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68th International Motor Show Germany (Frankfurt Auto Show)




Fingers crossed the new Shark lives up to its name… At first glance it looks like it could easily devour other cars in its class with ease.


LKA it’s working hard to deliver its most powerful production car to date, the Ukkovasara R

The first “True” hypercar manufactured by the company. We’re so proud to announce here that it’s officially on the market, with a limited production of 30 units, each one with a unique number and color scheme!

Also, we’re happy to celebrate 2 birthdays!

Presenting first the 4th generation of our flagship, the Wyvern! With a new engine and platform, celebrating the 20th anniversary!

The Onnelga it’s also reaching 30 years in production! With a special anniversary edition!

And the for the prime time, we are revealing the new project: Talviyö

Specs, prices and more questions will be answered later on the show!



2019 International Motor Show Germany Pre-Show Coverage

Guten Tag! Yes, this is Carol Lee here and we’re finally on Frankfurt for some coverage of every car on IAA 2019! As the home of the petrol car, Germany is obviously, a major force on automobile making. And what that means is IAA is one of the shows every automaker and car nuts care. And with that said, let’s show what everyone is doing for the show and who’s got it’s hype mode on?

At first we will see how Ursula taking it’s power on it’s home turf. I think they are planning something…serious. Could it be the next F3 sedan that everyone is talking about?

**Tanaka is planning for a big launch too, with the new Avantis being teased for this show. It’s 55 years strong, but will it really start a revolution this time?

AL is planning for the future with the newly revised Latissime, and with them trying to make it to the present, my only wish is they can actually show it with a style.

And speaking of the future, Yuro is trying to make everyone to see the future wth a new electric car. Oh wait, it’s just the first teaser. Would they see how the future looks like?

Corsica is trying to beat the egg and Yusaku Maezawa by posting some car on Twitter in order to get the most retweets. Sadly it didn’t, but it looks like there’s a good omen incoming. It should be.

The Jayena’s facelift, is really coming, but it’s the suprise from LORIER that we want to actually see. Now, tell me what it is, or maybe you want to keep it until the launch?

Bradford’s Retronix is showing some random Hot Wheels car. but in full size. Ok. This is pretty epic if this is really an actual car.

Again, Yuro is releasing another new car. This time is the Classique, a large sedan. Wait, is anyone wanting to purchase large sedans now?

CMT just showed us the facelifted Montblanc…that looks too simple for 2020. And the entry level has a puny 2.4 turbo and steelies for $41K? Are they are going to lose money or what?

And next we have Westward, launching it’s new Shark supercar under the WRT division. Hopefully this is an awesome car like the pictures shown.

Oh wait, looks like Ursula isn’t finished teasing cars yet. It seems to be like some sort of “halo” car, but we don’t know how it appeared like this at all.

LKA just showcased it’s first hypercar they have ever made, and oh gosh, it’s looking pretty awesome in a way. But without the spec sheets, how do we know it will end up with, and would it be really as good as intended?

Finally, we have Courageux tells us that a classic is returning. Hang on, they said “a” classic, not 2 that is shown above! Or could it be much better surprise than we expected?

Well, guys, this report will end here for a while, and after a break we’ll be back on the official press events on this 11th September. And that means…reveals! Anyway, Bleib dran! (“Stay Tuned” in German)

Once More (Unto the Breach) [FINAL RESULTS]

Kimura will be presenting the 2nd generation of their subcompact crossover, the Hana, at the 68th IAA.

The new-generation of Hana will encapsulate bold design with all-round capability, performance, and practicality.



LORIER would like to invite journalists for a test drive. Send us your demand with your press card.
((PM me if you want to review the car with a test drive :slight_smile: ))


Oxford Motors will make an appearance with a roar, soon.



MEN Nutfahrzeuge AG proudly offers an two work trucks designed to revolutionize your last-mile delivery needs. Our all new, all electric BOX-R E100 and Urbvan I-LD offer significant fuel and maintenance savings, while providing uncompromised performance for your fleet.

The New BOX-R Deliver-E, as well as the Urbvan I-LD.

More details to be unveiled at the show.




LKA its really proud of finally unveil the Ukonvasara R!

Our first attempt to storm the Hypercar world! The Ukonvasara R it’s a carbon fiber, full fierce V8 twin turbo with a full power of 1341 HP in a 1422 KG body! Its 6.1 litters engine can build a max speed of 251 MPH and reach 60 MPH in less than 2.6 seconds!

All the panels of the car were made of carbon fiber, giving all the tools to this beast to be fast as wind. The AWD and the 6 gear, dual clutch auto gearbox complete the heart of the “Weapon wielded by the gods”

To give most of its traction, the Ukonvasara comes with 280/18R in front and 340/18R rear wheels, using every inch of it to stay on the ground. Its “SmartAero” technology and “SmartSpring” suspension reads each bump and difference on the ground level, to adapt and overcome the road.

With carbon fiber rims and 6 piston carbon ceramic brakes to aid it, the Ukonvasara it’s the perfect balance between a race car and a road beast. With only 30 units with special color schemes, this it’s LKA most ambicious project to date. Enska Lykäas will be personally answer questions about the shipments of the cars and more technical stuff at the LKA spot during the show!


Ursula AG Official Press Event @ IAA 2019

FRANKFURT: Being one of the largest automakers in Germany, Ursula AG treats IAA, which is held on Frankfurt biannually, as the most important show for the company. And for this year, Ursula AG has officially announced the launch of the new F3 sedan on this year’s IAA, alongside with another vehicle that will be announced soon on an another press event later.


The all-new Ursula F3: Legends evolve.

After years of development, the class-leading all-new sixth-generation F3 is now officially released to the public. The new F3 is rebuilt from the ground up, with an all-new design and built under the advanced Ursula Advanced Modular Platform (UAMP). The use of the platform ensures a much more economical, comfortable and safer ride, and to prove the reliability of the new car the car was tested under the worst conditions for more than millions of kilometers.

Power-plants are the star on this show. For the first time ever, the 4-cylinder models are now fitted with the newly-developed 2.0 liter inline-4 twin-scroll turbo engine. Despite having no major power improvements, the new engine is 35% lighter and 40% more efficient compared to last gen thanks to variable compression ratio, dual-injection system (which combines the power and efficiency of a direct injection and the improved reliability of a non-direct one), improved throttle body design and the liberal use of advanced lightweight parts. The new engine also gives the F3 a massive performance boost with improved engine timings ensure the vehicle has the sporty feel that the F3 was famed of.

Besides that, the proven 3.5L straight-6 turbo will be still on the show for the range-topping F3 500 with improvements to fuel economy and performance. As for the new F3 400e plug-in hybrid model, the aforementioned 2-liter engine was paired with an high-efficiency electric motor and 20kWh battery to create an impressive electric-only 80 km range and a NEDC-tested fuel economy of just 2.0l/100km.

With an all-new design, the F3 is destined to be the definitive compact executive for ages. The interior of the car continues the driver-focused tradition, but also with an technological twist, with Ursula Command Center running in dual 12" touchscreens powered by AMD’s Ryzen technology, 3D heads-up display, smart air-conditioning, comfort sport seats, 16-speaker high-end sound system by Sennheiser and Ursula SmartSelect multi-mode driving system and much more technical goodies to help enhance your ride.

All models come with either an 11-speed advanced automatic or 9-speed DSG gearbox. Besides the usual RWD models, the F3 also comes with X4 dynamic all-wheel drive system that combines the best of FWD and RWD drivetrains. The suspension is also reworked for the best ride in any road condition, offering a much dynamic, sportier ride and improved rider comfort.

Safety is still one of the major highlights for the new F3. DriveSafe Plus technology is the standard kit for all F3s, with high-tech features such as AI-assisted warning systems, dynamic road condition tuning and more. External airbags, which are showcased on the FX1 are now improved, offering more impact protection for pedestrian safety. Smart Drive Assist automated driving are also improved to ensure the the driver is unharmed on a driverless journey.

All sales of the brand-new F3 will commence this fall for the European market and early 2020 for the United States and rest of the world for the standard petrol sedan model. Other models, including diesels, electrics, estates and high-performance (RS/RS-R) models will be coming later in 2020.

(Note: pictures shown are from the F3 400e model.)

But don’t go anywhere, it’s not the end yet, because a bigger star of this show is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Ursula AG - Passion for Perfection
Community Redesign Centre (CRC)

Company Announcement

Blaire & Taimania will miss this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show as there are still technical difficulties with my computer with the vehicles and set props. Hopefully we can get setup in time for Tokyo. Thank you for listening.


yup, here comes the big guns

Ursula AG Official Press Event @ IAA 2019


Ursula T1 - The heritage of advancement.

As a celebration of the 50th anniversary to the birth of Ursula’s famous RS performance division, Ursula has created 2 special edition vehicles for the event. The first one, the Ursula F5 700RS-R Edition 50, is already shown in this Goodwood.

And today Ursula showcases it’s most powerful car ever made, the Ursula T1 super sedan. Carbon-fiber built, all-wheel drive and designed for the future in mind, the T1 strikes to be the best of both worlds, mixing performance heritage and technological advancement into a single car.

Inside the hood, a 5.5 liter twin-turbo V10 was handcrafted by the best craftsman from the Ursula RS division, and all units of the engine were hand-built in the Ursula’s all-new high tech workshop in southern Bremen for consistency and quality. With that said, the rear-driven 1115 ps (1100 hp) V10 creates extreme performance that even beats most supercars on the track. Not going for a trackday? The engine can be downtuned as low as 400 hp with a special switch, so you can adjust your driving style on the go.

But what if you want more quietness and econess on your drive, there’s also an electric engine, that powers the front wheels. With an advanced electric motor that is 40% more compact and 25% lighter than a conventional one, 2 lightweight high-capacity batteries and an advanced lightweight cooling system the motor generates up to 170 kW and a proven range of 100 kilometers, your daily drive will be not as gullible unlike a typical hypercar.

With specially designed rims and tires, bespoke suspension system and tuning, the T1 handles like a charm in all road conditions. Not satisfied? With a one turn of a dial you can operate the suspension, aero, assists and even seating settings for all purposes. It’s a vehicle that you can look good while racing on a track at 8 and eating your fancy restaurant for lunch at 9 after, without any modifications at all.

And with that said, the interior is designed for lightness, sportiness and comfort in mind. The seats, for example, is actually specially designed to improve comfort, while being 15% lighter than conventional seats. All safety features are available in the car to make drivers have a peace in mind on driving. with all vehicles built to Ursula’s highest quality standards.

Only one unit of the Ursula T1 is planned for an unknown seller (me), with another one destined to be shown on IAA and later to be moved to Ursula’s all-new headquarters in Bremen after the show ends. The Ursula F1 is currently on show outside of the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt, the venue where the IAA is held on.


Ursula AG - Passion for Perfection

Willkommen im Yuro-Pavillon auf der Internationalen Automobil-Ausstellung 2019!
Yuro Motor Company and Imperium Motors official press event @ Frankfurt

Welcome to the Yuro Exhibition Pavilion here at Frankfurt!

The Frankfurt Motor Show is one of our most anticipated events, seeing as Europe is our largest market for our luxury and performance cars, our biggest launches are often held at either Geneva or here in Germany. We hope you’re ready for what we shall be revealing this year!

We here at the Yuro Pavilion are offering test drives of select cars to press journalists. PM me if you’re interested in reviewing any.

First off, our star of the show; The Yuro Special Electric Experimental.

The Yuro SEE is an electric concept car designed by our top engineers here at Yuro, and is our idea, and more or less a glimpse into a fully electric future.

Based on the fourth generation Classique, it retains design languages of the Yuro Motor Company, while having a futuristic look with it.

Gone are the grilles featured on most cars nowadays, as the four electric motors powering the vehicle give off very little heat, little amount of cooling and ventilation is required to keep the car running like clockwork.

Because of a lack of mechanical engine parts and fluids, the vehicle requires virtually no maintenance, and could run for thousands of kilometres without the need to change oil, nor require any further action to keep the vehicle running.

Due to having no grilles for cooling, the vehicle can become extremely efficient due to having less drag and having an overall rounded shape, thus giving it impressive range possibly greater than most roadcars nowadays.

The interior could be kept incredibly minimal, and all information on the vehicle could be kept to simple displays around the dashboard, giving the driver never before seen accessibility.

But again, all of this is simply a glimpse. The future is far ahead, but with enough research and development, a fully electric future will be possible.

2020 Classique
For the second vehicle to be revealed, the All-new 2020 model Yuro Classique. The Classique is by far the best selling Yuro model in Europe, with over 4,000,000 sold since 1990. And now, in its 5th generation, by popular demand the Classique has been upscaled to an F-segment car. Despite being upgraded to an F-segment, it retains it's famous V6 engine, now even better than ever!

The Classique starts at €85,000 for the 2.2 S Trim. €85,000 gets you a prestigious 12" Infotainment system with a Qualcomm-based APU with support for 5G cellular as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, leather and fireproof alcantara-covered memory foam seats, wood covered door panelling, Yuro Superheating® heated seats, a greatly improved Yuro Automatic Collision Detection and Avoidance® Suite, Yuro Advanced Cruise and Steering Control®, Yuro Advanced Self-Parking Controller®, Yuro EagleEye® and plenty more quirks and features that you can check on our website. Along with it, a 240HP V6 mated to either a 9-speed automatic, 6-speed manual, or 6-speed Dual Clutch transmission, available in either RWD or AWD for your personal driving pleasure. The car also features a double-wishbone front suspension and a multilink rear, as well as 20-inch Alloy wheels.

Classique LXS

The 2020 Classique LXS is our most prestigious car to ever hit the factory, featuring 21-karat gold plated window trims, grilles, Yuro badge, mirrors, and 21-inch rims on the exterior. The jewel headlights are infused with Sapphire, Diamonds, and 21-karat gold to rim it all out. The only available color option is our special Arctic White Pearl color, designed to blend in with the Classique’s fine lines and golden trim, it is an extremely prestigious color tinted in exactly the perfect shade.

The interior is as prestigious as a Yuro can get, with a built-in mini fridge on the centre console, as well as gold, diamond, leather and alcantara wrapped interior trim. The seats are fully swivelable and wrapped in pure Japanese silk and fresh Italian leather. The 15" Touchscreen Infotainment shows you everything you need to know about your vehicle, and is powered by a Ryzen-based mobile APU, supports 5G internet service, and has support for both Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Above the 15" Infotainment is an HUD, which is an extension of the Touchscreen Infotainment designed to provide the driver with more information about the car’s condition.

The car’s other features include Yuro Automatic Collision Detection and Avoidance Suite®, Yuro Advanced Cruise and Steering Control®, Yuro Advanced Self-Parking Controller®, Yuro Advanced Lane Merge Warning Systems™, Yuro EagleEye®, and a brand new Yuro Automatic Special Seat Controller™. The Yuro Automatic Special Seat Controller™ is a system which allows you to control every part of your seat, which allows you to set yourself in the most comfortable position possible. The system allows for automatic seat control as well, which allows the seat to move in a position which the system deems most desirable for the occupant.

Under the hood, you’d often find a V12 or whatever nonsense in most other luxury cars of this kind, however, due to the Classique’s incredibly light weight compared to other luxury cars at 2,200kgs, the Classique instead features a 3.8L V6 engine producing 430HP. It is mated to either a 9-speed automatic, or a 7-speed DCT, with RWD or AWD for your personal desires.

And the price? The LXS is available for €590,000, with extra add ons for a full €720,000. Due to the rarity of some of the materials used, the LXS is only available in select European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Please visit www.yuromotorglobal.com for more info and to check for availability. don’t actually go there lol

Classique RS-GT

And now for those people who enjoy luxury, and a little bit of fun. Introducing the Classique RS-GT. The RS-GT is arguably the sportiest Classique to hit the factory, with a 3.8L Twin-turbo V6 producing 570HP, mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DCT with only AWD available. The car runs on 21-inch Carbon Fibre rims allowing for agile performance on the track, or road, wherever you desire. Combine these with the car’s 1996kg curb-weight and you have a very quick, and very luxurious ride indeed.

The RS-GT features 4 driving modes with an extra customizable mode for your personal experience.
“Silent Mode” which shuts down 2 of the car’s cylinders to maximise fuel efficiency, it also silences the mufflers even more to provide the car with less noise for when you need it. The interior lighting turns into a subtle light green which can be turned off.
“Normal Mode” which activates all 6 cylinders and keeps the car as normal as possible. It is what it is, idiot-proof and reliable for any situation. Also disables interior lighting.
“Sport Mode” which lowers the ride height by 2.5cm, enables ESC and activates all 6 cylinders on the engine, disables the mufflers, tweaks the suspension to adapt depending on the road conditions and turns the interior colors and lighting a light blue which can also be turned off.
“TrackX Mode” which activates all 6 cylinders, disables ESC, disables the car’s mufflers, lowers the ride height by 8cm, tweaks the suspension for the ultimate sport driving experience, and gives the interior lighting and coloring a subtle red hue.

Performance aside, It’s exterior contains carbon fibre trim to add to the sporty feel of the car, as well as front and rear spoilers to maximise downforce. The car is available in 4 brand new colors, Metallic Cobalt Pearl, Jet Black, April Red Pearl, and Superb White.

With a starting price tag of €140,000 with some extras available, this car may not be cheap, but those who can afford it, will certainly have the ride of their life.

Pre-orders for the Classique will available by October 5th on our website. www.yuromotorglobal.com again, please don’t actually visit the link thanks

To the press: We are offering test drives of the Classique 2.2 S, and the Classique RS-GT to journalists. PM me if you’re interested

Imperium Grande MSR
Our third release comes from Imperium. Our best selling sports car from Imperium is receiving a fresh new look straight from the factory. The Imperium Grande MSR Edition. The MSR Edition, an abbreviation of Mid Series Refresh, is an improvement and replacement for older variants of our cars. With improved handling and power for better performance with the passing of time.

The Grande MSR comes in two trim levels, MSR-B and MSR-L.

The MSR-B comes equipped with a 3.5L twin-turbo V6, RWD and a rather simple, but very prestigious interior. Despite being a base model, it comes equipped with a 9" Touchscreen Infotainment with support for 4G cellular, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 17" 5-spoke Alloy wheels, as well as transmission options being either a 6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic.
Out of the two, THe MSR-B is the most efficient due to its relatively light weight and V6 Engine. It does 7.5L/100km, on a 50L fuel tank, allowing for a 550km range.

The MSR-B starts at €55,000 and will be available for pre-order on our website by October 10th.

And now for the big guns, the MSR-L trim features a 635HP 6.0L V8 Engine going to either a 6-speed automatic, a 6-speed manual, or a 7-speed DCT in RWD only, along with 20" 5-spoke traditional muscle car alloy wheels to top it all off. The interior features signature Yuro Italian leather and fireproof alcantara wrapped trim and seats for a touch of elegance with your beefy American muscle car. The interior also contains a 12" Touchscreen Infotainment that now supports 5G cellular, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

The MSR-L starts at €110,000 with extra options available. Pre orders start on October 10th and are available on our website. www.yuromotorglobal.com

To the press: We are offering test drives of the Grande MSR (Both trims) to journalists. PM me if you’re interested

Last but not least, who can forget? Our best selling ZSC supercar is also getting a refresh! Featuring a more powerful 670HP engine, improved active suspension, and an improved gearbox are the ZSC's main highlights. It features better acceleration as well as grip due to the modified suspension.

Also improved are it’s interior amenities, the Infotainment system has been upgraded to feature 5G cellular, and provide the driver with a more in-depth look at the vehicle, and track’s conditions.
The car is now available with a 9-speed automatic alongside the 7-speed manual and DCT options.

The sensors on the ZSC have been upgraded to feature 360-degree scanning, an inclination sensor, as well as a vibration sensor which goes directly into the newly developed Yuro SuperAI Chip. Which allows the car to take as much needed information to adapt to road conditions ahead.

One more thing that was added was a new driving mode similar to the one on the Classique RS-GT. And was made possible only by the SuperAI Chip in the car.
The “STRX AI Mode” disables everything unneeded for track driving, such as the mufflers, speed limiter, etc. and lowers the ride height by 5cm and sets the suspension to be stiffer, or softer, depending on the ahead road conditions.

We’re also introducing a new color called “Bright Yellow Deluxe”. It is a special tint of yellow and green mixed to a perfect bright shade, giving off a vibrant and sporty look to the car.
The ZSC now starts at €320,000 and pre-orders are available by October 15th on our website. www.yuromotorglobal.com

To the press: We are offering test drives of the ZSC MSR to journalists. PM me if you’re interested

That concludes all the cars that we shall be unveiling here at Frankfurt. You can choose to pick up merchandise such as mugs, T-shirts or the like here at the Pavilion or on our website.

Thank you for visiting the Yuro Pavilion here at Frankfurt. See you at Tokyo.


Hana by Kimura. The future of smart, stylish, go-anywhere travelling.

LCt 1.6t AWD trim shown in Monaco Aqua Metallic.

The redesigned 2nd generation Hana combines chic styling with smart packaging that makes the most of the Hana’s urban size. Internationally there are 3 engine options are available with 2 more diesels plants available in European and Japanese markets. In North American markets, the Hana will receive a naturally aspirated 1.8 L Inline-4. European and Asian markets start with a 1.3 L turbocharged inline-3, with all markets having an optional turbocharged 1.6 L inline-4 that can be paired with all-wheel drive. An 8-speed automation is standard on 1.3 L and 1.6 L models, although a 6-speed manual is optional on 1.6 L trims. The next-generation CM-T platform underpins the Hana. Therefore, the platform is primarily made out of high-strength steel and fortified with aluminum, with a structure that is 75% stiffer than the previous vehicle. On the road, the Hana’s handling remains dynamic and precise, with easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Optional AWD gives the Hana all-weather capability so you can travel everywhere. A meticulously engineered SUV that can be enjoyed by all walks of life, the Hana proves to be a capable performer in all aspects.

LCt 1.6t AWD trim shown in Acadia Black Leather.

Inside and out, the new Hana takes a bold stance on design and functionality. Inside, the combination of an upscale ambiance with playful details help to formulate a space that can be treated as a second home. Body-colored accents, ambient lighting, and a customizable interface help make the car feel like your own whilst high-quality interior materials let you know that you’re in something special. The Hana is the first Kimura to come standard with a digital instrument gauge which can project information from the infotainment to the eye sight of the driver in complete clarity. The front seats are deeply scalloped in order to provide more rear legroom, but thanks to new AirLoft technology they remain even more comfortable and supple than standard bucket seats. On the outside, the new Hana has a bold design that is sure to turn heads. Donning the company face in a way never before seen, the futuristic yet timeless styling employs sweeping curves and hard edges around the front and rear fascias. With cohesive angles working in harmony to create a burly yet refined look, the exterior design has the credentials to stand out of any crowd. Dual-tone body paint options help to emphasize the bold new look of the Hana. Well-crafted on the inside and distinctive outside, the new Hana has the ability to impress everyone who drives one.

LCt 1.6t AWD trim shown in Monaco Aqua Metallic.

Find out more at the official Kimura website.


Westward is proud to introduce the next generation of its supercar, the Shark.

Westward Racing Technology’s “Duke 2” twin-turbo 6.5L V12 engine was the natural choice for this supercar, providing 1,264 hp. With this powerful engine, the Shark is able to reach a top speed of 249 mph and a 0-100km time of 2.3 seconds.

Compared to its last iteration, the Shark’s weight has been reduced, with a new AHS steel frame and carbon fiber wheels to improve performance. A seven-speed dual-clutch AWD transmission completes the drivetrain.

The Shark’s internal computer, powered by QNX, is capable of providing seven driving modes, ranging from eco to comfort to Velocity mode, which optimizes the car to reach its highest speeds. New for this generation is DriveTrak, capable of storing up to 8 hours of driving and performance data which can be sent to Westward’s DriveTrak mobile app.

Test drives available upon request. (Please PM)