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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


Dude! I’d totally forgotten about the track pack when I went looking.

There’s a working link at the top of that thread and it’s got sebring, virginia, Sonoma, and mid ohio.


o nice. thanks bud

also… am i massively underclassed with a 820kg car??


Weight itself doesn’t tell the whole picture. We’re both in the lighter category though, mine’s 833kg.


212hp helps?


It helps, but be careful not to spin away all your power on tire wear.


We seem to be making all sizes of car, mine is a seemingly massive 1400kg and around 3 meters bumper to bumper and will be a behemoth compared to ones like yours, but acceleration, track times, and fuel economy seems pretty similar, given what @Niveon has been saying.


Oh, I’m pushing nearly 20mpg. I would sacrifice some economy for more power, but my torque stays the same and more power = more wheelspin to mitigate, meaning I only lose acceleration for marginally higher top speed.


Lol! well never mind then, I’m closer to your high powered engine econony, but be aware, from the sound of

That it’s going to probably be the acceleration fuel economys from the detailed stat page, and not the total fuel economy that’s important.


I might go for the 200 horsepower version, but ultimately I play for flavour and not to win, so having an underpowered commie competitor trailing behind seems good enough of a story.

And if someone is going to be the biggest loser, it may as well be someone who doesn’t mind.


Well the big American cars that raced in this league also ended up in the BTCC racing stuff like Minis and MK2 Jags which led to some humorous size discrepancies, and memorable racing.


@Niveon huh was just reading up on DAF, I didn’t know they made the first production CVT, leave it to the Dutch huh? I really enjoy the new launch geared CVT in my Corolla but I guess I have to tip my hat to a company I wasn’t even really aware of for introducing this technology.


I’m aware, since it’s Trans-Automation and not Trans-American, I figure this was going to be it, although the cylinder count, head and suspension requirements tell a different story altogether.

Still, doing the best with what I have.

I initially wanted to use my DAF analogue race car, modified for the challenge, it did wonders with 116hp. But it wouldn’t qualify.

(I hope we haven’t spammed too much, got kind of lost in discussion)


so this is where wreckfest started from…


Are you also a wrecker? Fun game.

MIN-MAX Racing Halifax Dalton

Meet The Team: MIN-MAX Racing

Owner: Jack Michael
Team Manager: Jean Torelli
Crew Chief: Chris Phillips
Driver: Tom Morrisson

Main Sponsor: MIN-MAX Motor Oil

A word from our sponsors: MIN-MAX Motor Oil provides the highest performance oil for the lowest price. World leaders in the industry, MIN-MAX guarantee that your engine will run smoother and more efficiently when you use our oil.

Meet The Car: 1966 Halifax Dalton V8

From the land of tea and crumpets comes the Halifax Dalton. A compact with the power and performance of a bigger more powerful car, the Halifax Dalton comes with a reliable American 300CI V8 developed by ACA. Modified specifically for TAR, the Dalton has undergone significant aerodynamic adjustment and tuning as well as a suspension overhaul.


I think @strop will really appreciate this story

A teenage girl stood next to an older gentleman in the garage, dimly lit as it was nearing 11pm. Carbs and headers littered the walls and shelves around the bench they hovered over, staring at a flyer with the large letters “TAR” across the top. The silence was deafening as the look on the mans face told her exactly what she expected to hear.
“Kristina, you know I can’t let you drive in this,” said the older man. “I know you love cars, but it’s just not safe for a young lady to participate in this type of thing, nor is it proper!” He sternly looked down at the disappointment on her face as he laid the paper back on the workbench.
“Grandpa, I know I can do this! You’re not even giving me a chance! I know these cars as well as any of the men on those tracks, and you’re always telling me to follow my dreams and I can be anything I want to be.”
Kristina was a girl of about sixteen with her white-blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail and grease smudges across her cheeks, chin, and forehead. The man was the owner of Swanson’s Garage, and her grandfather, who was quite well respected in the local racing community as an engine and chassis builder. Kristina had been “working” in this garage since she was seven years old, grabbing tools, tuning carbs, and even doing tuneups on street cars when her grandfather was busy with racing projects for other clients.
The discussion was about her building and driving a car in an upcoming race series which she learned about on a flyer at the park, but Grandpa Swanson was having no part of it. “It’s just not safe, and I will not allow it!” was his firm reply. He was very proud of how well she had picked up on this business, and knew she was very qualified, but he simply wasn’t willing to allow HER to drive a car in a race. That was the end of the discussion.
After a short silence, Kristina replied, “OK then, what if I find someone else to drive the car, and I just build it here in the garage?”
“Who do you know that is qualified to race cars and isn’t already on the circuit?” he said. “Roxi can do it! She can drive anything with wheels! She’ll run circles around those boys if you let her!” Kristina grinned wildly following her response, and he simply shook his head.
Roxi Sinister was a young woman from the neighborhood with a questionable reputation. He didn’t like Kristina hanging out with her, but she was almost of age and he could do little to prevent it. Roxi was not implicitly a bad person, but she certainly was not very ladylike. She was older than Kristina at twenty-two years of age, and liked to taunt the guys around town. There were enough rumors about this girl to keep the Catholic Church abuzz for decades to come, and she was still plenty young to give them more. He did know she could drive, though, as he’d seen her multiple times on amateur night down at the track and she always won, albeit utilizing some sketchy methods to say the least…

Early Saturday morning, a young woman walked into the garage dressed in a black Alice Cooper t-shirt, black leather pants, and motorcycle boots with chains. Her hair was long and thick, platinum blonde with pink streaks and she wore dark, dramatic makeup on her eyes. Grandpa Swanson immediately looked up at her and then the clock. “You’re late. We agreed on 7am and it’s nearly 7:30 now.”
She stood in the open doorway, dropped her cigarette on the floor, and crushed it out with her boot. “I had to take care of something on the way here. He wasn’t very cooperative, so it took longer than expected.”
Kristina appeared from the back room, eagerly smiling at the sight of her friend, Roxi, standing there waiting to get started. “I’m so glad you’re here! Did you get it? Let’s go see it so I can get started!!” Clearly, Kristina was overly anxious about the build, and Grandpa Swanson calmed it down with just a single look.
They walked outside to see what they were going to be working with for the build. Outside they found a 1966 Dodge Dart with a 225 slant-six under the hood. It was a little beaten up, especially for such a new car. Grandpa Swanson looked over at her suspiciously. “Where did you get this, or do I even want to know? We’re gonna need paperwork to register it for the races, you know.”
“Relax, Pops.” Roxi defiantly pulled out papers for the car showing it as being registered with the DMV to a Reginald Sterling, and a title signed over to her this morning. The purchase prices was listed as $100. “If you don’t want to know the details, I suggest you don’t ask. It’s probably for the best anyway.”
He shook his head, but knew it would be best to not ask further as the paperwork seemed to be legitimate, despite the price tag. Pulling up the garage door he told her to park it on the far end of the garage, out of the way, so Kristina could start pulling it apart. “Are you going to be here to help her with the build, or are you just going to drive it?”
“I’ll help where I can, but I’m not too keen on this sort of thing like your granddaughter is. She’s got a real knack for tuning these engines. I’m really curious to see what she’s gonna do with that slant-six.”
“She’s not going to be doing anything with that anemic engine because she wants to win. She’s showed me her ideas, and while I am hesitant to approve of the engine designs, they DO seem to have some potential. She wants to grab a 327 block and marry it to a 283 crankshaft to make a hybrid engine. It should come in just under the displacement requirements, and might produce a nice torque curve for this purpose. Of course, I will be doing the machining modifications on it, as the parts don’t exist to make it work.”
“Well, that certainly sounds interesting. I can’t wait to drive it.


8 months earlier

A phone rang in Matias’ office. He was staring out of the window, watching a pigeon soar above two pairs of cars who had had an unfortunate altercate over an accident at the intersection in front of the building. The phone kept ringing for a few seconds before Matias calmly raised it out of its casing.

“You’ve called Bresko Motors, what can I help you with?” Matias replied, still distracted by the commotion outside.
“Hola Mati, hermano. Como te va? (Hey Mati, brother. What’s up?)” a familiar voice replied. It was Matias’ brother; Mateo Bresko, a racecar driver and the co-founder of Bresko Motors.

“Ah, mateo. Yo ando bien. Unos tipos acaban de chocar en la intersección de enfrente y le estaba echando un ojo. Supongo que quieres saber como anda el proyecto?(Ah, Mateo. I’m doing good. Some guys just crashed into each other at the intersection next to the building and I was watching it through. I guess you want to know how the “project” is doing?)” Matias said, getting up from his chair, with the phone now held up between his ear and his shoulder while he searched for something inside a drawer on his desk.

“Me conoces demasiado bien. Escucha, la SCCA está organizando una serie de carreras con autos deportivos tipo sedan, y se me ocurre que el “proyecto” es perfecto para participar en ella. (You know me too well. Listen, the SCCA is organizing a new racing series involving sport sedans, and I figure our “project” is just about perfect for it.)” Mateo said eagerly.

“Además, nos dara un monton de publicidad y tu sabes lo mucho que necesitamos un poco de cobertura. (Besides, it’s gonna give us lots of publicity, and you know better than I do that having some wouldn’t hurt.)” As much as Matias hated to admit it, their car company really did need a push. Ever since they started it, it hadn’t brought any profits, barely managing to break even. Matias thought about it for a brief moment before answering.

“Supongo que tienes razon, (I guess you’re right,)” He sighed. “Pero no tenemos ningún motor listo para competir y de ninguna manera voy a dejar que alguien ponga un motor ajeno a nuestros autos. (But we don’t have any race-ready engines in our ‘shop and I’m not letting no bastard put their engine in one of our cars.)” If there was something Matias despised more than anything, it was having to ask other companies for help. He was having none of it.

“Justo en eso estaba pensando. Y si reutilizamos los planos del motor V12 del Tipo 21? Las nuevas regulaciones prohiben los arboles de leva en cabeza, asi que tendremos que rediseñar el cabezal para utilizar valvulas en culata. (I was just thinking about that. What if we use the blueprints of the Type-21’s V12 engine? The new regulations forbid the usage of SOHC valvetrains, so we’d have to reengineer the heads to fit the required pushrods,)”

Matias help back the urge to cough.

“El V12? No, de ninguna manera. Ese motor fue una demostracion de tecnologia, no duraria 20 mintutos en una pista (The V12? No way. That engine was a novelty; a showpiece of mechanical prowess. It wouldn’t last 20 minutes out on the track.)” He said roughly, still recovering from the mini-stroke he had just experienced.

“Bueno, ehm… Ya se! Que tal si le cortamos 4 cilindros y lo convertimos en un V8? Va a ser mas ligero, tendra menos piezas mobiles y deberia de ser mas fiable. Ademas solo tendremos que cambiar la maquinaria del bloque porque los pistones y la carrera seran intercambiables. (Well, er… I know! What if we cut 4 cylinders out, and turn it into a V8? It’ll be lighter, have less moving parts and should therefore be more reliable. Moreover, we would only have to re-tool the lines for the block, since the piston and the stroke would be a perfect match.)”

“Matias thought it through before answering. While it was true an engine like that would be more durable, there was no guarantee it wouldn’t end up as it’s ill-fated sister.

“Esta bien. Dejame terminar con un par de asuntos aqui y te veo en el taller mas tarde. (Fine. Just let me finish tying up some loose ends here and I’ll meet you back at the workshop later.)” Matias replied after a long pause.

“Eso es! Nos vemos en un rato, hermano. (Yeah! See you later, brother.)” Mateo said, in a badly concealed shout of triumph, before hanging up.

Matias left the phone on the desk, looking out into the window. The police had gotten involved with the chaos on the street, but he didn’t care anymore. He was wondering just what kind of mess he had just gotten himself in.

Barebones Prototype

Present Day

The sun was at its highest point. There were no clouds in the sky, and there was a pleasant breeze circling around Boston. A man in a tucked in white shirt and jeans was leaning on building, guarded from the blazing sun by a large piece of cloth that someone had tried making into a canopy. He guarded the entrance to a garage, containing what he might’ve said was the most batshit insane idea his brother has ever put together.

He heard the rumble of an Inline 6 coming towards him from the street. He recognized that engine note; how could he not? He was the one who had built that engine. The car in question crossed the street and came to a stop just in front of the garage. With the engine coming to a stop, the door opened and a young man in a plain blue tucked in t-shirt and brown trousers stepped out of the car.

Mateo’s company car: the Bresko Type-21 B, wielder of the “Blast” Bresko Inline 6.

“Llegas tarde, Mateo (You’re late, Mateo.)”. Matias said dryly.

“Por favor, no empieces. (Please, don’t.)” Mateo replied with a sigh. “Estas listo para probarlo? (You ready to try it out?)”

Matias chuckled.

“Probarlo? En el momento en que le pongas las manos encima, no habra manera de sacarte de el. (Try it out? The moment you get your hands on it, there’s gonna be no way in hell of getting you out of it.)”

“Jeje, supongo que si. (Hehe, I guess.)” Mateo was hardly containing his exitement, he could tell.

“Bueno, no tardemos ni un minuto mas. Queda menos de una semana para hacer los ultimos retoques a la suspension, asi que testealo a fondo. (Well, let’s waste no more time. There’s less than a week left to tweak the suspension setup, so you’ll have to test the car through and through.)”

After all was said and done, the Bresko brothers entered the garage and stared at the beast that lay within.

1966 Bresko Type-22 Trans-Am

Curb weight: 998kg/2200lbs
Length: 4.22m
4 speed manual gearbox
Steel monocoque

4.0L Pushrod V8
Bore: 84mm
Stroke: 90.2mm
All Aluminum
Compression: REDACTED



The Charge factory team will be entering this years TAR with an early model, the 1966 Charge Rumor. This compact sports coupe has just gone on sale and is hoping to make a bang on its 1st motorsport outing. This is the 1st time Charge has participated in motorsport outside of stock car racing.
This year, the driver will be Ellis Goncalves, a 32 year old spanish man living in new york. He is well renowned for his skill racing sports cars, and was picked up by charge officials for testing earlier this year.
The team are using a pre production charge champion hacked into a van before its 1967 release to carry their tools, and tow a caravan for ellis as well as the Teams larger RV.

The car

The hauler


KGB is finished with the entry model, officially entering the Cavalier RSII

Now Pushing the V12 to 347hp, delivering 5.22 0-60 and 13.51s 1/4 mile.


that looks like 2016 man… not 1966


How do you get .3 seconds to 60 faster with 180 more HP? I was actually worried most people would be doing 0-60 in like 3.9 seconds.