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'63 Garcia Small Capacity Rally | GSCR63


That’s very common for the time you’re talking about. Look at rally cars of that time (Fulvia, Saab 96, Escort Mk1, Beetle and 124 Abarth). In fact some cars had even less power than 85hp and weighed even less somehow. Rally was a different sport back then and it was dangerous in a different way.


And The BMC mini, which won the montecarlo rally and only had a small engine as it is


Well yeah, but it was a standout in a field of larger, heavier cars. Here it’ll just be a slug fest of tiny things. Can’t have a scrappy underdog in a lineup of 10-30 scrappy underdogs.


That is true but would fiberglass panels be allowed, that would make it light and then stick a peppy, revvy little 998cc four pot with a 4bbl carb , super leaded fuelling, twin cams, and an All alloy block and head with forged internals if possible, (think a larger and more powerful and durable of the hillman imp engine powering something the weight of a reliant robin)


No aluminium or fibreglass, as per rule 6.

There are 3 bodies that bring weight around 700kg, using any other than those would just make you perform outright worse (hovering around 900+kg), so this event will basically be the same three bodies reused endlessly.


So the main Differences would be in engine design (OHV or SOHC/DOHC , Drivetrain (FWD, RWD or FWD) , Suspension (DWB, McPh or Solid Axels for fronts) (DWB, STA or Solid Axels), Brakes (discs or drums) and all the engineering things. A mainly Engineerimg based challenge. Perhaps allowing at least aluminium would allow for better performance


The test cars I made were producing around 75 BHP, using more race oriented carbs and a tune to the fueling. This challenge is mostly about tuning. As for the finalized rules, I hope to have them sorted by new years, when I am back at my pc, which is currently eat in my dorm at University, and I am not there


MY 995cc Test Car Maxes out at 50 bhp BUT that is compensated for by it having a max torque figure that is low in the rev range. Although i do think either a capacity increase to 1300cc or allowing aluminium bodywork should be introduced, so our cars arent as slow as they look


The lore side of this challenge is that the Garcian government wants to endorse the general public to buy smaller more efficient cars to reduce the oil imports to the island, and therefore reduce congestion in the islands ports. By small cars, I am referring to smaller shitboxes, such as the Fiat 500, Austin Mini or even the VW Beetle. So therefore, aluminium and fibreglass are no goes. As for a capacity increase, I may be willing to go to 1200cc, but no higher, as the cars may end up being too powerful for their mass.


In all honesty though, I’ve been getting somewhat decent results if compared to the type of cars you referred to, with 1000cc cap. But that 200cc increase would definitely be great.


As a comparison, the MB 220 based rally car only made about 90kw / 120HP out of 2.2L (54HP/L).

I think upping the engine limit would be good, but maintaining competitive balance would be hard.

Ideally a larger engine would mean a higher min weight.


I’d be open to a higher displacement limit if it also had a higher minimum weight. That would allow me to use Rapido Motors in this competition (their smallest engine lore wise is a 1700cc i6).


I would stand for small capacity engines. Maybe copy historical under 1300cc class?


When I am back at my pc, which should be Sunday or Monday, I will test cars up to 1400cc and no more. My current consideration is a minimum weight for cars over 1000cc. But I will only be able to decide this once I have ran tests. The same can be said for PU and ET limits. However, given the lore of this challenge engine capacity will reach no higher than 1400cc. Along with a possible power cap of 100-110 BHP as, let’s be honest, this is based in 1963, most small cars won’t break 60 unless they are pure race engines.

Additionally I never mentioned a minimum weight in the original post, I may have considered it, but would only be implemented to certain capacities to keep things competitive


I like the thought, since having more competitive bodies generally ends up being more fun to look at.


Note: I will be placing this challenge on hold until the next stable release.

This is mostly due to reported issues with the exporter, and to prevent updates possible breaking entries But also due to the fact that I plan on taking entries for at least a month before running the rally. I also am planning on making my own map for BeamNG which will be a Garcian town, airstrip and a little more, but needs time to be made, but I’ll focus on getting the rally stage completed first so I can run this challenge, and focus on beautification later. Please however, feel free to continue experimenting with rally cars of the era.

I’ll post an update as soon as the next stable branch is released, along with any snapshots I have of the possible map (I’ll most likely copy assets from the Italy Map to reduce the time to release)


I don’t know about you, but I’ve managed a car with a pretty peppy 10 sec 0-60 time and a 100 mph top speed, using a 999cc engine. Maybe you’re gearing them too high?


And what about 4x4 cars? The rules say nothing about them and i think it would be a cool experiment


It wouldn’t make any sense to use 4x4 as you will be going too fast to have it engaged. So it’s just a heavier rear-wheel drive car while rallying.


I don’t think these cars would benefit from having 4x4, but you’re welcome to try if the regulations don’t rule it out.