t make it, their design sheet was compiled by a 6 year old or somebody who has no clue about cars


confirmed, I’m watching to see where this goes before I recreate Mephisto with a twincharged V16 in UE4 :joy:


Almost assuredly not, but still: Why so negative? Let’s enjoy the ridiculousness up until it fails, at least.


That seems like it’d be a show in and of itself. Like in BRC 66, when we had all those bets on how long the Vikus car would last.


Well, I sadly can not enjoy this ridiculousness. The reason being my nephew aged 7, loves drift cars, nerf guns, pancakes, and will marry that glasses girl from the show Arrow when he grows up also promised to “grow up and build a fastest car in the world”. The design sheet includes 0.5 seconds to 100 kph and 2 seconds to 400 kph with a top speed of 800. It will have an engine from a space rocket, and will be able to fly. What I’m getting at is “ANYBODY can promise stuff like this”, but when it comes from “engineers” with financial backing - I tend to think they’re wasting my time. I prefer realistic ridiculousness from people who have at least SOME credibility. I.E. Koenigsegg or SSC or VAG in the early 2000’s. They promise outlandish results and put their money where their mouth is… where Ferdinand Piech’s mouth is in the latter example.
So until it fails my reply to Devel Sixteen is exactly the same as my reply to my nephew Max - “THAT IS SO NICE, DEAR”


You actually add the DEAR bit at the end to your cousin? That’s so adorable :joy:


Right before the usual and very necessary “Now go play with the other kids, don’t eat mud unless you’re starving, and those lego wheels are perfect size for shoving them up your nose, yes, but they’re better suited on the lego car you built”

Im not sure, but this also might be good advice to Devel Sixteen engineers


5000hp is not really the problem… cooling 5000hp is. Considering how much troubles the (real) engineers at Volkswagen / Bugatti had with the cooling of the Weirön 1000BS, I doubt these guys all of a sudden have figured out how to properly cool a 5khp racecar. :smiley:


Its simple cool 1khp let the 5k get hot doing the relatively short speed run. It doesn’t have to last long, it just has to last long enough.


Fair, fair. Counterpoint, it exists: Engine running on dyno with results


It doesn’t yet though… does it. I am looking at an engine producing 3 times that on a daily basis,
But it’s not a proof the car is viable. Simply cause the engine and it’s support systems require an engine room, not engine bay. Unless they can pack all its cooling into the car, sort the traction issues for rwd, tires, aerodynamics, gearbox that wouldn’t explode and a plethora of other things, car is a pipe dream


Took another look at the video of the engine running, it looks like something gave out, maybe overheated during the dyno run, so if the engine can’t survive even 1 minute dyno run I doubt it will survive long in an actual car. Provided they solve anything squidhead mentioned.


Make no mistake: I have no doubt this will overheat. I have no doubt it’ll be cramped in that engine bay. I have no doubt it’ll suffer traction problems. I have no doubt the transmission will need a rebuild every other oil change. And the tires currently are an issue, it’s been discussed already.

But none of that matters. They promised a V16 5,000HP stupid monstrosity. And they’ve (so far) delivered a 5,000HP stupid monstrosity.

Uhh, what? Nothing gave out on the run, they just let off the throttle at the end.