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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


I hope my car being the last one in line isn’t a bad omen. xD


Can’t even see mine, like it’s missing the warm-up lap lol


Disclaimer: picture does not contain all entries submitted.


can see a bit of mine, hope things don’t go too wrong :joy:


@findRED19 Are you gonna update the standings anytime soon, or are you waiting for the practice rounds?


When you posted that picture of the cars, I showed it on my cell phone to my Significant Other. She said my car was painted so ugly that she could see it about third from last.

I also have a question about the simulation - does it keep our cars on the track like we would see in real life or is it 50 one lap races where we start from a dead stop every time?


50 one-lap most likely, Automation has no multi-car track test iirc.


Didn’t this photo set your hardware on fire?


It does, but it doesn’t. Der Bayer made one for the BRC a few years ago, but it’s not public, and there’s no guarantee it would work with the current version of Automation.


Frames per second? more like frames per minute amirite


The Only Practice Run

Race: Sebring 100 (100 lap)
Track: Sebring Flying Lap [Split 3 time]
Time in Seconds with a random ammount added.

This is the only practice run you will have. Your tuned submissions must still pass inspection. If something major changes the officials will use their disgression on wether or not to disqualify a tuned up car in the interest of a fair racing field.
IE: Anything goes, outside of a full body or frame type, but if I deem it too radical, I can refuse the tuned car, or if it gives an extreme advantage over other cars (this is relative to other car tunes as well) then I can also refuse the car.

If a tuned entry does not pass inspection, or the officials disqualify it, your team will run the original passing submission.

Note: Organizer Notes is just a collection from the dozen or so people who helped put this show on the road. Each sentence is not necessarily the same person.

Welcome everyone to the Trans-Automation Race Practice Runs!

Contestants will be getting a bit of time to see how well they stack up against the competition. Cars will get a few laps on the track and the order will be roughly in line with who claimed a racing number and passed inspection first.

AEA Kinglet T/A-R


Organizer Notes: Just to set a baseline, we had John run the Kinglet around the course.
Best Lap Time: 148.3 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 3, 2 tire, 1 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: Hard to control, it had me on edge the entire time.
(High S/D ratio and Wheelspin)

Yinzer Fantasia TA66R


Organizer Notes: Probably the ugliest color combination we’ve ever seen.
Rob expertly took the Fantasia through the paces though.
Best Lap Time: 153.5 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 1, Tires and gas.

Driver’s Notes: Very fuel efficent and reliable, just not quite fast enough.
(General improvements could be made.)

Brantan Silver Bullet Trans-Auto


Organizer Notes: That sounds exotic… Flat plane V8? Wow. Well that large wing is definitely exotic… carry on for now.
Best Lap Time: 156.9 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 20, Mostly gas only stops.

Driver’s Notes: Wow, sorry I was off-pace today. …No the car is fine, besides drinking petrol like a drunk sailer. Let’s just hope it stays together for the entire race, yes?
(High fuel consumption)

KnightWick Henley (HA) Trans-Am


A Random Lense Flair Appeared!

Organizer Notes: Wow, what a looker. A very proper, yet aggressive, design.
Best Lap Time: 157.1 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 2, 1 tires, 1 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: It’s running great today, I just need more from it.
(General improvements could be made.)

Centauri Marauder GT-TA 304


Organizer Notes: That purple hue is quite a dark color. Is this the dark horse of the competition?
Best Lap Time: 151.9 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 4, 2 for tires & gas, 2 gas only

Driver’s Notes: That’s a pretty good result. This is a well sorted machine.
(General improvements could be made.)

SME Murder Kitty SS


Organizer Notes: Now This! This is the dark horse of the competition! No sponsors, privately raced, simple design!
Best Lap Time: 152.8 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 7, 2 tires and gas, 5 gas only

Driver’s Notes: It’s got bite in the corners, but damn does it chug gas.
(Fuel economy is a light concern, General improvements could be made.)

Chrysalis Rampage TA


Organizer Notes: Another simple design. This one looks like an ASCAR turned Trans-Automation.
Best Lap Time: 156.6 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 3, 1 tires & gas, 2 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: This engine has more! Why can’t I use it?!
(Redline needs adjustment, General improvements could be made.)



Before racing number 87 was confirmed.

Organizer Notes: Salvaje? Just one word? …Oh, BCT Salvaje. It certainly looks like a fast jet!
Best Lap Time: 157.5 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 7, 1 tire & gas, 6 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: I can’t be pitting that much, and it somehow needs more speed.
(Fuel economy is a light concern, General improvements could be made.)

Armor Valencia Stock Car


Organizer Notes: Wow. Here’s another ASCAR turned Trans-Automation Racer.
Best Lap Time: 153.3 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 5, 1 tires and gas, 4 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: The car ran good today, but I know we can squeeze some more out of it.
(General improvements could be made.)

Swordfish TV-A


Organizer Notes: That’s a very mellow baby blue color. The spoiler is a bit weird though.
Best Lap Time: 154.4 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 2, Both Tire & Gas.

Driver’s Notes: It’s trying too hard to be an economy car. I need more performance from it.
(General improvements could be made.)

Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport


Organizer Notes: That is a handsome car, but I thought fins died 6 years ago.
Best Lap Time: 165.0 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 1 for tires and gas.

Driver’s Notes: I threw this around expecting more power, but none came. Why are we using an eco engine instead of a racing one? I don’t think this could last in a racing enviorment.
(Lack of power is a major concern. Reliability is a concern.)

Calradia US Rocket V8


Organizer Notes: Wow, that’s a bright bold racecar! Perfect for the competition… as long as it doesn’t outclass its opponents, that is.
Best Lap Time: 146.4 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 9, 2 for tires & gas, 7 for gas only.

Driver’s Notes:Wow, we’ve built a fast car! But if we hit the pits too frequently, that fuel economy will eat into our times.
(Fuel economy is a light concern.)

The organizers noted this was the first car to beat the baseline from the Kinglet.

Min-Max Halifax Dalton


Organizer Notes: What year is it? Still '66? Wow, did someone get this car from the future? It looks so futuristic!
Best Lap Time: 146.3 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 2, 1 tire & gas, 1 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: What a machine! It feels like a race car from the future, given how much hp it has!
(No notes for improvement)

The organizers also noted this car as being faster than the baseline Kinglet.

DVM Crusader


Organizer Notes: OOh, a V12! Listen to that rumble!
Best Lap Time: 153.0 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: We Stopped Counting after 20… (50, 48 gas only)

Driver’s Notes: While the Crusader is a competant, yet slightly slow, car, it literally chugs gasoline like it’s the fountain of youth!
(Fuel Economy is BAD!)

Kopo T-Raptor HC


Organizer Notes: Brilliantly bright colors. This will be a very easy car to spot while racing!
Best Lap Time: 148.4 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 5, 2 tires and gas, 3 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: This can be plenty fast as long as we keep it out of the pits.
(Reliability is a concern.)

Bechov - F3084A AVTOPROBEG


Organizer Notes: That’s a great shade of Dictat—er… Demanding… no, uh… Disipline… Ug, it’s just really Red!
Best Lap Time: 153.4 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 4, 1 tires & gas, 3 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: This engine is reliable and giving, but is let down by dissapointing cornering.
(General improvements can be made.)

KGB Cavalier RSII


Organizer Notes: Auuggg! What in tarnation!? I’m not sure if this is truly from our planet… Maybe it’s those alien headlamps! They’re taking over!
Best Lap Time: 151.1 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: EVERY DAMN LAP (2 times for tires & gas, 98 times gas only.)

Driver’s Notes: What the heck!? There’s something wrong with my car! I’m loosing fuel at an alarming rate! Pulls car into pits as the team frantically searches for gas leaks. They spend 20 minutes and find none, but still had to fill up the tank again.

The organizers note this car as the first car to ever consume gas in gallons per mile rather than miles per gallon.

Shunga Nautilus


Organizer Notes: Hmm… Simple purple with a flat plane engine. Nothing really new here… Maybe this one is also a dark horse?
Best Lap Time: 143.5 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 10, 1 tires & gas, 9 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: They have no idea what this thing is capable of… We just gotta be extremely careful to keep it out of the pits.
(Reliability is a high concern, fuel economy is a light concern.)

The organizers along with some other racing teams stood with jaws gaping at the extremely fast time this car set down.

Bresko - Type 22 Trans Am


Organizer Notes: Is that thing rear engined? No? Good, but why put vents all over it then?
Best Lap Time: 155.5 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 5, 1 tires and gas, 4 gas only

Driver’s Notes: I had no bite in the corners! None I say!
(General improvements can be made.)

Legion Sparrowhawk HFR


Organizer Notes: Another flatplane V8, nice. I guess flatplanes are making their way to production cars so the every-man can have his exotic sound!
Best Lap Time: 147.3 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 6, 2 tires and gas, 4 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: It’s got good bite, but somethings not quite there yet.
(General improvements can be made.)

The organizers also note this one has beaten the baseline time set by the Kinglet.

Pemhall Torrin GTA


Organizer Notes: Wow, what a well designed car! And a brilliant shade of pink to boot!
Best Lap Time: 148.2 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 2, 1 tires & gas, 1 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: This is a very good car that might be able to give a little more with the right tweaks.
(General improvements can be made.)

Charge Rumor R305


Organizer Notes: Rumor has it, this car was rushed over after the first one caught fire. Well, we’ll see how well this blue one fares.
Best Lap Time: 148.1 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 4, all for tires & gas.

Driver’s Notes: Yikes! That was a white-knuckle ride! This thing is so dificult to drive at the edge!
(High S/D ratio, Tire wear is a concern.)

The organizers noted the unknown driver of the Rumor had a major spin-out at the hairpin during practice.

Ares Paladin Trans Am (fixed)


Organizer Notes: Wow, now that is a handsome racecar. My brother has one of those and I always ask him if he’d let me drive it… He always says no. I guess now I get to see one racing instead.
Best Lap Time: 154.6 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 2, 1 tires and gas, 1 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: I could push this all day long and it doesn’t care, but it also doesn’t corner hard enough for my liking.
(General improvements can be made.)

Zacspeed 625 TA


Organizer Notes: Now that is a classy, strong-but-restrained, paint job! Though it does look like they had to hack the rear fenders a bit to get the tires to fit.
Best Lap Time: 147.3 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 2 for tires & gas.

Driver’s Notes: The 625 performed very well today, but, as with any race car, there’s always something to improve somewhere.
(General improvements can be made.)

Weller Torero


Organizer Notes: A perfect example of a very pedestrian-looking car that was thrown into racing. It really just looks so regular, yet here it is in race trim!
Best Lap Time: 153.9 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 2 for tires and gas.

Driver’s Notes: It is good, but not quite good enough…
(General improvements can be made.)

Allendale Motors Barrier GT


Organizer Notes: Another stunning blue car… What? We messed up? Yes, yes, I understand. Ok, well this will be racing number 32A I guess since we accidentally gave number 32 away after we reserved it for you.
Best Lap Time: 148.7 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 4 for tires and gas.

Driver’s Notes: Yikes this thing is wild! I can hardly keep it on the track… That is, as long as it will hold out on the track.
(High S/D Ratio, Reliability is a concern.)

The organizers noted Ken Rogers was all over the track and spun out a few times.

Halcon Bruto Trans Am


Organizer Notes: Wow, now that’s a handsome racecar! Indeed the paint, the striping, the number and sponsor all look exceptionally well done.
Best Lap Time: 149.8 seconds
Estimated Pit Stops: 3, 2 tires and gas, 1 gas only.

Driver’s Notes: This is a well crafted machine! It’s almost as fast as we want it and without a single fuss!
(General improvements can be made.)

And this concludes the practice run.

There was no official leaderboard for the practice run. You are free to figure that out on your own.

Tuned submissions must be submitted no later than Friday the 13th at 6pm cst.


Oof, I expected to be behind, but not “the only car in 160” behind.

I don’t think I can get competitive horsepower from what may be the smallest engine in the competition, at this point.


Yikes, I didn’t expect my car to be that slow. Guess not going full-on 302ci is gonna be a major disadvantage I’ll have to compensate in the corners. Wasn’t Sebring a high-speed track?


The general place you or anyone falls in the field on Sebring was consistently echoed on the other tracks with little variance.

I did list the tracks (with one being sneakily renamed to better suit this challenge) so feel free to see how your car improves on the others.

Also remember the practice runs were “perfect runs” with no breakdowns or major mistakes or any pit stops eating into the track times.

I did feel I needed to mention one or two cars as having a spin-out due to the severe S/D ratio (equal or greater to my baseline Kinglet) but that was solely to demonstrate how extreme their cars were in comparison to the rest of the field.

Fun stats may be available upon request. :wink:


I know mine is a gas guzzler, the stats are stupidly high cause of the fuel mixture I’m using, very rich.


@findRED19 is this the Sebring track you’re using? Is it working for you? It’s unavailable to me, but I got one that looks like it from mer_at’s github. If tyou’re using that one, did you fix it first? (I hope) Are all the tracks this horribly broken now? I’ve been away a while, so not sure.



Come on, you only made 20 pit stops
That’s like one half of what my car made


30L/100km isn’t good tho, I had managed to bring it down to 25L/100km now so 15 pit stops next time?


My original car did 12.25 liters/100km.


Dude. I did 98 pit stops.