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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


Working on it right now actually.

This time only 5 cars got DNF’d, and it has some surprising twists!


Welcome to the 66 TAR, Race 3 at the All Gasmean Circut!

This will be a 76 lap race to test the strength and persistance of the drivers and their machines. With the pole position going once again to Lella Lombardi in the #10 Shunga Nautilus. Question is, will the Nautilus hold together long enough to finish the race in first?

  • With car #10 the Shunga Nautilus sitting in its usual pole position the green flag sent the cars flying at full speed ahead!

  • Just a few laps in and the Zacspeed #52 was battling with the Legion #41 right behind #10 Shunga. Driver Dan Miles of the Zacspeed was quite aggressive and made a mistake, sending the Legion and Shunga into the dirt. The Shunga was able to keep going, but the Legion had to take an extended 10 minute pit stop to fix the damages and fell behind quite a few postions.

  • Meanwhile, the Min-Max Halifax #88 and Calradia Rocket #44 were battling hard for 4th position, each trading places with the other. Unfortunately for both drivers, after the mistakes from the top of the field they too made some mistakes when avoiding the other cars, and the Calradia got damaged in the process. The damage to the Calradia driven by Grzegorz B. was worse than initally thought, and the car was DNF’d on its lap 8 due to multiple issues.

  • Just after passing the messes being made in the front of the pack, the Kinglet #29 and Barrier #32A both made mistakes, sending them both to the pits for a short while. Something was never right with the Barrier from that point on, as they made a few more short extra pit stops as they tried to figure out what what was keeping the car from performing at its best.

  • Further back in the field the Charge Rumor #8 and Pemhall Torrin #23 were engaged in an intense battle. One driver would make a mistake, and the other would take advantage of that. This went on for quite a few laps until driver J. Richards of the Pemhall miss-shifted, causing minor damage to the clutch and transmission. He had to take an extra pit stop and fell back in positions.

  • In the mid pack, the SME Murder Kitty #69 and Bresko Type 22 #54 slowly made their way up, position by position, as both were running very consistently.

  • The officials called off the KGB Cavalier on lap 23 for the safety of the pits. (Due to bad fuel economy)

  • In the very back of the pack the Weller #32, Knightwick #34, Chrysalis #77, and Ares #5 were seen running pretty close to each other. Driver John Redman of the Chrysalis made a mistake that caused some damage and took a quick pit stop to remedy it.

  • The Salvaje #87 (which got up to second place in the last race) was very consistent this race as well, only having to take an extra pit stop once due to a small problem. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for it to crack into the top 10.

  • After another mistake, the #10 Shunga Nautilus dropped back into 3rd place, and after driver Lella Lombardi tried regaining ground, she made a third, much worse mistake that may have caused some damage to the car. The Shunga was retired from the race on lap 37.

  • After running with the DVM Crusader #43 for most of the race, the #73 Yinzer Fantasia driven by Rob Doley had a major failure and was forced to retire on lap 48.

  • With all the minor breakdowns and pit stops other racers in front had to take, the #69 SME Murder Kitty and #54 Bresko Type 22 had moved up into the top 5 positions by the last quarter of the race, and were also joined by #38 Centauri Barauder at position 6!

  • The Centauri Barauder was making a move, but had some trouble and bumped #69 SME Murder Kitty. Both took a slightly longer on their next pit stop to make sure the cars were ok.

  • With the Legion Sparrowhawk #41 in first place for half of the race, it seemed almost untouchable, but some troubling top-end engine problem had driver Oliver Fujisaki taking an extended pit stop, letting the Bresko Type 22 take first with the SME Murder Kitty and Centauri Barauder right behind it!

  • The Armor Valencia #2 and Swordfish TV-A #24 were battling hard and both had just gotten ahead of the Bresko, SME, and Centauri when driver Denny Hill of the Armor and Simon Cole of the Swordfish both got a bit carried away with some paint trading, causing both to make mistakes that costed them their top positions.

  • The Zacspeed #52 driven by Dan Miles had briefly gotten back to the top 5, but Dan Miles’ aggressive driving costed him dearly, as a major mistake left the car limping back to the pits.

  • In the final laps, #69 SME Murder Kitty driven by Roxi Sinister pulled ahead a couple car lengths and kept it up to take first place!

  • Just behind, the Legion Sparrowhawk HFR #41 driven by Oliver Fujisaki barely squeezed ahead of #54 Bresko Type 22 to take second, driver Mateo Bresko taking third with the Type 22.

  • #38 Centauri Marauder driven by Niall had enough of a lead over #2 Armor Valencia to take 3rd place by about a minute!

  • And the Swordfish TV-A #24 driven by Simon Cole just couldn’t quite get back up to the Armor Valencia in time, so it took 6th place.

  • The Allendale Motors Barrier was retired from the race by officials due to time constraints.


Place Car & Racing Number Driver Time/DNF Lap Points Total Points
1 SME Murder Kitty SS #69 Roxi Sinister 3hrs 37min 50sec 12 17
2 Legion Sparrowhawk HFR #41 Oliver Fujisaki 3hrs 38min 20sec 11 28
3 Bresko Type 22 Trans Am #54 Mateo Bresko 3hrs 38min 46sec 9 11
4 Centauri Marauder GT-TA 304 #38 Niall 3hrs 47min 15sec 7 8
5 Armor Valencia #2 Denny Hill 3hrs 48min 18sec 5 25
6 Swordfish TV-A #24 Simon Cole 3hrs 48min 32sec 3 5
7 Kopo T-Raptor HC #49 Alex Gomez 3hrs 49min 48sec 2 11
8 Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88 Tom Morrisson 3hrs 50min 46sec 1 2
9 Bechov F3084A #48 Ian Bykov 3hrs 51min 40sec 0 0
(10) AEA Kinglet T/A-R #29 John Sanders 3hrs 54min 42sec - -
10 Charge Rumor R305 #8 Unknown 3hrs 55min 11sec 0 0
11 Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport #311 Jacques Booms 3hrs 55min 27sec 0 0
12 DVM Crusader #43 Vetusto Fabiano 3hrs 58min 30sec 0 3
13 Brantan Silver Bullet Trans-Am #11 T. Fletcher 4hrs 1min 7sec 0 0
14 Pemhall Torrin GTA #23 J. Richards 4hrs 3min 29sec 0 0
15 Halcon Bruto Trans-Am #22 Eva Parilli 4hrs 7min 27sec 0 15
16 Salvaje #87 Bruno Candel 4hrs 9min 12sec 0 11
17 Zacspeed 625 TA #52 Dan Miles 4hrs 10min 53sec 0 0
18 Weller Torero #32 James Scott 4hrs 11min 43sec 0 0
19 Knightwick Henley Trans-Am #34 Unknown 4hrs 13min 44sec 0 0
20 Chrysalis Rampage TA #77 John Redman 4hrs 14min 18sec 0 7
21 Ares Paladin Trans-Am #5 Jeff Barnes 4hrs 16min 55sec 0 0
DNF Allendale Motors Barrier GT #32A Ken Rogers Lap 65, 4hrs 21min (Over Time) 0 0
DNF Yinzer Fantasia #73 Rob Doley Lap 48, 2hrs 30min 0 0
DNF Shunga Nautilus #10 Lella Lombardi Lap 37, 1hrs 43min 0 0
DNF KGB Cavalier RSII #1 Keiichi Iketani Lap 23, 1hrs 53min 0 0
DNF Calradia US Rocket V8 #44 Grzegorz B. Lap 8, 22min 0 7

Overall Point Standings

Points, Car and Driver
28 | Legion Sparrowhawk HFR #41, Oliver Fujisaki
25 | Armor Valencia #2, Denny Hill
17 | SME Murder Kitty #69, Roxi Sinister
15 | Halcon Bruto Trans-Am #22, Eva Parilli
11 | Bresko Type 22 Trans Am #54, Mateo Bresko
11 | Kopo T-Raptor HC #49, Alex Gomez
11 | Salvaje #87, Bruno Candel
08 | Centauri Marauder GT-TA 304 #38, Niall
07 | Chrysalis Rampage TA #77, John Redman
07 | Calradia US Rocket V8 #44, Grzegorz B.
05 | Swordfish TV-A #24, Simon Cole
03 | DVM Crusader #43, Vetusto Fabiano
02 | Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88, Tom Morrisson


Qualified 19th finished 4th! Even better than last time woohoo! Nice win @07CobaltGirl sorry for the mid race bump.


If there’s anything good about Bresko cars, is that they’re made and tested by the ones who will drive it! Qualifying 21st and getting a podium finish is an amazing result. Will do an rp post in a bit


By the way, if you happen to have a spreadsheet with the participating cars’ info on them (reliability, driveability, power, torque, etc), it’d be neat if you shared it here once it’s all over to see how much the cars differ from each other, and to see what was the key quality to win


Hey guys and gals,
I’m sorry I havn’t gotten this challenge done, but literally when I thought I was going to have time just happened to be when life got busy in almost every way (and every time). From work, to sick pets (and sick self), to car breakdowns, to extra schooling, I’ve had more on my plate than I could manage at times. And yes, some times I deliberately chose to play games instead of whatever the next write up for this challenge was for my own personal reasons.

But there’s rumors at my work about a 2 week shutdown due to the virus, and that may happen soon. In that case I will be able to put more time back into this challenge and hopefully finish it properly. Writing up the race and tallying the results with the forum tables I make takes a solid sit down time of about 2-4hrs (and it can be much harder to pick up where I leave off if I do it in small bits). The qualifying write-up takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how exhausted my mind is, just to give you all an idea of how much time actually goes into this thing.

Nevertheless, I will get the qualifying times for VIR out probably on Friday, and we’ll see how the week shapes up from there.

Thanks for all your patience with this, I probably would have dropped this challenge outright if you all were not this great of a community.


Welcome to the Qualifying Round for Race 4 of the TAR:

VIR - Virginia International Raceway

50 laps of grueling racing is ahead!

Here are the Qualifying Results:

  1. Shunga Nautilus #10, Lella Lombardi, 206.04
  2. Zacspeed 625 TA #52, Dan Miles, 207.20
  3. Legion Sparrowhawk HFR #41, Oliver Fujisaki, 208.42
  4. Calradia US Rocket V8 #44, Grzegorz B., 208.93
  5. Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88, Tim Morrisson, 208.96

(6.) AEA Kinglet T/A #29, John Sanders, 210.23
6. Pemhall Torrin GTA #23, J. Richards, 211.09
7. Allendale Motors Barrier GT #32A, Ken Rogers, 211.51
8. Kopo T-Raptor HC #49, Alex Gomez, 211.52
9. Charge Rumor R305 #8, Unknown, 211.72
10. Halcon Bruto Trans-Am #22, Eva Parilli, 211.99

  1. Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport #311, 212.09
  2. Yinzer Fantasia TA66R #73, 213.81
  3. KGB Cavalier RSII #1, 214.51
  4. Bechov F3084A #48, 214.62
  5. DVM Crusader #43, 215.06
  6. SME Murder Kitty SS #69, 215.34
  7. Weller Torero #32, 215.70
  8. Centauri Marauder GT-TA 304 #38, 216.07
  9. Armor Valencia #2, 216.20
  10. Bresko Type 22 Trans Am #54, 216.55
  11. Swordfish TV-A #24, 217.26
  12. Chrysalis Rampage TA #77, 217.76
  13. Knightwick Henley Trans-Am #34, 219.31
  14. Ares Paladin Trans-Am #5, 220.26
  15. Brantan Silver Bullet Trans-Auto #11, 220.95
  16. Salvaje #87, 222.86


lol I never do well in qualifying. Hopefully I do well enough in the race to regain points lead.


Next series I think there should be qualifying points as well… then i’d at least be in the running :joy:


I don’t do at all well in qualifying… but then everything that goes wrong with my car goes wrong in the race.


You apparently pushed me to go faster with the bump. :wink:


Any word on the results of the race?


Sorry, I’ve left this challenge in the dust. I can get the basic results out betwen this weekend and next. I am one who gets way more projects than time to complete them, and due to that I forgot about this challenge.
(Don’t mind I am working an essential job full time through Covid and still am trying to plan a wedding for June, and am part of a class learning about securities so I can have a second career option. On the bright side, my area has yet to be hit by Covid, and I have some good friends who recently got a Minecraft realm.)


I don’t think people mind the delay, especially with whats going on in the world right now. You gotta take care of yourself and your friends and family. Hopefully when the plague is over we’ll see the challenge finished :slight_smile: