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'63 Garcia Small Capacity Rally | GSCR63


Meguminshi - Shosei 1.2 DX

Yeah, it won’t explode… even you’ve run over the frog

A tiny car fighting in a big explosion world.
Don’t mess with its size, packing a big punch from 1.2 liter engine with 85 hp and whopping torque of 100 nm with just 650 kgs!

Meguminshi doesn’t supply fire extinguisher in a form of smol squirrel from Lungmen in this vehicle.

More of Smol cars


That is an issue with older builds. I’m running on open beta right now which doesn’t have that issue when I export. I recommend you reinstall and go to open beta


This still happens on open beta. Can confirm because i’m having that issue.

The way around this issue is to reduce the friction of the engine in the .jbeam files. It’s one line of code.


Wierd, I’m only experiencing the friction bug with v16s. Send me a DM with the car file and I’ll export it and see if it happens on my side. The bug was meant to be fixed, and once more since the patch meant to fix it, I’ve only seen this happen on v16s. If this continues to be an issue I will postpone. But I still highly recommend you reinstall the game. I won’t be editing any files, because I don’t want to be seen as giving any advantage to anyone.


The first one I put together to test the patch locked up. Still getting engine lockups after patch


Ok, not sure what the issue is. Cars I build myself work perfectly fine and export correctly without the friction issue, except for v16’s. But when I import an entry and try that it doesn’t load into beam correctly.

This unfortunately leaves me with a troubling choice to make here. Therefore I’ll put it to a Poll.

  • Postpone until the bugs are fixed
  • Cancel GSCR and revive it later on when the forced induction update releases (probs 3-4 months)
  • Cancel GSCR and work on something new

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You should keep this running for all of us interested as a test, then maybe we revise or rebuild after the first stable update. I don’t know if I am the only person experiencing this in the GCR; if it is happening to just me then I will figure some sort of a workaround.


What is this bug? I don’t have any problems with my car in beam


on my link there is a car to download. download, export it, and see if the engine locks up when you drive it.


Just tried your car and yeah it locks up. Maybe it’s the low reliability though? Mine doesn’t have this problem. My engine reliability is 38.7 whereas that one of yours is 29.6


Reliability is not the issue, I had around 45 or so. It’s too much friction in the engine when it gets ported to beam. I’ve said this before. It’s a one line fix.


As I’ve said I Will Not be editing any files within this challenge. The problem on my side when I try and export the car file sent to me is it exports, but then won’t load into beam. I am free all day Monday and will be investigating further. If I can fix that issue on my side then I will be happy to export cars for people having the issue since cars created by me arent having any issues with the exporter and are drivatble in Beam. If I can’t figure it out then I will wait for the next patch.


Ok I had a small brainwave yesterday evening. I remembered that back in the days before BeamNG exporting, we could run challenges like these via Tracks in Automation. Since most of the bugs are to do with the Beam exporter, why not just remove that aspect and run the cars on an Automation stage. Yes I would have to find stages that work, or even make a few myself, but it would work. I would still do 3 runs for each contetstant and take an average time, since not every run always yeilds the same result, but it is possible. It also removes the horrible variable that is my driving :laughing:.

Once more (for lie the millionth time) I’ll put it up to a poll, but should mean results come out quicker

  • Yes, Run The Cars In An Automation Track
  • No, Run The Cars In Beam, As Planned

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Saenz Cuauhtli (Quatlee) 1400M Rallye


Poll Closed

I have now closed the poll and it is pretty clear that running the cars in Automation will suffice. I will not be releasing the stages I have chosen yet. Although I will reccomend that you browse the Tracks Thread and look for a few that you like for testing.

Since beam is now out of the equation I will let anyone who has already sent an entry revice their cars to suite Automation Tracks.

Finally I am looking at the track creator and for the next GSCR will be most Likely making my own stages.


What’s the new deadline?


Thanks for remininding me.

New Deadline: 7th March 12:00 GMT (UTC + 0)


Presenting the 1963 Marconi Morass Rallye-Comp!

More shots

Production model comparison

PS: any resemblance to other cars is purely a coincidence
PS2: I always forget to add a fuel cap to my cars, only thing I consistently forget.


Awesome! Cars like this remind me of the necesity to have an Alpine body in-game


Definately, I would love both a Classic and Modern one. The biggest problem is that we don’t have enough true rear engine bodies. Yes there are a lot of body’s that can be rear engine, but most are just modified front engine cars that look like they have the room for an engine in the back.