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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


I’m currently testing with 370 out of a V8, 385 is possible but you have to make some sacrifices i’m just not willing to make


Makes sense. I could get that from the V12 before I saw the pushrod restriction lol


Ohhh, you’re going for essentially max power I see, I’m going more conservative on my v8 I’m topping out just a smidge over 200kph, but I’m also going for lightness, even in my big car. I got it down to almost 3100lbs.


hides sub-2700lb car


Lol it’s all good, the 2.8m wheelbase car I picked was like 3400lbs before I started shedding weight, I know I’m handicapping myself going with a big car.


hides sub-2200lb car


hopes for V8 mini

It better be an NA 1997cc car!

Edit: Also, don’t make me cut the V12 in half and run 2136lbs!


Everything is very different now, but I “think” I just entered this car?

'66 SME Murder Kitty SS with a Smallblock Chevy 302 under the hood.


I’m glad you brought that up as I didn’t think about having a practice session.

If the cars I receive are within a reasonable time of each other I will not do a practice lap. If a small percentage are way off the mark, I will relay a vague message to the user or users via dm and give them some time to revise. Lastly, if neither of the above statements are true, I will have a “practice lap / practice race” and allow all to revise their cars (to hopefully tighten up the competition).


Can we get a statement regarding the open beta? I’m aware you’ve received a few entries, but with two weeks until the deadline, I think that’s a fair amount of time to get people to modify and even make use of the new bodies.

EDIT: My testing times appear to be the same between stable and the open beta, the only stat I saw change was the prestige (I believe because of the bugfix to cylinder count calculation).


I put this under the paperwork section of the op, but should have put it under the regulations as well. When I update the post I’ll fix it.


It may be dumb asking this… but fuel? 98 leaded?


He covered that in a comment but it’s not in the OP


Bct car company has been thinking of entering the american market for some years, and we thought that entering in a competition will be a good starting point, specially this event with cars based on street legal cars. Here is our competitor: Salvaje. We expectto be a fast and realiable car and a good entry for this market

more photos


snickers Somebody thinks these are “street legal” cars…


I’ve noticed that, and I do think people have good designs going, but since OP didn’t really provide any inspiration in the thread to look at (Nothing wrong with that, just an optional thing that some people do) here’s some to help people tweak their designs.

In general, race cars do not have license plates, and they do not need bumper bars. Some cars even removed their headlights, but I would not advise this if our cars are supposed to be more endurance compliant, and be able to run at night.

1966 Ford Mustang Trans Am


C2 Corvette Trans Am


1967 (Close enough) Camaro Trans Am


1966 Dodge Dart Trans Am


1966 Plymouth Barracuda Trans Am


I hope this helps not only people still working on their current designs, but anyone still thinking about whether they should join or not.

EDIT: I have no idea why the images aren’t imbedding properly…


they do not need bumper bars.

On this note, I’ll try out no bumpers and fake bolt holes, but idk about cutting off the bottom of the car like that Dodge.


They didn’t all remove their bumpers, the Mercury Cougar, AMC Javelin, Dodge Challenger, and AAR Cuda all ran with bumpers attached, albeit probably lightweight ones just meant to make them look more like the road cars. The car I’m making does have the bumpers removed though.

Corvettes were not allowed in Trans Am, as the regulations required at least 4 seats to qualify the vehicle as a sedan. For a few years, Porsche 911s dominated the 2.0 liter class before they banned it and deemed it not a sedan, despite it having 4 seats.

The 5 liter class back then also had a minimum weight of 2800lbs, but with this rule set I’m definitely coming in well under that.


I’ll be honest, I forgot I had a rear plate lol, the body was already made from 2 previous competitions so mostly all I did was add the sponsors and numbers, reroute the exhaust out the side, and de-flair the wheelwheels for the regulation tires to remove some extra weight. If I end up getting told to rework the car I’ll probably remove it, and most of the chrome side trim but I spent most of my time fiddling with the engine and suspension and didn’t look at the body very much.


An interesting development has occurred.

It seems making a ridiculous aluminum 5L V6 sheds 80kg, gains 5hp and goes around mid-ohio 3 seconds quicker. What’s the preferred choice, brand-developed V12 adapted for racing, or Porsche mentality of “If you can convince a judge it’s legit, run it in to the fucking ground”?