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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


KOPO T Raptor Hc

Kopo North American Motors

We are glad to announce our Car for Trans-Am Season 1966

Kopo T-Raptor Hc is the car with ours brand.

Since 1960 we dont create a new Model, not variant, but model…last was Kopo Sabah, but for body its not allowed to partecipate at races…
We Create for customers market Kopo Raptor, a coupe with cabrio variant…and T is simple race version of Trim.
We use a V8 305 Ci pushrod, with a significant power around 300 hp, with a generous torque. Engine use light weight parts, and premium components for high elevate regime and torque.
Chassis in steel, 15 rims, 4 brake disk, and a light weight around 1050 kg…can push T-Raptor 1-60 in 5 second clean…
In our test car make our Team happy, but nothing have sense before to test car with others Beauty…
We can modify a little bit engine specs after test, maybe a little bit reliability or fuel efficency, or brake…anyway there are alot of things to adjust before a race campaing…
i wanna say thanks at our partnership sponsor, after give the car at our drive Ale “Papu” Gomez From Argentina.

Falcon: Seat, Helmets, and Driver race accessories…
Nrg: Eletric components and sparks
G : Tyres
+10 hp: Automotive shops

Excuse my bad english, and have Fun :smile:


It’s just my Tekntoz rally car from a different challenge but stretched.


Gearing, wheelspin. 265 wheels, 2wd and an autolocker isn’t great for traction. 1st gear is around 50mph.


You might have way too much horsepower.


It’s the Tires, they can only transfer so much power due to the size and quality restriction. That and the gearing are the big factors, 5.0-6.5 seconds will probably be the ranges we’ll see. Unless someone gets crazy, we won’t see much faster than that.

@Kyuu77 might wanna check the rules again if you have 265mm on 15" wheels

“Max Tire Widths
Front with 15” rims: 235
Rear with 15" rims: 245

Front with 14" rims: 245
Rear with 14" rims: 265
All tires must have a 55 or higher profile"


Yeah, that’s why I’m staying in the high-100s range, allows me to get the 5-ish second 0-60 with about 20% wheelspin.


I think you’ve had too much to drink! hic


235 265 on 14s.


You know you can tag people so you dont have to double post.


Ohh, sorry mixed you up with @pasinenkovarpos who just posted his car with 15’s


And this is why you don’t reveal details about your car before the deadline. :wink:


My car is so far off the mark of what everyone is trying to do that I’m comfortable sharing information about it.


I’d post my car but the photo file is too large


Downsize it in paint.


Upload the image to an image sharing site like imgur, and then share it here.


Don’t worry, it was not directed at you, or anyone else. Just a note that it is a bad idea to post deep specs on cars prior to the entry deadline. :smiley:


Interestingly I’m getting similar-ish stats from a lot more HP. I’ll be very interested to see how competitive the different approaches are. If you are close enough in straight line performance, you might end up out in front once you take into account corners and refueling!


Practice results will tell all…

Honestly there’s a lot of creative differences in these submissions, yet they’re all relatively competitive, and most look like they can be tweaked to be even more competitive.


I think my main advantage is going to be 1% fade (the minimum), little to no wheelspin, and leading mileage. Not necessarily track performance.

But I’m good on the acceleration at least.


Well, here are photos of the car I was working on. I was more or less done with the design but still making tweaks to the tune, but something happened with the body mod to where if I open the car, it either shows up with no body or crashes the game. I will try to rebuild…