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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


I’ve been over everything in my fairly basic setup, no quality slider use. As soon as the car can do over 240km/h through either the gearbox tuning or the aero costs go up by over $700, if I go below 200km/h it goes down another $1400. Guess it’ll have to be capped at 240


Adjust your aero, you can save tonnes by having it above a certain threshold.


Have you tested you car on the tracks? If it doesn’t hit over 240kph while racing there’s not much point to gearing your car that fast, I’m finding my fastest times well short of the highest possible speed my car could be geared for.


So where are we getting the tracks to test on?


The tracks are listed in the OP, at least 4 of them can be found via the search function.

“Races are:
Sebring 100
Mid-Ohio 100
All Gasmean Circut 76
Virginia 50
Sonoma 100”

Not sure where the All Gasmean Circuit is, but Virginia, Sonoma, Mid Ohio, and Sebring are all in the test track sharing board.


Sebring is a dead mega upload link too.


Yeah that does suck, the other 3 download, although Virginia didn’t seem to load right for me last night, I’ll try again later after work. But on the other two tracks the straight line speeds don’t come close to what my car could be geared for.

The back straight at sebring is only around half a mile so I doubt any of our cars could hit 240kph before the braking point.


I’ve got the 3 downloaded now and my car is barely reaching 210kph.


Yeah, these are old school roadrace cars not indy cars, most real life trans am muscle cars had a close ratio 4 speed manual with 4.10 gears and a redline of 8000 rpms at most so they probably were capping out around 150 or 160mph. It was all about cornering and quick acceleration out of turns, they were squeezing a lot of power out of those old 5 liters though, the Mustangs and Camaro that won most of the races had engines that were making 450-500hp in race trim, way more than we will probably be seeing in this challenge.


This can also be saved in gearbox tuning as the threshold is based on top speed which high downforce brings down, you might find your car is faster with less aero and a shorter final drive

Will test on the tracks tonight


To be clear, does 1 wing fixture mean 1 aesthetic wing or 1 aero surface? I’d adjust aero more precisely if it wasn’t limited to just rear aero.


he said 1 rear Aero, spoiler, wing, or lip it didn’t matter as long as there was only one, in the back and small. We’ll probably get front lips later on in the late sixties.


Alright, then the V12 big brother of the Tekntoz RS is basically ready.

The KGB Cavalier, KGBs Premium Touring Coupe returns for the '64 model year in RS trim. Prepared for the SCCA TAR the Cavalier is stripped to the bare essentials; a seat, 4 wheels and cylinders for days, delivering 0-60 in 5.7 seconds.

KGB is looking for complete victory on asphalt to set the path for the company’s goal of absolute performance in all disciplines on all surfaces.


Would a shorter test run be possible before the start of the season where people can see their fuel consumption and tire wear with an opportunity to tweak their cars if needed, similar to the brc


I hope so, because I’m nowhere near that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay race trim done, Centauri Industries would like to thank the wonderful people at Goodstone tires and Entach shocks for helping sponsor this team, and providing some excellent racing equipment.

The toptrim Marauder is a 4 seat, 409 cubic inch cruiser, with a 3 speed auto and a balance between respectable acceleration and a floaty cushy ride. For the GT-TA 304 the big block is replaced with a 6200 rpm small block, cranking out 340hp and 341lbft in race trim, with a tunnel ram dual quad manifold, and a set of tube headers both of which or optional factory addons for 1966 304 equipped marauders. 14 inch wheels cover a full 4 wheel disc brake setup, again available to the public as a 304 equipped only option, as well as swapping the normal 3 speed auto for a close ratio dogleg 4 speed manual and higher ratio rear end gears. What differs from the street model however, is the weight. The interior is stripped of every creature comfort, and the power steering and air conditioning not even being a offered option. The body and frame also undergo substantial changes, with many additional welds and crossbracing given to the frame, and a extensive shaving, dipping, and lightening given to the body and panels. 0-62mph takes just 6 seconds, and the quarter mile flashes past in a tick over 14 seconds, and on to a top speed of 145mph. Meanwhile the lowered and stiffened suspension, and special staggered 14 inch wheels help the GT-TA corner with over 1G of grip at speeds up to and exceeding 120mph.


My car can hit 226 on sebring and mid ohio, it’s fastest while geared for around 240 though


What hp are you running? I’m getting under 340 in V12 form.


The V12 uses a lot of ET and PU just to make a simple engine leaving not a lot of room to play with quality sliders, I didn’t play around with one for long but I imagine 340 is around the most you could squeeze out of one, if you really want to keep the V12 focus on making the car lighter and reducing drag :slight_smile:


V12 is life.

My car’s light so does decent for Gs but it’s always interesting to hear how other designs fare.