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50's East German car challenge


Most communist countries have low resources because their high spent on military stuff. So, you, as a engineer, have to design and build a commie car that is affordable and mechanically simple, but at the same time a bit fast, fuel efficient, comfortable for a typical german family and good to drive.

Car PU limit: 42.0 MAX
Car ET limit: 22.0 MAX

Engine PU limit: 13.0 MAX
Engine ET limit: 40.2 MAX
Fuel type: Low quality ONLY.

Judging: Category points( Drivability, Sportiness, Comfort, Prestige, Safety, Practicality, Offroad, Fuel Economy and Reability).
I will upload the result on my YT channel: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30o2YfwbnqD2WCpVJFBhJQ]
Deadline: 14 December.
Send you car to my Discord server: https://discord.gg/PTRYdMR


Nice to see you there, Wall :slight_smile:


Hmm… I did this one 2 weeks ago… I will myself give it a go


294.5cc i3, DAOHC, single barrel, no mufflers comes in at 42.9.

Do we go without an engine and put some bicycle pedals in…or take out the floor and go Flintstones style?


Just put -15 quality on everything.


Ah you want a [Insert -15 Russian Meme car]. kk


East German Car Challenge Results


After watching the video, it was obvious why most East German cars were miles off the pace compared to most Western European equivalents: there was hardly any sense of quality control back then!