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5000hp one off v16


at about 0:33 there is steam or smoke on the right side of the screen before they let off.


They haven’t delivered anything till they put it in the car. Veyron runs 10 radiators, 6 of which are for the rngine itself iirc. Seeing this engine delivers absolutely nothing, and proves nothing.


Most big turbo cars do that on the dyno.

Sure. Although technically, they could put it in without any radiators and it would still have technically fulfilled their promise. It would overheat the moment you looked at it funny, but it’d be a 5,000HP V16 dumb car. I’m still saying: I will not make fun of it until after it fails, because at the moment, I have nothing to make fun of it for. It’s doing what it says on the tin.


No, not in the slightest actually. For them to fullfill their promise they should tick all the promised boxes, and at the time of the car’s presentation those were

  1. The 0-60 mph run will be completed in 1.8 seconds

  2. Top speed of 500 kph

  3. 5000 hp AND a 700 hp engine at the same time, I clearly remember this, the engine would not run 5000hp at all times. And I know that de-boosting, disabling cylinders, twin injector system for good atomising, variable fuel pressure and multimapping could be done to make sure it runs both figures somehow, but that engine hasn’t been developed to do so, has it?

NOW… To explain to you why the project already has failed. What the project is at this exact moment is

  1. some 1.5 years away from completion (yes, actual completion and sales)
  2. Comes in 3 trims one of which is a 1.5k hp v8, one is a 3khp v16 and one is a “STREET ILLEGAL DRAG RACE VARIANT WITH A 4 SPEED AUTOMATIC DRAGSTER TRANSMISSION”. Do you notice where the cop out happened? Notice how a dragster can actually run undercooled and doesn’t need tires or brakes to cope with actual loads a hypercar of those parameters would provide

You want to promise me a dragster that does 1.8 to 60 and runs at 300 mph at 5k hp? I’ll believe you, those exist, those are actually not even the fastest of dragsters, so “Sorry, Devel, you promise me a sub par product for about 10 times the price, nice try, no thanks, I am not impressed, nice gimmick on the choice of v16 though”
When the product was first shown it was clearly demonstrated as a hypercar, talked about how it will be better in every way than veyrons and koenigseggs etc. No, it’s not a hypercar, or actually a car in any reasonable meaning of the word. A car is something that can be driven somewhere OUTSIDE a drag strip, or you know… driven without detonating. I can actually drive a Koenigsegg One : 1 to the shop and back. I can’t do so in a dragster.

So yeah, the car was conceived by people who are used to making unreasonable demands and throwing money at the problem until the demands are met. But sadly making hypercars is a bit more than “I WANT, HERE MONEY, GIVE NOW”

P.S: I’ll go ahead and check if they mentioned a record lap time at the ring, since they don’t mention lap times at this point

Edit : Shmee150 actually stated the top speed of 348 mph. That was in 2013. So they aren’t even promising that by now. They might have found an engineer who told them what’s real and what’s not. The guys who promised records on every track they could think of (Sarthe, Nordschleife, etc etc etc, had the similar idea, but with 2k hp, 1.5 second 0-60 and the thing was called the “Dagger”)