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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


Dave Weller: 2,33,9 minutes? Now this isn’t impressive.
James Scott: Yep. It’s not really bad but it lacks… bite.
DW So, not enough performance? We did not really max out the ruleset, so…
JS Yes, a litte more horsepower, and better check the suspension for small improvements.

A few days later, the Torero was back.

JS It needs a whole liter more fuel. But in high-speed passages, it’s now a little quicker. From 0 to 60 mph, it’s exactly the same, I can notice the extra power only at 100 mph or more. Put power is never wrong. But why 33 now?
DW Because we accidentally had two cars running with number 32 and as we are a fair team, we switched to 33. And the car is now slightly friendlier to the tires. We will still need two tire changes but it is always good to have a few reserves… tire changes are taking quite a time and we do not want to risk a popping one!
JS I feel like it’s not as stiff as before but still good at cornering. But most improvement comes from the stronger engine for sure. But we are still not among the fastest here. Some others were passing me quite easy.
DW But our car is reliable and proven. We are still - even with some more power - among the rather thrifty ones and we’re easy on tires.
JS What if we consider a third stop for tires and refueling? 75 seconds pit stop time for a 100 lap race in Sebring means that we are faster overall when we could gain more than 0,75 seconds per lap! In addition to the noticeable improvement we already have, of course.
DW Most other teams go for a three-stop-strategy, so why not trying it out?

Another day later:

DW So, Mr. Scott, how do you feel about it?
JS Wow, now this is a mean machine. It’s now starting to oversteer but it’s not critical. This is surely the limit we found and not pass. Leave it like this.
DW we tested both specifications in Virginia for 50 laps. The Type S with lower consumption and tire wear needs overall not much more a second more than the Type R. 3,34,50 vs 3,35,70. This means an additional pit stop makes the car overall slower considering there are just 50 laps to go, if we need one.
JS* Risky choice. I guess we better go for the slower but better-handling of them, this thing should be really rarely in the pits, giving us some advantage.

A descision as been made.


Hello all!

I may be a bit late on getting through your practice revisions and doing the true racer introductions (Just commentary from the organizers really), as recently life has decided to chuck a few lemons at me (I will chuck them back, life!)

Recently my irl car has had a major issue that will put it out of commission for a while (I will share on here eventually), and my fiancee has had some medical problems this week as well (those are now done, she’s recovering fine now.)

So bare with me as I have a loose schedule as follows:

  • Sebring 100 - Dec. 21st.
  • Mid-Ohio 100 - Jan 4th.
  • All Gasmean Circut 76 - Jan. 11th
  • Virginia 50 - Jan. 18th
  • Sonoma 100 - Jan. 25th

And as a thank you for your patience, here’s some more of the Pre-Practice photos I took while my computer caught fire (jk):

Extra Photos

OMG Lens Flair!


Your fiancee takes infinity priority over all of this. Send is a message when you are back on track.


Mini Update:

I will have to go through each car again as the Automation stats changed just ever so slightly with the major update. I will also be sending everyone’s car through all 5 tracks so I will have all the necessary data together now and won’t have to worry about future updates.

If your car had passed inspection, or your tune-up had not been disqualified (I would have told you by now if it was), I will run it. So any new stat changes due to the update will not disqualify your cars.


Stupid pet tricks! https://youtu.be/e0SPsz5Ayc4



Video to give you an idea of what’s going to go down. This track was a Mustang at Sonoma racing in the Historic Trans Am series.


Ohh I love that sound, I had fun playing around with mine in beam but the sound just doesn’t compare to the real things. Also look at him fighting that unassisted wheel, both hands at 3o’clock leaning into it to keep the nose in tight.


Ladies and Gentlemen

We will now conduct the Qualifying round for the first race of the season:

Sebring 100 Lap

We noted around half of the teams had been working on tuning up their entries since the practice round. Almost all of them qualified the tech inspection using the 2 strike rule. (Two strikes and you’re out, or you were just unfortunate and submitted something too close to deadline and rushed it causing you to fail tech inspection because I was running out of patience.)

With that noted, one of the biggest changes was with Number 73, the Fantasia. They seem to have changed their livery. And don’t forget the Kampfer S20 got an engine swap, which is for the better. They were the slowest car in practice. Now that they have a competative car, it will be interesting to see how this first season pans out for them.

And in a slightly more informal way, we present the qualifying times!
(I didn’t want to create another table, too time consuming.)

    1. Nautilus #10 driven by Lella Lombardi with a 142.21 second lap
    1. Zacspeed 625 TA #52 driven by Dan Miles with a 144.66 second lap
    1. Sparrowhawk HFR #41 driven by Oliver Fujisaki with a 144.83 second lap
    1. Halifax Dalton #88 driven by Tom Morrisson with a 145.63 second lap
    1. Calradia US Rocket #44 driven by that driver with the long name with a 145.85 second lap

(6. Kinglet T/A-R #29 at 146.32)
6. Torrin GTA #23 at 147.42
7. Barrier GT #32A at 147.64
8. Rumor R305 #8 at 147.79
9. Halcon Bruto #22 at 148.50
10. S20 V8 Rennsport #311 at 148.51
11. T-Raptor HC #49 at 148.54
12. Fantasia TA66R #73 at 149.74
13. KGB Cavalier RSII #1 at 150.22
14. Murder Kitty SS #69 at 150.66
15. Armor Valencia #2 at 150.92
16. Weller Torero #32 at 151.00
17. Bechov #48 at 151.58
18. Crusader #43 at 151.82
19. Marauder GT-TA 304 #38 at 152.02
20. Swordfish TV-A #24 at 152.45
21. Bresko Type 22 #54 at 152.89
22. Paladin Trans-Am #5 at 153.83
23. Rampage TA #77 at 154.23
24. Silver Bullet Trans-Auto #11 at 154.77
25. Knightwick Henley Trans-Am #34 at 155.25
26. Salvaje #87 at 155.31

It is worth noting some of those participants may not even finish the race. In fact, we would call it a miracle if everyone finished the race. In reality we only expect between half and three fourths of the field to finish this grueling race.

It is also worth noting some participants will be DNF’d if they do not finish within 2 hours of the winner. This is to ensure we don’t have to stick around the track while someone races by themselves for an excessive amount of time.


Sebring 100 Race

Welcome to the 100 lap race at Sebring to kick off the first ever Trans-Automation Racing Series! With all the factory supported teams this first race of the season has already attracted quite an audience! All the teams have gone through rigourous training and some have also tweaked their cars. This is shaping up to be an exciting first year!
(Used Sebring Flying Lap Split 3 Time as base.)

Let’s go racing!

With the #10 on pole position, the cars lined up to race. And the gun sounded, the cars were off!

-The top 8 qualifying cars shifted positions a few times within the first few laps. The Nautilus keep the lead and started to grow it before needing gas for the first pit stop.

-The KGB Cavalier RSII took 5 curel laps in which they took pit stops every lap to battle an elusive fuel problem. Then the engine had a failure, retiring the team for this race.

-The DVM Crusader also had a fuel problem, stoping every other lap to refuel. They retired from the race on lap 10, citing engine or clutch related issues.

-After the first 25 laps were done, some teams had started pit stops for fuel, leaving a few cars to jump up in positions like the Ares Paladin and the Knightwick Henley. Unfortunately, the Unknown driver of the Henley was driving quite aggressively and made a major mistake that sent the Henley right into the side of the Paladin. They both soldiered on without taking extra pit stops. The Henley retired on lap 30 due to a failure resulting from the mistake. The Paladin struggled on for 6 laps more befor the damage took its toll on that car, and it also retired.

-Coming up to the middle of the race the Shunga Nautilus had started getting engine trouble, but driver Lella Lombardi kept her lead until the engine took her out of the race on lap 42. This let The Sparrowhawk, Valencia, and Kinglet duke it out for pole position.

-In the halfway point, the Bresko Type 22 had a major spin-out and ended up damaging the rear of the car. Driver Mateo Bresko had to retire from the race on lap 50.

-Unfortunately, driver Bruno Candel of the Salvaje was not having a good day with the car. The driver ended up making several mistakes, one in which he bumped #311, the Kampfer S20, causing driver Jacques Booms to spin out. Due to the excessive damage the Salvaje sustained from the multiple mistakes, it retired on lap 55.

-During the race it appeared as though the Charge Rumor and Centauri Marauder kept sparing with the Min-Max Halifax Dalton. Both the Rumor and Marauder took an extra pit stop to fix a mechanical issue, while the Halifax Dalton took a short extra pit stop to fix something bodywork related.

-The midpack wolves were fighting tougher than ever, those being the Kopo T-Raptor, Chrysalis Rampage, SME Murder Kitty, Halcon Bruto, and the Swordfish TV-A. The Murder Kitty would constantly be catching and passing the other 4, just to take a pit and fall back again. Driver Roxi Sinister was fighting some engine troubles for a while. The T-Raptor had some mid-race mechanical trouble, but got it fixed with a quick pit stop, with the Rampage having similar troubles and had to take a slightly longer pit stop as well.

-Driver Rob Doley of the #73 Fantasia was having problems getting use to the new car it seems. We saw him make major mistake after major mistake this race. Hopefully by next race he will have a better grip with his machine.

-The Brantan Silver Bullet, Pemhall Torrin GTA, Bechov F3084A, and Zacspeed 625 TA all had to take longer pit stops to fix minor problems.

-Toward the end of the race the Kampfer S20 started having engine problems and lost engine power on lap 96, just shy of a top 5 finish.


Place Car & Racing Number Driver Time/DNF Lap Points Total Points
1 Sparrowhawk HFR #41 Oliver Fujisaki 4 hrs 19 min 56 sec 12 12
2 Armor Valencia #2 Denny Hill 4 hrs 20 min 59 sec 11 11
(3) AEA Kinglet #29 John Sanders 4 hrs 21 min 57 sec - -
3 Kopo T-Raptor HC #49 Alex Gomez 4 hrs 28 min 22 sec 9 9
4 Chrysalis Rampage #77 John Redman 4 hrs 31 min 50 sec 7 7
5 SME Murder Kitty SS #69 Roxi Sinister 4 hrs 33 min 13 sec 5 5
6 Halcon Bruto #22 Eva Parilli 4 hrs 34 min 38 sec 3 3
7 Swordfish TV-A #24 Simon Cole 4 hrs 35 min 7 sec 2 2
8 Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88 Tom Morrisson 4 hrs 45 min 6 sec 1 1
9 Charge Rumor R305 #8 Unknown 4 hrs 45 min 28 sec 0 0
10 Centauri Marauder GT-TA #38 Niall 4 hrs 45 min 41 sec 0 0
11 Yinzer Fantasia #73 Rob Doley 4 hrs 50 min 15 sec 0 0
12 Brantan Silver Bullet #11 T. Fletcher 4 hrs 51 min 36 sec 0 0
13 Pamhall Torrin GTA #23 J. Richards 4 hrs 54 min 46 sec 0 0
14 Bechov F3084A #48 Ian Bykov 4 hrs 59 min 31 sec 0 0
15 Zacspeed 625 TA #52 Dan Miles 5 hrs 0 min 24 sec 0 0
16 Calradia US Rocket V8 #44 Grzegorz B. 5 hrs 8 min 16 sec 0 0
17 Allendale Motors Barrier GT #32A Ken Rogers 5 hrs 11 min 49 sec 0 0
18 Weller Torero #32 James Scott 5 hrs 21 min 35 sec 0 0
DNF Shunga Mautilus #10 Lella Lombardi Lap 42, 1hr 46min 0 0
DNF Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport #311 Jacques Booms Lap 96, 4 hrs 12 min 0 0
DNF Bresko Type 22 #54 Mateo Bresko Lap 50, 2 hrs 12 min 0 0
DNF Salvaje #87 Bruno Candel Lap 55, 2 hrs 34 min 0 0
DNF Knightwick Henley Trans-Am #34 Unknown Lap 30, 1 hr 24 min 0 0
DNF Ares Paladin Trans-Am #5 Jeff Barnes Lap 36, 1 hr 42 min 0 0
DNF DVM Crusader #43 Vetusto Fabiano Lap 10, 38 min 0 0
DNF KGB Cavalier RSII #1 Keiichi Iketani Lap 5, 25 min 0 0

*Fixed time on Min-Max Halifax Dalton


Man, a bummer there. Lap 96, I either was really lucky with RNG rolls up to the end, or really unlucky.


Finishing last ist not great, but at least the Weller did finish without issues. Surviving this torture might help the sales of the production cars.

Next year we will dare more… But the season has just started, and with some luck the 1967 brochures can tell that the cars are at least reliably slow…


It should be noted, while I did have a revision to submit, I had game and internet issues and it never made it in

Practice Day
Nearly four months had passed since Grandpa Swanson agreed to let Kristina build a car for the upcoming TAR competition. Five races against a presumably all male field were what Roxi and herself would be up against. Tomorrow was the big test.
Roxi had gotten permission to use the local short track every Tuesday evening for the last month to help get on with the fine tuning of the engine and chassis. It wasn’t a great simulation for the races, but it was better than doing it on the streets. Her grandfather had insisted on this point because street racing was for punks and safety was always a priority. So, every week they had loaded the car onto a trailer and taken it across town to run laps around the 5/8 mile oval track, rain or shine to hammer out changes which had been made since the previous laps.
Ultimately they finalized a setup which worked for the way Roxi drove. Despite it being a fuel guzzler, they felt there was a good chance they could at least score in the top 5 consistently. The car was fast as hell, and Roxi was a nightmare behind the wheel. Now came the waiting.
The first practice run came, and the field of cars was revealed. Some were quite nice, and far more competitive than the one they were bringing, but Kristina was determined to prove that her Frankenstein motor had the balls to break them all.
After several practice laps, the fuel issues became increasingly clear. Some thoughts came immediately to mind on how to improve them, but at what cost? The only obvious sacrifice would be top speed, but would it be enough? Maybe it would be too much, and what then? Kristina promised herself to not go to Grandpa Swanson unless it was just too overwhelming, and she was just stubborn enough to not make that call. She would enter it as it sat, while throwing caution to the wind. “It worked on the oval course, it would work here,” she told herself. They would be back here in another month to prove her cause.
The car weighed in at 2663.7 pounds, and the small V8 powering the beast measured 302 cubic inches with a power output of 330 at 5300 rpm and a torque rating of 331.9 lb-ft at 5100 rpm on the dyno in the garage. Redline was peaked at 5700 rpm, and screamed like a banshee at top speed of nearly 150 mph. She did 13.98 in the quarter mile, with an acceleration of 5.82 seconds in the 0-60 tests. This thing was a far cry from that brand new Dodge Dart that rolled into the garage just a few short months ago. They dubbed it the Murder Kitty SS, in hopes it would prove to murder the competition.

Stepping off the plane at the airport in Tampa, Florida, Kristina immediately went to the cargo hanger to check on her car. It had arrived in one piece, but she would need to do a full inspection at the track to be sure. Roxi had flown with her, so Grandpa Swanson could stay back and run the shop. He wasn’t very happy about it, but his customers needed him in the shop, and besides this wasn’t his project anyway. Kristina had been left to exercise her own best judgment and stay out of trouble.
Roxi was a little annoyed that Grandpa Swanson hadn’t come. It meant she was left to babysit the 16 year old girl. As much as she liked Kristina, she would definitely cramp her style, if she wanted to stay on Grandpa’s good side. No bars, no gambling, no fighting…at least she had the track and a car to drive on it. That would hopefully be enough to satisfy her need for trouble-making.
At the track the car rolled back off the trailer. A thorough inspection was done to ensure everything was where it belonged. Everything checked out fine, and Roxi jumped in it to give it a quick few laps. This was to “test it in the real world”, but in actuality it was to satiate Roxi’s need for adrenaline, since they were just going to head to the hotel until the next day and she would be completely bored.
Race day finally arrived. Kristina was up at 5am to get ready for the big day. Roxi was annoyed at the exuberance of the young girl at such a ridiculous time of the day. “Humans weren’t meant to be up before the sunrise. That’s why they don’t have infravision!” Roxi was definitely not a morning person. The fact that she regularly stayed awake until 5am was, of course, not part of her argument.
Snubbing out her fourth cigarette while still in bed, she scrubbed her face and went down to find something loaded with sugar to get her body moving. Kristina just had a bowl of raisin bran and orange juice. Roxi found a box of donuts and ate all twenty-four of them. The line of others waiting behind her watched in horror as she stood there and ate them in the line in front of them. As she popped the last bite in her mouth, she looked back and smirked at the lot of them.
At the track garage, the two of them got everything ready. It would probably be 4-5 hours of racing. They had insisted on wearing fire suits for safety, and Roxi wasn’t happy about it. The car was already hot as hell inside, and she was going to melt away her 128 pounds of existence over the course of the race wearing one. Reluctantly she put it on and climbed into the car. The pit garages were abuzz with other teams and drivers doing the same.

Post Race
The car struggled with fuel, as expected, over the course of the race. It also ran into some engine reliability issues until Kristina told Roxi to dial it back a bit on the corner exits. The car had plenty of acceleration and she didn’t need to punch it on every single exit, only to immediately slow down for the next turn. “Save it for the longer straights so we don’t lose so much time on extra pits!” she exclaimed. Roxi sneered, but did as she was told. The girl was pretty smart, and was probably right. This thing just felt so good at WOT, and it was hard to resist.
They ended up finishing 6th out of a field of 27 cars, but one was a provisional car and didn’t’ get scored. That makes it an official top 5 finish, which was exceptional for Kristina. Of course, the car didn’t get anywhere near it’s 150mph top speed and she was beginning to regret not making the changes to improve the fuel efficiency of the car. Regardless, if she could do well here, perhaps she could be invited to another competition where she could do better. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This is the first race. Focus on the now.” Kristina said to herself.



Although it’s a bummer my car got RNG’d out of the race midway, I don’t think it would’ve won anyways. I guess I should’ve gone with the high power tune, although there’s only so much power you can get reliably out of an under-square 4L V8.


I don’t think I can make a more fuel efficient V12 while keeping it competitive power-wise.
Maybe the DVM needs to work out an engine swap


I took 12th, I’m happy cause as I didn’t engineer the base very well (I have got better since but I’ll stick to shitboxes thanks) the fact it actually beat someone was a surprise!


My car at least made a huge come back, but my client is… weird, reducing RPM brought my reliability even lower, and the highest I managed to get it was barely over 30. In fact, reliability is something I always struggle with, no clue why.

This doesn’t bode well, even if I have all the power to be competitive now.


Here at Kopo North American Motors stay happy for reach the podium with 3th place.
T-Raptor make a good and honest race at debut on track. we lay on back some good Car Company and engeneer.
After the the test session, we worked on car for Reliability and fuel consumption, and lost a little bit of power. After qualifyng we suppose had lost too much power on set-up…but after race we stay encouraged of podium
Congrat at Sparrowhawk and Armor Valencia for 1st and 2nd…and the wildcard AEA Kinglet!

I love comparate stats


I already shared most of it in the RP submitted above, but here’s the list from the game.

I thought i swapped all the specs to metric for comparison, but…

Wheelbase: 104.33in (2.65m)
Length: 180.4in (4.58m)
Width: 69.76in (1.77m)


Small Update:

I may not be able to get this next race done by Sunday due to family Christmas parties (they were re-scheduled to this weekend)

Also @Petakabras I’m sorry I missed your tune submission (It was indeed before the deadline). If it passes tech I will run it for future races including this upcoming one.